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Justified - Who's Kin is He Anyways (Recap and Review) *UPDATED*

UPDATED 6th Feb. 2013: corrected several instances where Josiah's name was spelt wrong.

Everyone remember where we left off? Good.

Colton (Ron Eldard) goes into the convenience store at the gas station to ask to see the security footage of where Ellen May (Abby Miller) went when she left last week. The shop assistant tells the other man he has a gun under the counter. Colton brings out his wallet to tell the guy he’s military police and that Ellen May skipped out on her service. The clerk lets him see the footage and Colt notices Ellen getting into a police car.

Raylan (handsome star Timothy Olyphant) waits outside for Winona (Natalie Zea) the next morning before her sonogram. He brought her coffee but forgot to make it decaf because of the pregnancy. He tells her about the side jobs and the extra money although technically he has neither any longer. He also brags about being put on the biggest case the marshal’s office has ever seen before she lets him feel the baby kicking. Winona for some reason thought that Raylan wouldn’t be showing up and mentions that she sent him a text. He calls in realizing that he’s late and Rachael (Erica Tazel) tells him to get there as soon as he can. She doesn’t yet tell him but Arlo’s being brought in for interrogation.

The marshals receive an elevator full of files for the Drew Thompson case which Agent Barkley of the FBI (Stephen Tobolowsky) isn’t too happy about. Arlo (Raymond J. Barry) and his lawyer talk about how bad the marshals want the information. The lawyer tells him that they might try to use his condition against him and the future deal so she asks about the name for her own files. Barkley accuses Raylan when he arrives of screwing up his case as pay back. Raylan then demands of Art what his father is doing there. ADA David Vasquez (Rick Gomez) tells the room and the audience that they are prepared to let Arlo walk in exchange for Thompson. Raylan is seething at the deal just below the surface but keeps it together to ask how long he has to find Thompson before his daddy’s deal goes thru. 24 hours to get the information out of Harlan.

Duffy (Jere Burns) is visited in his trailer by one of Theo Tonin’s men and Barkley. I knew there was something up with that guy! The pair of them tell Duffy about one of their past capers and he’s not nearly as interested in the back story as the people involved. They also are gathered to talk about Thompson. Barkley asks if Toning is upset about Thompson’s potential capture. He plans to says Thompson reached for a weapon should the location be revealed. He also points out that he can’t just check the man out like a book after he’s in custody. Tonin’s man tells them that Tonin wants Thompson brought in alive because Thompson shot him in the eye. Barkley asks for 250 thousand for getting them their man. The negotiator shoots that idea down and shoots him pithily remarking that Barkley’s not the only feeb in Tonin’s employ. He then requests that Duffy track down Drew Thompson and sufficed to say, there's little argument from Wynn Duffy.

Colton goes to talk to Shelby (Jim Beaver) about Ellen May and what he has on her. Shelby says the only people he has registered from last night have no relation and reads them out. Colt tells the sheriff that one of his men picked up Ellen May and says not to call him at the bar.

Boyd (Walton Goggins) is excited over a man from Frankfurt, Duffy, coming into his bar and says he knows what he wants Wynn Duffy to want. Johnny (David Meunier) says he always has Boyd’s back. Is that what he’s doing? There’s a knock at the door so Boyd goes to answer it. Colt walks in and lies about killing Ellen May and also why he was unreachable for so long. Boyd conducts a thorough interrogation about how it was done, where, and other pertinent questions.

“Next time I call you, I don’t care if it’s a smiley face, you text me back. Now go over stand by the bar and look mean.”

Duffy walks in and Boyd takes him to the back room to discuss business. Boyd sets down that Duffy knows that he wants and asks what the other man does. Vaguely replying he needs help finding someone; Duffy is the last shot before the show goes to break. And they say Americans don’t know when to put in tv breaks. Oh wait; it’s only British tv shows that provide the “challenge”.

Raylan pulls up to Constable Bob (Patton Oswalt) where she the woman from the first episode, who’s character name I apparently never learnt, in his car. He tells Raylan the girl tried to bribe him with “favors” before Raylan goes and asks how her foot is. He asks her who put her up to robbing her father’s. She claims Arlo before confessing to Josiah Careen who lives up the road.

“Wait here till I get back and both of you, keep your clothes on.”

