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Hart of Dixie - Season 2 - Annabeth's Choice - Interview with Kaitlyn Black

Kaitlyn Black as sweet Annabeth Nash on Hart of Dixie

Hart of Dixie’s fans were thrilled and broken hearted at the same time over Annabeth Nash’s choice on the last episode of Hart of Dixie and we just can’t help but cheer that Lemon finds her way to forgive and accept her BFF’s romance, so that AB and Lavon can rock old little Bluebell! 

The beautiful and talented Kaitlyn Black, who plays the brunette beauty, took some time to tell us a little bit about her lovely Annabeth and what the future holds for the lovebirds. 


SpoilerTV: Annabeth had a big leap from season 1 to season 2. I mean, in season 1 we were introduced to a broken-hearted woman, who seemed to be bossed around by her best friend. Now, we’ve seen Annabeth stand up to Lemon and even become the one person Lemon turns to when she needs advice and/or comfort. How do you see this growth of your character? 

Kaitlyn Black: Well, I think it's important that all the series regulars have a confidant, someone to turn to, and since Jaime and I have such great chemistry on screen and off it was an easy match. And just as people grow and change through life so do the characters in Dixie. I think AB's outlook on life has changed because her husband not only left her but left her for another woman. As a woman dealing with divorce and having to start over you can only choose to sink or swim, and deep down AB's a fighter. So I think her new strong, independent attitude derived from being thrust back into the world as a single woman. 

SpoilerTV: It is very nice to know that there are small southern towns like Bluebell that values tradition and the sense of a community in the world we live in nowadays. Have you based your characterization of Annabeth on anyone you know? Was it hard to pick up the accent and the habits of a Southern Belle?

KB: I grew up in a small suburban town in Ohio, but not as small as Bluebell! I think if there was anyone I took inspiration from it would be my Grandmother. She was always dressed to the nines, loved her jewelry, and taught her grandchildren to act like ladies and gentlemen.(i.e. good manners: please & thank you & no elbows on the table, proper posture, and the list goes on and on). The accent came quite easily, I have a much harder time with British. But I am definitely not used to wearing dresses and heels every time I walk out the door! 

SpoilerTV: Annabeth’s storyline has left her heart-broken again. Being torn between her friend’s loyalty and her heart’s desire has really led her to a crossroad. Which road will Annabeth take?

KB: For AB friendship comes first. Her priority is to mend her relationship with Lemon. Her feelings for Lavon may be strong, but Lemon and AB became close when they were young girls and have seen each other through many of life's trials and tribulations, so that trumps all.

SpoilerTV: What is your favorite HOD’s storyline that doesn’t involve Annabeth? Where would you like to see that storyline going?

KB: Hmmm... I honestly enjoy watching everyone's storyline play out. The series cast is phenomenal and we have a great recurring cast; Tom, Wanda, Tansy, Shelby, Meatball and many more. It's very hard to play favorites with such a talented group of people. Although I must say I would like to see more Wade/Meatball scenes, those two are hilarious!

SpoilerTV: So, the cast. How’s it on the set? You guys have so much chemistry together!

KB: The show's blooper real is out of control, which should indicate the amount of laughter we have on set! It truly is a joy to come to work. There is a great balance of work and play on set (mostly work), but it's never a dull moment in Bluebell.

SpoilerTV: Who’s the goofiest of the cast? Is there anyone from the cast you would like to interact more with?

KB: Oh geez, the boys are probably the goofiest. But if you give me enough sugar & caffeine, I can get pretty silly. We're all a bunch of hams. I do hope to work with Rachel more, I so enjoyed the episode where we were secret friends. It's rare that I have scenes with Scott or Wilson, but I always thoroughly enjoy myself when we have group scenes together. They're two wild and crazy guys!

SpoilerTV: Now talking about the southern fashion, you once told me (rather, tweeted me) that you are terrible at accessorizing. If that is really the case, I’m sure you’ve picked up a thing or two from Annabeth (HOD’s wardrobe team), because you look absolutely gorgeous in every episode! What have you taken from Annabeth to your daily routine?

KB: Well, I've definitely started wearing more eye makeup, I usually keep it pretty simple. And on occasion I'll style my hair in AB fashion. Still not great at accessorizing, but I have incorporated more dresses into my wardrobe!

SpoilerTV: Is there anything you can share with us about the upcoming Hart of Dixie episodes?

KB: Bluebell is full of surprises! New people are always dropping by and we seem to always have some kind of town event that allows for some funny hijinks. As much as I would love to give you a spoiler or two, you'll have to watch to find out what's in store for your favorite characters! And I would like to say thank you to all the fans of the show! You keep Bluebell up and running!

Don't miss a brand new episode of Hart of Dixie tomorrow 8pm, on the CW.

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