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The Selection 2.0 - SpoilerTV preview on the changes from last year

The CW has revamped last year's The Selection, the pilot set 300 years in the future about a poor woman who is chosen by lottery to compete to become the next queen of a war-torn nation.

Changes include: toughening up its lead, adding more focus on the palace politics and rebel uprising with alot more sex!
The additional focus on the palace includes adding new characters such as Prince Rafe, the much more responsible younger brother of prince Maxon who is having an affair with Fiona, a girl competing in The Selection, Prince Maxon himself is even more of a bad boy in this incarnation, hosting strip pool games and almost raping the main character in a scene, America is a much tougher character this time around more 'Katness' like, she is completely against the state and the ideology the palace represents and attempts to flee The Selection but is forced to "play along" with it in order to save the man she loves; Aspen, a man from her village who is recruited into the army and stationed at the Palace. Aspen is very outspoken and often speaks out against authority causing him to be 'disciplined'. Different political forces control many of the 25 girls competing in The Selection, meanwhile the rebel army plan on kidnapping America and using her to rally the people in their uprising.
Overall the pilot is very much a mash-up of Revolution, The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones and The Bachelor