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First off all happy new year! Wish you all a great year with lots of love, good health and happiness! I wanted to do an article from the team for all of you in which we state our new year's resolutions for our favorite tv shows. Whether we want to keep them going strong, or want them improved or even whether we want cancelled shows coming back! So here they are:

Darth Locke:

1) Revolution: Since episode six, the show has really turned around and climbed nicely to a great mid-season finale! The actors feel like they have got it, the execution of episodes are much better, their content is more acceptable/interesting, and Charlie's role and the mythology is finally evolving. If they can keep on this track and perhaps start expanding to other parts of the Revolution universe (with perhaps glimpses of what other groups of people are doing), then I feel good about a season 2 renewal.

2) Boardwalk Empire: So far I am wrong about season 3 being a dream, but to say the reality didn't change and present something surreal and fate orientated in Boardwalk's universe, I think would be lie. At any rate I am intrigued with what season 3 brought in relation to the future of Nucky Thomson. However, seemingly even with a certain character casting for season 4, the writers are admit that Jimmy is not to escape the mind of either Nucky and/or the viewers and his death and/or  the chose to kill Jimmy personally, seems vital in what ever lies ahead. The one resolution I hope for is to NOT make Boardwalk a show about existential nihilism, like The Sopranos. We have already seen that, -and I would hope the romantic nature of Boardwalk's time period will provide more positive exploration into the complicated life of Nucky Thomson, rather than "it was all in vein".

3) Person of Interest: If there is one show on television that only get's better with age and was never a disappointment to begin with, it is Person of Interest. My only resolution for this Nolan-Abrams match made in heaven is NOT to kill of any main character too soon! (That means do NOT kill Fusco before the middle of season 3 please, if ever!) And if you want to make Ken Leung a heavy reoccurring guest star, by all means go ahead! I also love our new addition, Bear!

4) Dexter: Season 7 was fantastic, but the lead in from season 6 with it's 'doomsday themes' continuing to reside in Dexter and Deb's lives makes me worry if there can be any kind of happy ending for Dex, assuming season 8 is going to be the final season? -But I hope the writers find a creative, cheeky  and somewhat fun or pleasant way to end it, because again there is only so many times I can watch a great show end in vein and ultimately defeat it's own purpose.

5) For New mid Season shows and/or Pilots in production: I hope NBC continues to be the network it once was with upcoming shows like Deception, Hannibal, and The Gilded Age. For Bad Robot's works, I'm wishing for Josh Holloway to return to TV and either become a cop in J. H. Wyman's and J.J. Abram's currently untitled ' bombastic futuristic buddy-cop android drama' (which sounds very red universe Fringe Division -and it is my favorite up and coming pilot projects from the company), or in the tentatively titled, "Believe" (which J.J. Abrams teams up with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban's director, Alfonso Cuaron). Also hopeful that Bates Motel can find a way to make Alfred Hitchcock's Pyscho more interesting. And lastly, I'm hopeful that I can live with what Downton Abbey has done, because it sounds pretty depressing!?

Jamie Coudeville:

1) The Vampire Diaries: Of course my shipper heart would like to see much more Damon & Elena (but I doubt that will be a problem). Also I'd like for Caroline to stop bashing Damon, I get that she doesn't like him but that doesn't mean that Damon fans (like myself) should have to sit through her constant rants. I'd also like to see a whole lot more Rebekah. And last but not least, I'd like Katherine back. Not in flashbacks (although that's always welcome) or hallucinations but actually back.

2) How I Met Your Mother: I'd like for us to find out who the mother is by the end of the season. Since season 9 will most likely be the last one, they can use it to kind of explore her relationship with Ted. I think a lot of us would be disappointed if we didn't meet the mother until the very last episode of the show.Also I want to see Robin & Barney's wedding.

3) Castle: I'd like to see Kate move in with Castle by the end of the season. A proposal would be way to soon but I think that moving in would be a nice compromise.

4) Nikita: I'd like for the season finale to be the Mikita wedding. I also want a 4th season since this show is absolutely awesome. And frankly I'd like some better promotion. I feel like the CW is completely ignoring this show. I mean we've only gotten 6 episodes because of that stupid hiatus. I thought the whole point of the shows starting in October was so that there would be less hiatuses.

5) The Secret Circle: I'd like for this show to be miraculously revived. Pretty please.

