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Suburgatory - Interview with Maestro Harrell

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Triple threat Maestro Harrell

It’s been two years now and following the lives of George and Tessa in the suburbs could only get better! What makes Suburgatory so fun to watch? For one thing, the talented and nice cast!

Maestro Harrell, who plays on-and-off Lisa’s boyfriend Malik, took some time to answer our questions!

Check it out!

SpoilerTV: How much about the show did you know when you got the part? Did you know any of the other actors/crew before then?

Maestro Harrell: It's actually a really funny story, when I got the role of Malik he had one line in the pilot "Hello" lol. I knew the premise of the show but thought it would be a one and done. Luckily I guess it was a good fit and I was asked to do another and another and another ect . I have to thank the creator Emily Kapnek and everyone involved with keeping me on the show! It’s been lots of fun. I hadn't actually worked with or ever met any of the other actors on the show but I was familiar with most of them from other shows. I knew Cheryl from Curb Your Enthusiasm, Rex from Entourage, etc. So it’s great to work with such amazing people.

SpoilerTV: It’s always great to see the cast on Twitter, especially as an episode is airing. Are the cast encouraged to use social media? Are there restrictions on what can be said, or any other issues arising when comes to other projects/personal tweets from the same account?

Maestro Harrell: Well I think the show likes it when we tweet and interact with fans. I don't know of any restrictions that we actually have but I do feel they want us to use our best judgement. I apply this on twitter at all times regardless due to the fact that it is a public domain and you want to be careful of what you say sometimes, because you don't know what offends different people. As long as we’re not giving away the storyline, I think they're ok with it.

SpoilerTV: It was fantastic to see your singing talents in the last episode (Blowtox and Burlap), you have a gorgeous voice! As a musician were you asked for any input for those scenes? What songs do you see Malik singing to other characters on the show if given a chance?

Maestro Harrell: Thanks so much! It was a lot of fun doing it. I have a very musical background so when they asked me to do it I have to say I was really hard on myself to make sure it was right! When recording Jared Faber (the composer for the show) and I went back and forth on what parts to keep and lose, etc. He’s a good friend so I had a blast recording it. I could see Malik singing to Lisa again. Maybe another Smokey Robinson song... Or maybe Marvin Gaye. Only time will tell. :)

SpoilerTV: If two huge opportunities were offered to you tomorrow, one your dream acting role and the other your dream DJing gig, and you were forced to choose only one, which would you pursue?

Maestro Harrell: Ahh that’s a difficult one. I think I'd just have to make them adjust the shooting schedule or adjust the tour schedule lol. I know you said I had to choose one but I would figure out how to do both. Where there's a Maestro, theres a way ;)

Suburgatory airs TONIGHT at 9:30pm, on ABC. Stay tuned!

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