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Justified - 4.09 Hatchet Tour - Recap and Review (SPOILERS)

So, everyone remembers where we left off after last week’s beauty of an episode?

Deputy Tim looks distraught by a crime scene and the reason is soon revealed; it’s the crime scene where his friend died. The last word Mark texted was the airbase he and Tim flew out of when they were in the Marines. The drug dealer dealt primarily to men in the service. The investigator in charge asks Tim to let him know if he can think of anything. Tim takes the card.

Another marshal brings Hunter Mosley out of Tramble to meet his ride and who else should that ride be but the vengeful Marshal Givens.

After the credits, Art can’t believe that this joker let Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) “drive off into the sunset” with his father’s killer. Predictably, Raylan has gone off script and has driven to Harlan instead of delivering Hunter to Leoville (or should that be Louisville). Art is furious at everyone telling them if they want to screw anything else up to wait until tomorrow because if Raylan kills Hunter, not only will he no longer be a marshal, but Art won’t be either. “Goddamn it!”

“Are you shitting me?”

In the car Hunter wants Raylan to talk to him instead of ignoring him but Raylan insists that he’s just a marshal doing prisoner transport. “Think I’m stupid, want to end up in your old cell when this is over?” He picks up the phone to Deputy Tim with a curt “You’re calling ‘cause Art’s pissed.” Tim even thinks this is a bad idea and isn’t too happy about what he may have done to the Deputy Dunlap’s career as well. Raylan tells him that all he wants is to find who put the hit out on Arlo. Tim offers to say he got Raylan’s voicemail instead of talking but Raylan doesn’t take even that small consideration. They’ve reached their stop; Wynn Duffy’s trailer.

Raylan kicks Hunter’s chair over when he doesn’t answer his reminiscence about a near feud his family started over a damn dog. He rights the chair and tells how his momma stopped the feud, she hashed it out. Duffy doesn’t see how this is cutting thru the bullshit but Raylan says that since Hunter maybe the only person alive who knows Drew Thompson, it is more so than it appears. He decided to put the two of them together and see what happens. Duffy offers his condolences over Arlo’s death and Raylan accepts them as honestly meant. Wynn has a few ideas about what to do with Hunter...

Boyd and Ava are looking at houses in Cloverhill. “It’s like a storybook.” Indeed it is. Ava trips the alarm and the real estate lady sets it back. Boyd observes the code. When the estate lady leaves the pair shares a look of mutual admiration for the house. Ava is impressed by the maid’s room, laundry room, walk in closet, den which leads to the outside, and the fountain that should be in the corner. Her momma used to clean that particular house but the owners didn’t trust her and used to lock up their jewelry when she would come over.

The real estate agent wants to show them some starter houses. Ava (Joelle Carter) is insulted when the agent innocently suggests that they couldn’t pay for the house outright. Boyd (Walton Goggins) shows the lady his briefcase full of cash before saying that “perhaps real estate agents re like houses, you shouldn’t fall in love with the first one you see.” Ava chips in “We don’t need your shit” as the pair leaves pleased with themselves. Boyd takes one last look offering to buy it and put Ava's momma’s name on a plaque in the yard. Boyd also thinks it’s gotten them one step closer to finding Drew Thompson.

“In the words of Arlo Givens, I’m trying to knock some goddamn sense into ya.”

Hunter ruminates over his fate in the back of the car. Raylan says that now Duffy knows about hunter, he’s in danger once he gets to Leoville and reminds him of his deal where he could “write your own ticket to a better place.” Hunter instead decides to roll out of the back of the moving Lexus. Raylan gets out and saves his ass from being hit by a semi before kicking him so hard Hunter not only doubles over but rolls into the shoulder. Raylan’s not going to let Hunter kill himself in the street. Well of course not, that’d be too good for the man who killed his daddy whatever he may claim his feelings to be on the matter.

Ava brings a long time customer to one of her whore’s trailers. She tells the man to count to three before he gets his surprise. He does and removes the blind fold to see Boyd Crowder. “Goddamn it.” Why is no one ever happy to see Boyd?

Inside the bar, Preacher Billy’s sister comes in and asks after Ellen May. Ava tells her that she’s moved on to Alabama and is working at a church out there before offering to take a message to her. Cassie is here about a message left yesterday by Ellen May which of course isn’t possible....

