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Monday Mornings - Pilot Recap and Review

If you missed any of the Monday Mornings premiere last night, BFTV has a full recap and review of the first episode.

Welcome to Portland's Chelsea General Hospital. It's buzzing with activity. Dr. Michelle Robideux and Dr. Jorge Villanueva examine a patient who's just been brought into the ER. Dr. Sydney Napur deals with a difficult patient. Meanwhile, Dr. Tina Ridgeway assures a couple that their daughter is safe in the capable hands of brilliant neurosurgeon Dr. Tyler Wilson, who indeed safely removes her aneurysm.

Afterward, Dr. Buck Tierney chews out Tina for kicking a sales rep out of her and Ty's operating room during the procedure, drawing the ire of their chief of staff, Dr. Harding Hooten. On the surface, this seems like any other medical show. Yet everything grinds to a halt when...

Source: Full Review @ BFTV


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