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Scene Of The Week - February 17, 2013 - *POLL*

Week 11! For me, this was really a week of powerful performances and very VERY well-written episodes, so I’m going with my Top 3 scenes this time (the order is accidental).

1. Show: REVENGE

Episode: Union
Date: February 10, 2013
Actors: Emily VanCamp, Barry Sloane
The Scene: Emily and Aiden at the graveyard.

This was one great episode! With many worth mentioning scenes, like Victoria killing (!) Helen or the very emotional wedding, but my favorite happens to be a heartbreaking scene in the middle of the episode with Emily and Aiden at the cemetery. Why? Because I’m a big fan of every scene, where Emily shows what’s truly in her heart and this one is where we can see it very clearly. To be honest, Emily VanCamp shines in the entire episode even more than ever. In this scene, she’s joined by very stoic and also powerful performance of Barry Sloane. I really like the parts with this couple. They just… work. At least if you ask me.
Enough about performances, now more about the dialogue and the meaning of the scene. Emily is usually very tough, almost cold person, but not here. For a moment, she admits to missing her father every single day and the life she could have had, and asks, in a breaking voice, someone she cares about not to leave her. But Aiden has to leave at this point, I feel like I understand that. He needs time to think after discovering that someone he’s been trying to save for almost his entire life is long gone. That’s the kind of thing that needs time to heal. Unfortunately it doesn’t make things easier for our heroine. And this is exactly why I’m so happy about the last scene of the episode, where he really comes back to her (after briefly showing up at the wedding to support her, also a great moment) and points out she’s not really alone and she never will be. Certainly not, with Nolan and Aiden at her side! Now I’m hoping to see more of my favorite trio. Let’s get revenge-y!

Episode: Trial and Error
Date: February 13, 2013
Actors: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles
The Scene: Sam’s speech at the end

Wow, that’s another amazing episode! Very happy about that. But choosing just one scene from this fantastic episode is a really hard thing to do! After a little brainstorm, I’ve decided to go with the last scene of the episode. It’s not only brilliantly performed by Jared Padalecki (!) and Jensen Ackles (who steals a different scene earlier in the episode, look: Honorable Mentions), but it’s exactly what I wanted to hear for a very long time from Sam and Dean. A very long time. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.
Every fan of Supernatural is aware of at least few things. That Dean’s first priority is making sure Sam’s safe, that Sam’s usually the smart one (not the only one, but more presented as such) and that Dean is quite a pessimist. So to see Sam actually reassuring his brother that he’s gonna help him see the light at the end of the tunnel, calling him a genius and the best hunter in the world, also saying he believes in him and asking Dean to believe in him too (with the positive answer to that!) is just heart melting. It’s SO good to see more brotherly love and not angst. It’s what makes me really love the show. The relationship between the brothers is and always will be the heart of the series. And my very favorite thing about it.

NOTE: This scene was also picked by klutzy girl and Robin Smyth as Scene Of the Week!

Episode: Details
Date: February 14, 2013
Actors: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu
The Scene: Sherlock asking Joan to become his companion

This series is definitely growing on me. The progress also occurs with Sherlock and Watson’s friendship. And this scene might just be my favorite in the show so far. Absolutely fantastic performance by the actors, especially Miller! Sherlock admits to Joan that he knew about her new status for a while and makes her an offer to become his partner in work as a detective, not a sober companion anymore. But it’s more than this proposition that makes the scene so great. He actually admits to himself and Joan that he’s better at what he does WITH Watson at his side. As for why, Sherlock’s not quite made this deduction yet. But I’m sure he’s going to, one day. In the scene we can also see the conflict in Joan. She obviously wants to stay but has to let go of the life she has chosen before, not a simple thing to do. In the end, in a different scene, she decides to stay. And I’m hoping to see more exploration of this really interesting partnership. Not romantically though, definitely NOT in this way.

NOTE: This scene was also picked by Robin Smyth as Scene Of the Week!

