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MOVIES : Mood Indigo - First poster and trailer (+ César nomination list)

This new film from the maker of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and La Science des Rêves will be released on April 24 in France. It will premiere in the Netherlands on May 23, in Russia on June 27, in Germany on August 1 and I'm sure in many more countries in the second semester. There's been talks about postponing that April 24 release to mid-May (to coincide with the festival de Cannes opening?) but so far, it's still set to open opposite Iron Man 3. You can see a few photos from the set in this thread.

This first look hints at a brilliant, visually inventive film, you should watch it.

Don't worry, nothing is said in this trailer, except from 0:32 to 0:41 :

- I have the feeling my whole life depends on this very moment.
- That was kinda short, uh!

The music from 0:55 to 2:27 is Oh Hey by The Lumineers.

What pops up on the screen throughout the video amounts to the following : "The most poignant of love stories. Based on the masterpiece from Boris Vian, Michel Gondry invites you to live an unforgivable adventure."

Doesn't it look magical ? Tell us if you think so in the comments !

I bet L'écume des jours will be nominated for plenty of awards (transition looming), including many Césars in 2014…

Speaking of the Césars (transition completed), the nominations for this year have been announced :

The most nominated films are (when there's a link on an English title, it means there's a trailer subtitled in English) :

13 nominations — Camille redouble (Camille Rewinds), co-written, directed and starring Noémie Lvovsky.
10 nominations — Les adieux à la reine (Farewell, My Queen), co-written and directed by Benoit Jacquot.
10 nominations — Amour (Amour), written and directed by Michael Haneke.
9 nominations — Holy Motors (Holy Motors), written and directed by Leos Carax.
9 nominations — De rouille et d'os (Rust and Bone), co-written and directed by Jacques Audiard.

6 nominations — Dans la maison (In the House), written and directed by François Ozon.
5 nominations — Cloclo (Cloclo), co-written and directed by Florent-Emilio Siri.
5 nominations — Populaire (Populaire), co-written and directed by Régis Roinsard.
5 nominations — Le prénom (What's in a Name?), by Alexandre de la Patellière & Matthieu Delaporte.
4 nominations — Quelques heures de printemps (A Few Hours of Spring), written/directed by Stéphane Brizé.

Meilleur film (Best film) :

- Les adieux à la reine.
- Amour.
- Camille redouble.
- Dans la maison.
- De rouille et d'os.
- Holy Motors.
- Le prénom.

Meilleur film d'animation (Best animated film) :

- Edmond était un âne (trailer).
- Ernest et Célestine (trailer).
- Kirikou et les hommes et les femmes (trailer).
- Oh Willy... (trailer).
- Zarafa (trailer).

Meilleur premier film (Best first film) :

- Augustine (directed by Alice Winocour).
- Comme des frères (directed by Hugo Gélin).
- Louise Wimmer (directed by Cyril Mennegun).
- Populaire (directed by Régis Roinsard).
- Rengaine (directed by Rachid Djaïdani).

Meilleur film étranger (Best foreign film) :

- Belgium - À perdre la raison (trailer).
- Belgium - Rundskop (trailer).
- Canada - Laurence Anyways (trailer).
- Denmark - En kongelig affære (A Royal Affair).
- Norway - Oslo, 31. august (Oslo, August 31st).
- Scotland - The Angels' Share.
- United States - Argo.

Meilleur réalisateur (Best director) :

- Benoit Jacquot for Les adieux à la reine.
- Michael Haneke for Amour.
- Noémie Lvovsky for Camille redouble.
- François Ozon for Dans la maison.
- Jacques Audiard for De rouille et d'os.
- Leos Carax for Holy Motors.
- Stéphane Brizé for Quelques heures de printemps.

Meilleure actrice (best actress) :

- Léa Seydoux in Les adieux à la reine.
- Emmanuelle Riva in Amour.
- Noémie Lvovsky in Camille redouble.
- Marion Cotillard in De rouille et d'os.
- Corinne Masiero in Louise Wimmer.
- Hélène Vincent in Quelques Heures de printemps.
- Catherine Frot in Les saveurs du palais.

Meilleur acteur (best actor) :

- Jean-Louis Trintignant in Amour.
- Jean-Pierre Bacri in Cherchez Hortense.
- Jérémie Renier in Cloclo.
- Fabrice Luchini in Dans la maison.
- Denis Lavant in Holy Motors.
- Patrick Bruel in Le prénom.
- Vincent Lindon in Quelques heures de printemps.

