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Flight of the Storks - Available on Blu-ray after all + Hard released on DVD in the UK

Remember when I told you Le Vol des Cigognes didn't appear to have a Blu-ray release ? Now, it does. Canal+ has pushed the DVD release from January 30 to March 6 and now it will be in the company of a BD version.

This HD disc will present Flight of the Storks as a 3-hour film, with both 90-minute parts attached to one another, a feature exclusive to the Blu-ray.

Jan Kounen will provide an audio commentary of the film and of the deleted scenes too, while two featurettes will show how the visual effects and the oniric sequences were made.

It will be released on March 6 for 22€.

I haven't got the chance to see it yet, but the general consensus is that Le Vol des Cigognes can get confusing at times (there are lots of dreams & hallucinations) but it's also visually striking.

Plus, season 1 of Hard (six 30-minute episodes) was released Monday on DVD in the UK. It has aired on Sky Living these past few weeks. Season 2 (12 episodes) will be coming soon, and season 3 (12 episodes) is currently being written by Cathy Verney and will arrive on Canal+ in 2014. Sky Living has also broadcast Maison Close, of which the second season is wrapping up next Monday on C+.