Raylan walks up to the man and is greeted like an old friend or at the very least acquaintance. The older man claims to have given up the criminal enterprise because the young people drove him out. He tactfully shows off his ankle bracelet courtesy of the government and Raylan handcuffs him to the inside of the moving car while Josiah runs outside. Josiah finally tells Raylan that Drew is with the hill people. Getting word to Bo and Arlo, Drew traded the coke for shelter. The hill people patched him up and he stayed as one of them. As long as Drew’s alive, that’s where he’ll be. Raylan threatens the older man gently before letting the girl go and driving up the hill. Before he goes, Bob shares a rumor that the hill people are cannibals. That would be a rubbish way for our hero to die. Although it would be unique…. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of a show where the lead character was eaten by people.

Raylan calls Tim (Jacob Pitts) and asks him to call for backup if he doesn’t return in a reasonable amount of time. He threatens to call Art and Raylan isn’t overly bothered.

Johnny gets one of his girls to talk to Ava before going into Ellen May’s old trailer to talk to him for himself. Ava says that she’s packing up the boxes because the other girls don’t know what Ellen was killed. Johnny insinuates that Ava wouldn’t know of Boyd’s association with Ava and she’s unconcerned with the fact. Johnny walks out disgruntled as ever.

Walking through the forest, Raylan starts to hear something he finds shifty. Not long after he puts up his hands as a group of men level their weapons at him. They take Raylan and put him in an old storage unit where who should he find but Boyd Crowder. After their one word greetings to each other, Boyd tells Raylan that Josiah sent him and surmised that Raylan is there by the same. Boyd says he can’t figure why Josiah would have sent him up.

“Whole world’s a tree, Raylan. I’m just a squirrel trying to get a nut.”

But right now they have more pressing concerns. And so does Deputy Tim who has a meeting with Colton, whom he immediately recognizes as military. Raylan yells out of the unit to say he has photographic proof that there’s been in a misunderstanding which results in them getting shot at through the corrugated steel before the hill people drag Boyd out of the unit by his feet. Boyd does not like Raylan’s plan. He soon gets the upper hand on the meanwhile Raylan picks the door to the unit free of any binds he might have had. Three more men come in with shotguns and both Boyd and Raylan explain they’re looking for Drew Thompson. The hill guy in charge tells them that the gun Raylan has, has no firing pin and takes the both of them outside. One of them tells the leader that Raylan calmed to be related to Mary. The leader quizzes them and neither knows the answers. The leader nearly drops them down the mine but the woman has Raylan’s photo of his mother. She tells them that they can kill Boyd but Raylan negotiates for Boyd’s life. She says to let them both go.

She tells them as they go down the mountain that Thompson was not there; they’re on the wrong hill. Boyd offers to whistle the theme to Deliverance but doesn’t think Raylan has the sense of humor for it. Boyd wants to part ways but Raylan handcuffs him to a tree and leaves him there.

“I’ve come to a conclusion, I don’t like you very much Raylan.”

Colt asks if Deputy Tim is good at finding people then asks for tips. Tim offers him a job or an address to send information to. Colt declines as Raylan comes down the hill telling Colt he’s going to need a saw to get Boyd and telling Tim to tell Vasquez to postpone his deal with Arlo. In a move that surprises no one, Justified is now sponsored by bourbon. Perfection.

On his way back into town, Boyd calls Duffy to tell him he should have Drew by the end of the week. Boyd requests half of the cocaine business in the state of Kentucky. Duffy agrees before telling Johnny that he could promise Boyd a ‘unicorn and a rocket ship’ but after Boyd hands over Drew they are done and Johnny can kill him.

Colt goes to talk to Shelby again and Shelby says one of his men saw a long haul trucker with Tennessee plates pick her up. She seemed to know the driver. Colton makes the mistake of bossing Shelby around very rudely and as he leaves, Shelby gives that shake of his head that says he’s going to regret that move soon. Turning back into the room, Ellen May comes out from under the table and Shelby asks if she believes him now. She does and he offers her the opportunity to bring down Boyd Crowder.

Speaking of the devil, Boyd talks to the lawyer he hired for Arlo. She retells a story of a man she knew breaking confidence and having FBI pile into his office as soon as it happened. Boyd pays her for getting Arlo the deal and pays her again for shutting it down. She takes the money which does not surprise him in the slightest but he gives a little smile after she does so anyways.

Raylan goes to talk to Josiah and finds his ankle bracelet on the porch. My immediate thought was bomb by theirs was better. It’s then revealed that Josiah’s cut off his own foot.

Next week: They find the foot in the aptly named 'Foot Chase'.

And let me tell you, you have no idea how many people are in a show until you try and name all of them!

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