Jimmy Ryan:

1) Castle: This season of Castle is definitely different to the previous seasons, with a relationship between one of the hottest couples on TV finally underway. In my opinion, the first 9 episodes of this season have been better than the first 9 of the other seasons gone before, so I'm hoping this trend continues! But the New Years Resolution I want to see the most is the conclusion of the Johanna Beckett murder investigation. This arc has run its course, and it's time for something new

2) Scandal: The moment Harrison conned the famous "Gladiators in Suits" in the series premiere last year, I was hooked by this sensational show. In just 16 episodes over 2 seasons, Scandal has taken off, with exceptional characters who are played brilliantly by their actors, and a plot that gets thicker every episode. The last three episodes have been the best in the series and are on my list of the best episodes I've watched from any show ever. There's little I want this show to change in the new year, but I'm really looking forward to the birth of the Grant's baby, and more on the history of Quinn Perkins/Lindsay Dwyer, and what happens to Huck. Then there's whether Fitz will live to see another day in the Oval Office. So much to look forward to, with so little time to fit it all in!

3) Person of Interest: POI is my favorite show this year. Jonathan Nolan has got everything right, and with such positive ratings, a third season is all but secured. I'm really looking forward to some of the recurring characters hopefully returning for the back half of this season, with Cara Stanton, Zoe Morgan, and Mark Snow the stand-outs for me. The pasts that all these characters have, along with Finch, Reese, Carter and Fusco, are incredibly complex and it's been fantastic watching them develop. Like Scandal, changing anything for POI would be a dumb idea because things are so good right now, with surprises around every corner. I'm looking forward to the continued development of the characters' pasts, the return of recurring characters, and of course the imminent return of Elias and HR. And how Reese escapes custody on January 3 will be a sight to see.

John Aspler:

1) Don't Trust The Bitch In Apartment 23: I hope that this isn't the last year for lots of fantastic new and aging sitcoms. In particular, I hope that ABC doesn't cancel Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23, which, barring a couple of failed episodes, is one of the most novel and progressive comedies on television at the moment.

2) Glee: I want Glee to either get back on track or to get off the air. This season has been... passable, but lacks the occasional flash of brilliance that made the long slog through mountains of awful worth anyone's time.

3) Doctor Who: I can't wait to see more of the chemistry between Jenna-Louise Coleman and Matt Smith on Doctor Who. Stephen Moffat is doing a brilliant job and April can't come any sooner.

4) The Newsroom: I hope that the Newsroom remains spectacularly written while somehow dealing with its white male messiah/hysterical women (i.e. sexism) problems.

Júlia Albuquerque:

1) Sherlock:  I second the Sherlock season 3 wish. (see Justina Kubica)

2) Dexter: For Dexter to stop fucking Debra's character up.

3) Once Upon A Time: For OUAT to stop adding so many characters and focus on the ones we have. Also, if it is not too much to ask, can we not kill Regina? (I just have a bad feeling about that).

4) NCIS: For NCIS not dropping the ball on the pseudo "year of the Tiva".

5) Grey's Anatomy: For Shonda to learn that finales do not have to mean huge episodes where someone must die and or loose a limb or even break up. After the gunman and the plane crashES, I'm sort of waiting for either nuclear explosion or zombie apocalypse.

6) Warehouse 13: More HG - and a better overall quality - for the second half of the 4th season for Warehouse 13. But mainly more HG.

Justyna Kubica:

1) Once Upon A Time: Would love to see more interactions between father&daughter duo, meaning Emma&Charming on Once Upon A Time.

2) Supernatural: Can't wait to see Dean&Sam back on the same page, after working out their problems, trying (and hopefully succeeding at their plan) to close the gates of hell forever. BTW, I love this idea, I've been waiting for something like this for years!

3) Sherlock: SHERLOCK SEASON 3 - just want to WATCH it! Enough said!

4) Characters on TV shows in general: And general note: I would like for my favorite (and main) characters to take a break from their (lately) often departures and stop dying in such a painful and heartbreaking to watch way. Definitely need a break in this department. Hopefully a long one. I'm talking to you, BBC! Mostly...

5) Nikita: Also, obviously, I'm hoping for my shows, especially those in danger, to get another season, like Nikita, which is such an amazing and completely underrated show!  

Klutzy Girl:

1) How I Met Your Mother: I hope Barney and Robin get married in the season finale, and Ted meets The Mother. Then we can see them dating in season nine, the final season.

2) Supernatural: I hope Sam and Dean resolve their problems on Supernatural and the amazingness that is this season continues.

3) Haven: I hope it's revealed Nathan is the father of the Colorado Kid on Haven because I believe it's 100% true. He and Audrey also need to talk and become a real couple.

4) May Sweeps: I hope May sweeps isn't a bloodbath of cancelled shows.

5) Once Upon A Time: I hope August comes back on Once Upon A Time soon because I miss him. I also want Aurora and Mulan to get together because they have so much chemistry. More time with the Charmings would also be great.?

