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Being Human (UK) - Episode 5.01 - The Trinity - Dialogue Teasers

“Fill a bowl with boiling water and washing up liquid, this is a two sets of Marigold problem”

“How about this, you tell me all you can about this Hal, and I’ll arrange an air force flight to return you to Bolivia tomorrow”

“Perhaps we use our inside voice and say ‘not today, thank you’ to the **********”

“As far as we can tell it’s not werewolf or vampire related. But, if you get the job, keep an eye out”

“I mean, you can’t go on your own. You’re a lady”

“Vampires were born out of a pact with the Devil. He gets our souls and, to remind us, he takes our **********”

“We don’t want anything from you. It’s just the thing you are now; you might hurt someone”

“Don’t say her name. You don’t get to say her name again!”

“This is a local mad man, he shall be the ******* *** *** *****”

“You need someone like me to be the bad man, so you don’t have to”

“One day I am going to watch you die”

“I think she had some news and decided to slip away”

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“I think the house is haunted”