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Scene Of The Week - January 13, 2013

Week 6! And this time we got A LOT of great scenes to talk about. Incredibly hard to choose, but my picks this week are:

1. Show: FRINGE

Episode: The Boy Must Live
Date: January 11, 2013
Actors: John Noble, Joshua Jackson
The Scene: Peter and Walter talking about original timeline.
Walter and Olivia were two people I wanted to remember Peter from our original timeline the most. Everything they had was suddenly gone and I was waiting for a long time for it to come back. And IT did. And Walter didn’t need help with his change anymore, because his growing love for Peter made him stronger. Much stronger than anything else. And just like that, our Bishops are back, their relationship, which we loved so much from the start, is back. Besides, I’m sure I’m not the only who adores these little references to the previous episodes! Also, how can you not love the scene acted so brilliantly by John “should have won Emmy Award like 5 times for this show” Noble and brilliant Josh Jackson (not that you could expect anything less from this cast!).

NOTE: This scene was also picked by Dahne as the Scene Of The Week!
“Walter tells Peter he remembers the previous timeline and the relationship they had built in it. Such a great moment.”

Episode: M.
Date: January 10, 2013
Actors: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu
The Scene: Sherlock and Watson’s talk at the police station near the end of the episode.
In this quite remarkable episode we got to see a very different side of Sherlock. No logical approach and deduction, just pure need of vengeance. When he finds out that he spent so much time planning his revenge on the wrong person he feels pretty broken. And in this scene, where Jonny Lee Miller gets a chance to shine, Sherlock reveals his more vulnerable side to Watson when he says that he really admires her work and is going to miss “this”, what they have. Very emotional moment for a character like Holmes is always a moment worth remembering. And truly beautiful work by both Miller and Lucy Liu!

Episode: Prisoner’s Dilemma
Date: January 10, 2013
Actors: Jim Caviezel, Taraji P. Henson, Brennan Brown
The Scene: The conversation in the car at the end of the episode.
I don’t know how about you, but I was shocked when Donnelly caught John and Carter at the end. Did not see this one coming. I really enjoyed watching their talk in the car, when betrayed by Carter FBI agent wants to know why she did this and reveals what gave them away. And then, Finch’s sudden call and the collision took my breath away for a second. Now, THAT’S what I call really GOOD TV. I swear, it’s like every episode of this show is only getting better!

And here’s more of SpoilerTV Team Members’ favorite scenes. Looks like it’s been a great week for TV!


Person Of Interest, “Prisoner’s Dilemma”, January 10, 2013
Actors: Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson, Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Chapman
The Scenes:
Carter and Reese talking during his interrogation.
Fusco getting maced ROFL.
Finch gets all Rambo'd and ready for action.

American Horror Story, “Spilt Milk”, January 9 2013
The Scenes:
Lana killing dr. Thredson.
The hooker trying to calm modern day Bloody Face.

Last Resort, “Damn the Torpedoes”, January 10, 2013
The Scene:
The whole sequence of the stand-off between the Destroyer captain and Marcus.


Once Upon A Time, “The Cricket Game”, January 6 2013
Actors: Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, Jared S. Gilmore
The Scene: Emma & Henry walk in on Snow and Charming in bed together.
I loved Emma's reaction to seeing them, priceless. Just proves that no matter how old you are, seeing your parents in bed together will leave you traumatized.

NOTE: This scene was also picked by AbhiroopS!

Revenge, “Power”, January 6 2013
Actors: Emily VanCamp, Josh Bowman
The Scene: Emily & Daniel kiss.
I know that not a lot of people ship them, but I do and I was so happy that they got back together. I don't even care that she's faking it.

Castle, “Significant Others”, January 7 2013
Actors: Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic
The Scene: Castle & Beckett kiss
Even though this was just a minor moment in this episode, it's still my favorite part. I love this couple so much it hurts. So any time they show us a little PDA, I go into freak mode.

Grey’s Anatomy, “Things We Said Today”, January 10 2013
Actors: James Pickens, Jr., Ellen Pompeo
The Scene: Richard tells Meredith that Adele is dead as they watch Bailey & Ben have their first dance
My heart broke for him, he was trying to be happy for Bailey but at the same time he was heartbroken that he lost his wife.

NOTE: This scene was chosen two more times as Scene Of The Week

Last scene with Grey and Chief discussing Adele while they are looking at Bailey and Ben dancing then it cutting to Chief and Adele. OMG waterworks galore. You don’t usually see Chief super vulnerable, but it happens when it involves Adele - it always pains you when you see a grown man cry. But it was great to have that final image of them dressed in their wedding attire dancing to My Funny Valentine.

As much as I loved Callie/Arizona finally talking, my favorite - and most heartbreaking - scene was the last one, a final good bye to Adele to the sound of My Funny Valentine.


Grey’s Anatomy, “Things We Said Today”, January 10 2013
Actors: Sara Ramirez, Jessica Capshaw
The Scene: Callie and Arizona in bed.
Many people where super excited about the possibility of them getting their freak on. I love the scene with them sitting on the bed having honest dialogue and reconnecting. For the first time this season you saw them finally being intimate on a different level then the physical. I thought it was pretty amazing.


Once Upon A Time, “The Cricket Game”, January 6 2013
Actors: Lana Parrilla
The Scene: Regina's final words before her "execution".

Brilliant work by Lana Parrilla - you could see the craziness in her eyes.

NCIS, “Shabbat Shalom”, January 8, 2012
Actors: Mark Harmon, Cote De Pablo
The Scene: Ziva and Gibbs in the lift.
You can truly see how their relationship has grown and how he truly is the father figure she looks up to.


Castle, “Significant Others”, January 7 2013
The Scenes:
Beckett and Meredith role-play to scare Castle.
Ryan and Esposito telling Castle phewwww.... This is what happen when you let your ex-wife stay with you.


Borealis TV Movie, January 11 2013
The Scene: Vic and Sergei - Cagefight
This Canadian show had a lot of action and interesting characters throughout but when Vic entered the cage to fight in the place of a man he knew would surely die, everything got even more intense. The directing and choreography of the scene really worked well for me as well as the aftermath.

And what’s your favorite scene of the week?

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