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Zero Hour - New Interview with Scott Michael Foster

BFTV has a new interview with Scott Michael Foster (who plays Arron Martin) teasing tonight's episode of Zero Hour.

"For me, what makes it interesting is it's all about conspiracies," said Scott Michael Foster, who plays Arron Martin in ABC's new series Zero Hour. "I'm a huge conspiracy buff, and I think this will appeal to your inner conspiracy theorist."

Foster explained what sets Zero Hour apart from other shows of the same nature. "We sort of deal with real history," he said. "When you watch the show, you'll want to get online and find out what that real story is all about or what that real time period is all about. You can engage with the show. It's a lot of fun." He added that in tonight's episode, "We introduce a historical figure that may or may not be involved."

Source: Full Interview @ BFTV