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Scene Of The Week - January 6, 2013

Week 5! Thanks so much for all your contribution. My picks this week are:

1. Show: Person Of Interest

Episode: 2πR
Date: January 3, 2013
Actors: Michael Emerson
The Scenes: This week I’m going with three scenes with Finch, cause I pretty much loved them all.
First, lesson about Pi. The students Finch was trying to teach were clearly not interested. In anything they could learn. Their ignorance and sarcasm was beyond obvious. So the fact, all of them actually started to listen to him talking about the infinite and quite fascinating (for some, like me) number Pi, is a really good proof to show how amazing this scene was. Plus, many viewers could learn something new and that’s pretty great too.
Second, the talk on the train station. One common element in all of these scenes is definitely Michael Emerson’s incredible acting. In this very touching scene, it’s the best. Finch, trying to help Caleb, shares with him his own experience and how our mistakes are part of us, how they can affect more than we imagine. For good or bad. With this very honest, powerful and effective speech he managed to save the life of this boy and that’s enough to make it great.
Third, the last conversation between Finch and Caleb. I always look forward to these little hints about our main characters’ past and here we got one. Something about Finch and his hacker origins. And what an impressive start that was! Also, it’s nice it wasn’t just goodbye, but Finch let Caleb know that he can count on his help in the future if he needed it (just good luck with looking for his telephone number!).
Which means that contained within this string of decimals is every single other number. Your birth date, combination to your locker, your Social Security number. It's all in there somewhere. and if you convert these decimals into letters, you would have every word that ever existed in every possible combination. The first syllable you spoke as a baby, the name of your latest crush. Your entire life story from beginning to end. Everything we ever say or do... all of the world's infinite possibilities rest within this one simple circle. Now, what you do with that information... what it's good for... well, that would be up to you. Finch

NOTE: These were also AbhiroopS’ picks for Scene of the Week!

And here’s more of SpoilerTV Team members’ favorite scenes:


American Horror Story, “The Name Game”, January 2, 2013
Actors: James Cromwell, Joseph Fiennes, Lily Rabe
The Scenes:

1) When the Monsignor throws Sister Mary Eunice over the balcony.
2) When Arden cremates himself with Sister Mary Eunice


Elementary, “Dirty Laundry”, January 3, 2013
Actors: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu
The Scene:

I liked the last scene in Elementary where Watson said she was leaving Sherlock for another client. Loved the body language going on, great ending!

Ripper Street, “I Need Light”, December 30, 2012
The Scenes:

1) Initial examination of the first body by Jackson was interesting and set his character up brilliantly.
2) Loved the scene where the three main characters were stuck in the burning photographers lab and they had to blow the wall out to escape. Intense, but also had some dark humor to balance it out.

3. FROM b3rt4
The Big Bang Theory, "The Egg Salad Equivalency", January 3, 2013
Actors: Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons
The Scene:

The beginning of The Big Bang Theory where Leonard and Sheldon play a life-size version of Jenga.

And what’s your favorite scene of the week?

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