Meilleurs actrice dans un second rôle (best actress in a supporting role) :

- Isabelle Huppert in Amour.
- Judith Chemla in Camille redouble.
- Yolande Moreau in Camille redouble.
- Edith Scob in Holy Motors.
- Valérie Benguigui in Le prénom.

Meilleur acteur dans un second rôle (best actor in a supporting role) :

- Samir Guesmi in Camille redouble.
- Michel Vuillermoz in Camille redouble.
- Claude Rich in Cherchez Hortense.
- Benoît Magimel in Cloclo.
- Guillaume de Tonquedec in Le prénom.

Meilleur espoir féminin (Best up-and-coming actress) :

- Alice de Lencquesaing in Au galop.
- Julia Faure in Camille redouble.
- India Hair in Camille redouble.
- Izia Higelin in Mauvaise fille.
- Lola Dewaere in Mince alors !

Meilleur espoir masculin (Best up-and-coming actor) :

- Pierre Niney is Comme des frères.
- Matthias Schoenaerts in De rouille et d'os.
- Ernst Umhauer in Dans la maison.
- Kacey Mottet Klein in L'enfant d'en haut.
- Félix Moati in Télé Gaucho.

Meilleur scénario original (Best original screenplay) :

- Bruno Podalydès & Denis Podalydès for Adieu Berthe ou l'enterrement de mémé.
- Michael Haneke for Amour.
- Noémie Lvovsky, Florence Seyvos, Pierre-Olivier Mattei & Maud Ameline for Camille redouble.
- Leos Carax for Holy Motors.
- Florence Vignon & Stéphane Brizé for Quelques heures de printemps.

Meilleure adaptation (Best adapted screenplay) :

- Lucas Belvaux for 38 témoins.
- Benoit Jacquot & Gilles Taurand for Les adieux à la reine.
- François Ozon for Dans la maison.
- Jacques Audiard & Thomas Bidegain for De rouille et d'os.
- Alexandre de la Patellière & Matthieu Delaporte for Le prénom.

Meilleure musique originale (Best music) :

- Bruno Coulais for Les adieux à la reine (listen).
- Gaëtan Roussel for Camille redouble (listen).
- Philippe Rombi for Dans la maison (listen).
- Alexandre Desplat for De rouille et d'os (listen).
- Emmanuel d'Orlando for Populaire (listen).

Meilleure photo (best cinematography) :

- Romain Winding for Les adieux à la reine.
- Darius Khondji for Amour.
- Stéphane Fontaine for De rouille et d'os.
- Caroline Champetier for Holy Motors.
- Guillaume Schiffman for Populaire.

Meilleur montage (Best editing) :

- Luc Barnier for Les adieux à la reine.
- Monika Willi for Amour.
- Annette Dutertre & Michel Klochendler for Camille redouble.
- Juliette Welfling for De rouille et d'os.
- Nelly Quettier for Holy Motors.

Meilleur son (Best sound) :

- Brigitte Taillandier, Francis Wargnier & Olivier Goinard for Les adieux à la reine.
- Guillaume Sciama, Nadine Muse & Jean-Pierre Laforce for Amour.
- Antoine Deflandre, Germain Boulay, Eric Tisserand for Cloclo.
- Brigitte Taillandier, Pascal Villard & Jean-Paul Hurier for De rouille et d'os.
- Erwan Kerzanet, Josefina Rodriguez & Emmanuel Croset for Holy Motors.

Meilleurs costumes (Best costumes) :

- Christian Gasc for Les adieux à la reine.
- Pascaline Chavanne for Augustine.
- Madeline Fontaine for Camille redouble.
- Mimi Lempicka for Cloclo.
- Charlotte David for Populaire.

Meilleurs décors (Best production design) :

- Katia Wyszkop for Les adieux à la reine.
- Jean-Vincent Puzos for Amour.
- Philippe Chiffre for Cloclo.
- Florian Sanson for Holy Motors.
- Sylvie Olivé for Populaire.


Among the snubs (critically acclaimed films getting zero nomination), there are notably Le jour des corneilles, Radiostars (comedy of the year), Une vie meilleure, Une nuit, Thérèse Desqueroux, Du vent dans mes mollets, Vous n'avez encore rien vu, Après mai, etc. But what would be an award show without snubs and weird nominations (or excessive ones — *cough* Camille redouble *cough*) ? The César ceremony airs live Friday, February 24 on Canal+ (the only day of the year this pay-cable is unencrypted from 9pm to 12am), two days before the Oscars (where Amour, nominated for 5 Oscars, could also win in some categories).

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