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Being Human: Interview with Sam Huntington and Kristen Hager

Interview with Sam Huntington (Josh) and Kristen Hager (Nora) of Being Human. Season 3 premieres on Monday, January 14, 2013 at 9pm on SyFy.

This is just a quick re-cap of the phone interview conducted today. A complete transcript will be posted in a few days.

Q = Question
SH = Sam Huntington
KH = Kristen Hager

Q: Kristen, do you feel different now that you’re a regular?

KH: I feel the same – just more days on set which I’m all for! Mainly, I feel slightly more included. Laughter.

SH: She’s acting more important! Laughter.

Q: Is Josh feeling like a bit of an outsider this season?

SH: Yes. What’s cool about Josh is he’s really layered. The character is really rich. I feel slightly like I’m outside looking in. Nora’s taking his place to some extent. The character is feeling more and more like he’s left out, and I started to feel that way as an actor.

Q: Last season everyone had separate story lines. This season you all seem to be back together.

KH: We’ve gone back to what worked so well in season one. We have the most fun on set when we’re all on set.

SH: It’s the favorite thing for the writers to write with us all being on set.

Q:  Talk about shooting the season opener.

KH: We were in all day every day. The new witch and supernatural elements are introduced right away.

SH: I just remember digging a lot of holes. One really long shot in the cemetery, in particular. There hole was actually only two feet deep, so we had to be on our knees pretending to be digging in a hole that was six feet deep.

KH: Sam looks believable. The director told me I didn’t look like I was digging. I loved the stuff I got to do with Donna.

SH: She (Kristen) was really into the witchy stuff!

Q: What are some of the new acting challenges with your new roles?

KH: Every episode presents a new set of challenges. Nora is more subdued this season. Longer hours. But I don’t mind! I love this job.

SH: More of Kristen is always better!

Q: Sam Witwer said in an interview last week that being a werewolf is easier than being a vampire. Do you agree?

SH: He’s full of it! Actually, Aiden does have it rough but it’s because of everything he’s done in the past. His problems all depend on his past and are caused by it.

KH: It’s a case by case thing.

SH: Josh tortures himself. He hates what he is.

KH: Nora loves it but by the end of season two she’s seen the dark side. She’s questioning the violence and aggression. She’s trying to dig down for the humanity within her. It’s a daily struggle for her.

Q: What journey do you see your characters taking this season?

KH: I see Josh and Nora in a much better place this season. They’ve had 15 months to work on their relationship. There will be very human problems that they’ll have to deal with.

SH: The season is more grounded and relateable, not as dark. The band is back together and hopefully that will be fun to watch.

KH: There’s a freshness to this season.

Q: Do we explore Nora embracing the world and becoming an advanced wolf more quickly than Josh did?

KH: Nora had so much baggage and really felt she was a victim, but this new sense of power, she embraced this sense of strength. Then she was terrified when she saw what she could do and she’s trying to hold on to her humanity as much as possible. There are going to be more wolves coming into the town. She’s going to struggle with the balance between her human life and her wolf life.

Q: You guys have been on quite a rollercoaster...

KH: It’s been great. The writers give us fantastic stuff to work with, very challenging. Our relationship is in a much more solid and happy place.

Q: It’s like be careful what you wish for?

SH: The tagline for the season is ‘be careful what you wish for’ because it all comes at a price.

Q: Is the dynamic of the roommates changed now that “the girlfriend” has moved in?

SH: Nora and Josh have been working the entire 15 months to get them back. Aiden and Nora will have the hardest time because they had so many conflicts previously. I was bummed they hadn’t redecorated! Laughter.

SK: Josh is very protective of his things.

Q: What is keeping Josh and Nora together?

SH: Co-dependence?

SK: Now we are stronger than ever because of the things we’ve been through.

Q: Will we see the past come back to haunt them?

SK: That’s a huge arc for Nora.

SH: This is cool because it’s easy to gloss over what people have done in the past, but the writers really ramp up the danger and hold the characters accountable for what they’ve done in the past.

SK: Everyone has to pay for what they’ve done in the past.

Q: Who were your favorite guest stars this season?

SH: Amy Quino. She’s so talented and wonderful. She brought a newness and a freshness to the table. She cared so much about the show and doing a good job. She came so prepared right from the very first day.

SK: I agree with everything Sam said about Amy. Zander Berkley as Liam. He arrives in episode two, the father of the twins, and he’s looking for answers. He’s a fantastic bad guy. We had some great scenes together.

Q: Did you grow up watching and liking vampire and werewolf movies?

SK: I always loved them. Vampires and fantasy, all that stuff.

Q: Can you talk about the make up? Especially the transformation make up?

SH: “It’s crazy, man!”

SK: There are four stages.

SH: The chest piece and the back piece take the longest. The face application, Kristen hasn’t had it yet, and the hands and claws are the easiest to apply, but the most difficult to wear. Altogether it takes six or seven hours. It’s pretty intense, and then once you’re in it, you have to perform! The make up is so uncomfortable it actually helps you to get there in your performance because you are acting like you are in tremendous pain.

Q: Do we see the sister again?

KH: Well, the actress is now on another show... We definitely find out what she’s up to. She’s not dead, but I can’t say whether we actually see her or not...

Q: Do you have a favorite prop on set?

SH: There’s a little statue in the living room...

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