Boyd is talking to the man about a former employee who would have worked security back in the 80s when Ava comes in. “We’ve got a problem.”

Raylan is pulled over by Shelby who tells him the locals have a BOLO on him. Raylan tells Shelby about Hunter trying to throw himself in front of a tanker truck to explain his injuries totally ignoring the ones he inflicted. Fair enough. Shelby suggests sweating Hunter another half hour before giving up. Raylan suggest similar solution only instead of letting him go to prison, he’ll shoot him dead giving him what Hunter wants. Shelby asks about a plan B. Plan B is Constable Bob. I’d stick with plan A. Shelby says that he’s going to leave his car there and ride with them to see what’s what. And he ain’t askin, he’s tellin.

At Johnny’s bar, Colt walks in and asks Boyd what’s going on. Boyd tells him about the events of that afternoon and how their favorite dead hooker left a message for someone yesterday. Colton sticks to his guns and Ava demands to know “what the hell’s goin on.” Boyd suggests that all this is, is Cassie fishing. Boyd puts Colt on finding Cassie. When he leaves, Boyd reassures his lovely fiancée that they’ll bring Cassie back to the bar and find out what her game is before planting a kiss on her.

Outside, Boyd walks right past Colton’s truck; all observed from the street over by Deputy Tim. Inside his car, Colt yells ‘shit’ a few times before shooting up some heroin. He coughs after and looks out his window before sliding on his shades and taking off while smoking a cigarette. Tim follows.

In the bar, Terri sits next to Johnny and tells him about the now infamous Ava/Cassie conversation. He takes her to the backroom and asks her for the exact details.

“So wait a minute, who’s Duffy?”

Shelby is just as confused by all these characters as someone who hadn’t seen the plot unfold might be. Raylan fills him in briefly. His new theory is that Drew himself put the hit out or maybe the Crowders. Hunter thinks this is bullshit; he would never work for the Crowders. Shelby fills in Raylan that the dispute between Arlo and the neighbors (and the ensuing near war) was started because the neighbor verbally assaulted Raylan’s mother Francis so Arlo “shoved about a pound of dog shit down his throat. Kind of poetic justice when you think about it.”

Apparently the neighbor was spreading these rumors around town. Francis took the high road and Arlo was defending her. Hunter says he would not change his course of action against Henry Crowder for the crimes he committed against his cousin if he had the opportunity. Raylan thinks this is bullshit that it’s all about honor saying Hunter should just tell him what he knows otherwise he is supremely screwed at Leoville.

Cassie was not at the garage or anywhere in town Boyd could find. He also hasn’t heard from Colt. Johnny tells Boyd that he can’t trust Colt. Why would he care? Isn’t he supposed to be sabotaging Boyd? Johnny tells Boyd that Colton never killed Ellen May and Boyd demands the story as Johnny knows it from the beginning.

“I was there for Devil; I have always been there for you.”

On the road, Boyd is still pissed at Johnny who tries to defend himself by saying he wanted concrete evidence but was justifiably pissed off when Colt was immediately promoted over him.

At the church, Colton plays a few discordant notes on the piano as he goes to talk to Cassie. She tells him that most of the church has moved on before saying she knows him. Not him personally but that a man in his situation being drugged up. He tells her he’s not looking for salvation only Ellen May. “Don’t you want to be free from the devil’s grip?” The question is reversed when Colt grabs her by the throat. He asks if she sent him the text from last episode and someone from behind orders Colt to let her go cocking his gun. Who should that someone be but Deputy Tim. Tim lays it out for him before asking if Colt killed his friend. Colton takes his gun from his pants and Tim tells him he wouldn’t. Boyd walks in and apologies to Miss Cassie saying he just wants to take his friend with him. Boyd offers Colt to put the gun away before reminding Tim he is an officer of the peace. Tim lowers his weapon and the men leave. Boyd lets Johnny take Colt’s truck. They have a lot to talk about.

Constable Bob waits for Raylan outside a log cabin style house. He checks his phone before going up to the house where Mr. Paxton (Sam Anderson) greets him with a shot gun. He introduces himself and tells him he’s to take him to a meet. Paxton insults him repeatedly and Bob tries to keep his cool but after the door is slammed in his face, when he starts to go back to the truck, he turns around and yells a simple sentence that gets the door open. The other swinger comes up and then they’re both laughing at poor Constable Bob. The next sound heard is gun fire.