Lucy Perussi:

1) Revenge: Well, I'd love Revenge to pick up the rhythm it seems to have lost since the end of season 1. I love this show, but I can't watch a full episode anymore. It is really sad.

2) The Good Wife: Also, I'd love to Alicia and Peter Florrick to give their wedding a second chance and I'd love Eli and Diane to hook up, and see more of Martha Plimpton on The Good Wife. 

3) Homeland: In Homeland, I'd really like that Saul was the mole.?


1) Fringe: I hope Fringe keeps the roll it has been on going. Currently season 5 is really off the charts and the uptick in it's ratings is showing that. Let's hope it goes out with a bang!

2) Person Of Interest: Unbelievable show! It came out the gate being good, but it still keeps improving over time! Increasingly becoming one of my favorite shows of all time and it is only in it's second season! Keep it up POI!

3) Homeland: Another show that has show enormous improvements over it's first season and has picked up the pace but not at the cost of it's psychological edge. So was Brody still working for Nazir? I believe so! 

4) Revolution: It started okay, but has gotten increasingly better since it's premiere! Watch Charlie's character evolve from naive and afraid of the world to bad ass and taking lives without hesitation has been a force to watch! Now if only Danny would make himself useful! 

5) ABC: Really ABC? You cancelled Last Resort? I loved that show! Perhaps you shouldn't have set it up to be doomed on arrival by programming it at 8 PM on Thursdays! This show may have thrived in a better time slot, but alas. So Zero Hour has my interest, but it's programmed in the same slot as Last Resort was. I guess I won't be watching as you will cancel it after it's first thirteen episodes anyway. Such a shame!

Robin Smyth:

1) Castle: I hope they don't try too hard on Rick and Kate's relationship. In other words, I hope they keep doing what they did the first half of the season and not try and change the dynamic too much. Just because they're together doesn't mean that they should change who they are even if they do move in together and eventually get married. You know these two will be bickering down the aisle! (in the cutest possible way)

2) Justified: Now that Natalie Zea has her own show with Kevin Bacon don't have her be on Justified any longer. She's the most annoying character on the show. And also, let's not have the new girl, Jackie Nevada become the new Winona.

Sharon Seymour:

1) Dexter: Just want this show to continue where it left off in Season 7. Don't get sidetracked by subplots and focus on the main story and hope it ends well.

2) Homeland: Just carry on being awesome!

3) Person of Interest: More of the same, but more Reese/Finch interaction with Fusco. Add a little more humor!

4) General: Networks give your new shows a chance. Shows like Last Resort/666 Park Avenue were never given a chance. 

5) The Walking Dead: Keep on rocking and continue to shock us. Don't let the recent show runner exit impact on Season 4.

Tasha Ellis:

1) Grey's Anatomy: I want Grey's Anatomy and Scandal to get an early pick-up for next season....I can't handle the last minute nonsense.

2) House Of Lies: I hope House of Lies remains as funny and smart as it did in its first season.

3) Glee: I hope this is the last season of Glee....or that they somehow get rid of the new cast.

4) The Big Bang Theory: I want The Big Bang Theory to let Raj find true love.

Thomas Breton:

1) AMC: I hope AMC stops screwing with their show runners  they're the heart and soul of their critically acclaimed hit series and messing with that is no good for these series and for AMC's future.

2) SyFy: I hope SyFy becomes an actual science-fiction channel again (with upcoming series Defiance and Rewind), and not just a reservoir for procedurals in disguise (that they end up cancelling anyway).

3) Netflix:  I hope Netflix is truly successful with all its ambitious, serialized, original content (House of Cards, Hemlock Grove, Arrested Development S4, Orange is the New Black) and that this success has big repercussions on the TV/film industry, with internet gaining recognition as a source of quality programming and thus slowly becoming a new alternative to cable. And even though I'm not as interested in their possible series, I wish success to Amazon too, as I think letting internet users rate their favorite among a bunch of pilots can be a good idea.

4) Networks: I hope The Following, Hannibal, Crossbones, Dracula and all the serialized, ambitious broadcast network dramas premiering in the upcoming months are met with strong support from the networks (wait until the season is over to make a decision) and big ratings, so that they keep doing that sort of shows which I believe shouldn't be secluded to FX, AMC or premium cable. Also, I wish DVR numbers and online activity is seriously taken into account.

5) NBC: I hope NBC's success this season (#1 network on A18-49 this fall) will allow them to cut some slack to their brilliant comedies, therefore renewing Parks & Rec (not too worried about that one though) and Community (I'm kind of worried) for another season.?

I hope you all enjoy the read. And please leave your own thoughts on these resolutions or maybe even add resolutions of your own for your favorite shows in the comments below! 

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