Honorable mentions:
Supernatural, “Trial and Error”, February 13, 2013 – Dean’s speech about a happy ending for Sam
Person Of Interest, “Booked Solid”, February 14, 2013 – Root’s reappearance
Revenge, “Union”, February 10, 2013 – Victoria killing Helen AND showing her body to Daniel and Conrad
Once Upon A Time, “Tiny”, February 10, 2013 – David/Charming/James name revelation to Grumpy

And here’s more of SpoilerTV Team members’ favorite scenes:


The Walking Dead, “The Suicide King”, February 10, 2013
Actors: Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun, Michael Rooker
The Scenes:

Rick losing his mind when he sees Lori
Glenn going crazy and stamping on the zombie's head
Rick knocking Merle out to shut him up.

Person Of Interest, “Booked Solid”, February 14, 2013
Actors: Jim Caviezel, Boris McGiver, Amy Acker, Paige Turco
The Scenes:

Awesome fight scene between Reese and Hersch in the Hotel Kitchen
The reappearance of Root
Zoe and Reese chat in the elevator


Castle, “Reality Star Struck”, February 11, 2013
Actors: Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic
The Scene: Castle & Kate talk in her room

ABC's Castle turned on a stunner for its first ever Valentine’s Day themed episode. The whole episode was terrific, but it was the closing scene with Castle and Kate in Kate's bedroom, where Kate gave Castle the best Valentine’s Day gift ever - his very own drawer in her room. The rest was left up to the viewers' imaginations, but we all got the general idea of what happened next! I believe that that scene is the best scene this season so far.

NOTE: This scene was also picked by Jamie Coudeville and Robin Smyth as Scene Of the Week!


Arrow, “The Odyssey”, February 13, 2013
Actors: Emily Bett Rickards, Stephen Amell
The Scene: Felicity finds Oliver in her car

I just loved her reaction, I hope we'll see a lot more of her now that she knows.

The Vampire Diaries, “Down the Rabbit Hole”, February 14, 2013
Actors: Nina Dobrev, Steven R. McQueen
The Scene: Katherine comes back, Jeremy dies

Did not expect to see Katherine there, but love that she's back. Jeremy dying was also not something that I was expecting, even though we still don't know if he's actually dead.

NOTE: This scene was also picked by Ben K as Scene Of the Week!


Supernatural, “Trial and Error”, February 13, 2013
Actors: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki
The Scenes:

Dean's speech to Sam
Dean enjoying his first ever room

Nashville, “There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight”, February 13, 2013
Actors: Connie Britton, Lennon Stella
The Scene:

Maddie tells Rayna about Teddy's affair and they hug

Once Upon A Time, “Tiny”, February 10, 2013
The Scene:

Anton is accepted as part of the town and becomes Tiny the Dwarf.

Parks and Recreation, “Emergency Response”, February 14, 2013
Actors: Amy Poehler, Adam Scott
The Scene:

Ben and Leslie decide to marry right there and then.


How I Met Your Mother, “Bad Crazy”, February 11, 2013
Actors: Cobie Smulders
The Scenes:

Robin realizes she is holding Marvin for the first time
Robin holding Marvin till 3 in the morning

NOTE: These scenes were also picked by klutzy girl as Scenes Of the Week!


Grey’s Anatomy, “Hard Bargain”, February 14, 2013
The Scene:

The opening scene with the hard rain & circular cool camera transition just added to the intensity of this scene. It definitely set the tone for the rest of the episode and what an episode!

House of Lies, "Damonschildren.org", February 10, 2013
Actors: Kristen Bell, Donis Leonard Jr.
The Scene:

I really enjoyed Jeannie and Roscoe at the batting cages. It was super cute. Showed Jeannie being protective and "motherly", "sisterly" maybe- I say that only because she and Marty professed there love for each other so I feel they maybe going in the direction of getting them together.


Elementary, “Details”, February 14, 2013
Actors: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Jon Michael Hill, Malcolm Goodwin
The Scenes:

Joan hitting Sherlock with the basketball at the end. "It could have been a knife."
Sherlock trying to prepare Joan by throwing the tennis ball at her head.
Bell's scenes with his brother Andre.

Justified, “Foot Chase”, February 12, 2013
Actors: Joelle Carter, Walton Goggins
The Scene:

Boyd proposing to Ava.


Hawaii Five 0, "Kekoa (Warrior)", February 11, 2013
Actors: Alex O'Loughlin, Michelle Borth, Christine Lahti, Treat Williams
The Scene:

Mick (the PI) turning up at Steve's house to take Doris on a date. Steve's face was hilarious.

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