“What in the hell?”
“Goddamn it Bob.”

Bob is shooting at the swingers and they are returning fire as well as lobbing new insults at him. Bob pulls out a machine gun and this is the scene Raylan and Shelby find. “Everybody calm down!” Raylan orders everybody put the “goddamn gun[s] down.” The swingers try and offer an explanation but Raylan doesn’t care. He’s there about Drew Thompson.

“So what now, Drew?”

And the majority of you were correct; Shelby is and always was Drew Thompson. Shelby calmly gets into the back of the town car pointing his gun at Hunter who apologizes for Arlo who should have been quick and easy. Hunter always kept Drew’s secret and in return, Shelby leaves him the handcuff keys telling him to take care. Nicely played.

Bob is inclined to believe everything the swingers say as bull shit. He mentions about Shelby redirecting the attention away from Hunter when he killed Henry Crowder. Shelby used to be a lawman but around that time he got into mine security. Wait a minute. “Say that again.” Raylan is more than just a pretty face. He goes outside to find Hunter lying calmly in the back of the car and Bob’s cruiser gone.

Boyd starts his interrogation of Colton over Ellen May’s still being alive. “How you killed Ellen May, you put a bullet right in her brain. What kind of gun did you use?” Colton gives him an answer. Boyd asks to see the gun and then asks why Colt didn’t dump it. It was his service weapon and he erased the forensic evidence. Boyd asks again where Colt did the deed. Colt tells him in the woods before they got to the slurry pond. Boyd takes a gun from his desk drawer and asks Colton to place the gun on him how he did on Ellen May handing back the service weapon. Colt can’t believe it but takes the gun and stands. He places it at the base of Boyd’s neck. Boyd reaches back and takes the gun. Colt sits back down and Boyd places the gun on his forehead asking why not in the front. Colt didn’t want to scare her. Boyd cocks the gun and asks why Colton is lying to him. Jonny stands by and watches this occasionally adding comments. Colt apologizes and Boyd pulls the trigger. No bullet. “You have no idea what you’ve done.”Colt apologizes again telling Boyd the whole story and Boyd just sits behind his desk listening to this. He stops him when he gets to the point about Shelby. Boyd confirms this a couple of times before ordering Jonny to get Colt out of his sight. Colt stares at the back of Boyd’s head while he has a haunted far off look.

Cassie is talking to Tim about how he held back instead of killing Colt. She tells him she’s seen her share of drug dealers. Tim held back because wants Colton to be sober when he takes him down. He asks Cassie to call him if either of the men comes to see her again and she remarks it’s been awhile since anyone was this kind to her.

Boyd tries to get Ava out of town so that he can talk to Ava. He wants to protect her incase Ellen brings up Delroy. “I should have killed her myself.”Boyd remarks that she still might have to before urging her to go. He drives to Shelby’s house which is dark. Because Raylan is waiting for him along with a few locals. One of the locals handcuffs Boyd and he finally realizes his target has been under his nose the whole time. “Drew goddamn Thompson.”

Outside, Raylan asks why Hunter didn’t run. In prison orange? He asks if any part of the offer is still open to him but “that ship sailed with Drew Thompson.” He offers his condolences to Raylan over Arlo and Raylan bullshits the happy ending he should have had to end that relationship. “He never let me down.” Hunter reminds him of what his momma said that if he ignores Arlo, he’ll turn out just fine. Well, they both know whose voice he listens to.

“Let’s go find Drew Thompson.”

Next Tuesday: “You come with me, you’re never coming back.”

♥ That Raylan tells where hashing something out comes from; the French Hatchet meaning to cut thru the bullshit.
♥ Loved Ava and the house story and of course her interaction with Boyd. I like hearing her call him her fiancé too.

Didn’t like:
The sound seems to alter quality between when Cassie is talking verses when Colt is when they have their first and only meeting this episode but when that’s the only complaint, a few seconds of weird sound, an episode is pretty tight.

Stray thoughts: I think Raylan was probably taking Hunter to Louisville but because of the accent or perhaps I just wasn’t listening close enough, but I truly do think it sounded like ‘Leoville’.

So what you think? Did I Do I good job recapping? Did my teases do the episode justice? Well, what you waiting for? Get onto the comments.

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