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The Big Bang Theory - Episode 6.13 - The Bakersfield Expedition - Taping Report

[L/S Apartment]

Sheldon is standing near the kitchen island and is steaming a Star Trek uniform shirt.
Leonard walks out from the hallway and sees that he's doing it and asks if he'll 'see his shirt' later.
Sheldon replies that he can't because he doesn't want to split the work since Leonard didn't go in half with him on buying a steamer. "I recall you saying, 'Sheldon, we don't need a steamer.'"

Penny knocks and comes in. "Hey I have these sponges you wanted."
Leonard says, "Ah, thanks! I didn't realize I was going to need this many." and he bends down and opens this intricate makeup box on the coffee table. Penny is eye-balling it and says, "Wow, you have more makeup than I do."
He puts the sponges in.
She adds, "And better makeup than I do. What is this for, anyway?"
"We're going to Comic Con."
"Didn't you guys just go to Comic Con?"
"Yeah, that was San Diego Comic Con. This is Bakersfield Comic Con."
"Oh. Is it better?"
"It's a comic book convention. Well, it's smaller. It's more about the 'comic books' and how the big conventions used to be before it got all mainstream."
Sheldon adds, "So, no." (which I found a surprising answer?)

She says, "Well, see you on Sunday, I guess."
Leonard says, "Yeah." and they kiss.
He says, "Here, hold this." and hands her a newspaper. He gets close to her and takes a self-shot picture of them together with his cell phone.
She says, "What's that for?"
He replies, "In case they don't believe me."

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