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Canal+ - Tom Fontana is developing a new series + all the other Canal+ projects in development

— After Borgia, Tom Fontana is developing a new series for Canal+. Nothing has filtered so far except that it won't be a period drama. As you know, season 2 of Fontana's Borgia débuts Monday on Canal+, and season 3, currently in pre-production, will be the last of the series.

Robert Wade, about Barbarella : "Science-fiction is great when it's a metaphor, and about something, about our world. That's what the aspiration will be. Barbarella is a very good question. There are some strong things that were in the film that were from the comic books and we're going back to that".

— Canal+ will air a 3-hour horror/comedy miniseries in late 2013, Goal of the Dead (working title, and it'll be in French). It follows a group of football/soccer players during a zombie attack.

— List of Canal+ co-productions (like Borgia, XIII and the upcoming Tunnel) in development :

- Barbarella (from Drive's Nicolas Winding Refn and the James Bond writers) : HERE and HERE.

- La Patrouille Perdue (aka The Lost Patrol, from Jed Mercurio) : During WWI, captain Declerq goes to martial court. He avoids degradation and the death penalty by being offered the choice by the Deuxième Bureau to engage in a mission in the "no man's land" between French and German lines. There, surnatural events start to occur and Declerq starts to believe he wasn't chosen randomly.

- Versailles (from Mad Men's André and Maria Jacquemetton) : 1666, the Queen is dying. Louis XIV wants to reign by himself and built a castle symbolizing his glory, Versailles. The biggest construction in the world is thus set in motion, on which the people come to give their strength, even their life, or fight with unimaginable means to climb to the top of the social ladder.

- Pink Panthers (from Skins, This is England & The Fades' Jack Thorne) : Heists in every corner of the world, boom in the Eastern European weapon trafficking, reorganisation of the drug routes… a new form of criminality born out of the ashes of Ex-Yougoslavia spreads its reach over the international stage. Between action and geopolitics, this miniseries takes a look at the criminal Europe, an underground economy more powerful and structured than the real one.

- Jour Polaire (with Sweden's SVT) (from Ulf Ryberg) : A small plane crashes in Lapland. On board were French tourists, including babies. A French police officer is comissioned over there to help the Swedish policewoman in charge of the investigation. In these vast Artic plains, in the middle of the midnight sun, these cops will uncover a Russian traffic of new-borns who are to be sold for a high price in France.

- Bloods (also with Sweden's SVT) : no synopsis is available for now.

— List of other Canal+ drama series in development, ranked based to my envy to see them come to life :

1 - Emprises (from Jean-Baptiste Delafon and Eric Benzekri) : the impossible redemption of a political man, "the black baron", feared and respected by his allies and his ennemies.

2 - Sexe faible (from Engrenages' Virginie Brac) : two broke women set up a clandestine network for immigrants. Backstabbing and killing will become part of their lives as they gain influence in this field.

3 - L'Anarchiste (from Florent Emilio-Siri) : a 6-part miniseries about La bande à Bonnot.

4 - Section Zéro (from Braquo's Olivier Marchal) : 2040. In an apolyptical society, a group of cops is reunited to bring back justice in this "very dark, very violent" anticipation series.

5 - Untitled vampire series (from Joann Sfar, director of the great Gainsbourg: vie héroïque & The Rabbi's Cat).

6 - Marginal (from Braquo's Olivier Marchal) : Mathias, an Afghanistan veteran, integrates the drug branch of the police. But this job is very different from what he was used to in the military.

7 - Requins (from Caryl Ferey) : The Reunion Island has become hell on Earth, with violent shark attacks hitting the island. Fear and insane fantasies about this killing spree arise, but are sharks really behind this ?

8 - Superpowers (from Maison Close's Mabrouk El Mechri) : Jamel, former football prodigy, coming out of 6 years of medical struggle, realizes he can dematerialise himself.

9 - Hôtel Dieu (from Pascal Elbé & David Oelhoffen) : absolutely nothing has filtered about that one.

Daniel Knauf's Pharaoh seems dead, sadly, given the lack of international broadcasters willing to chip in on the ambitious project.