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Supernatural - 8.09 - Citizen Fang - Recap/Review

A woman is bossing Benny, who’s going by Roy, around as to how to close her restaurant. She leaves and the old man sitting at the bar asks a few questions. The guy at the table, a hunter we’ve met before (once) named Martin, asks for a refill on coffee. Relatively mundane right? Well, that’s about to change. Benny leaves the dinner and Martin skulks around following him to a graveyard where he hears the sounds of somebody being killed. He goes to investigate and finds the old guy from the diner with his throat ripped out.

Sam Winchester sits in the Impala and is on the phone with Martin from Louisiana. He tells Dean and Dean has trouble believing that “crazy Martin” would be back to hunting. He’s also understandably upset that “mostly okay Martin” is tracking Benny. Dean reluctantly agrees that they should look into it.

They get there and Martin tells them that instead of an eruption he’s found Vesuvius. He updates them on the fact Benny is working at the Jumbo Shack under the name Roy then briefs them on last night. Dean is bothered that Martin didn’t actually see Benny kill the guy and then tells them that he owes Benny. He asks for some time to figure all this out which Martin doesn’t want to allow. Sam does because he figures he owes his brother.

“Sometimes it’s not easy to see things for what they are.”

We seem to have hit upon another Sam flashback. He asks what Amelia is going to do about her not-dead husband. He knows what the right thing is and so does she, but neither want to do it. She asks if she can have a couple of days to clear her head and just like with Dean, he allows it.

Back in Louisiana, Dean walks into the Jumbo Shack. Dean knows what he wants and its name is pie; the special’s pecan, which they’re out of. He asks about Roy. The waitress informs him of Roy’s nightshift and that Roy has gone fishing. Outside he called Benny. Being a vampire, Benny doesn’t get the message until after dark or rather what looks like after dark because of all the foliage in the area he's in. False alarm, it's still day. What may be surprising to some is that he’s standing over another bloody body. As he’s not yet covered in blood, he might still be innocent.

Benny digs a hole then washes his now bloody hands. He announces to Dean that it wasn’t him.

“I’m all ears.”

Benny claims the rogue vamp card and claims his name is Desmond. Dean is a little skeptical but listens to the rest of the story and says “so far so good.” Then he wants to know about the blood. Desmond is leaving dead bodies in Benny’s wake until he signs up but nobody is keeping him from his hometown this time. The job at the cafĂ© apparently was his old job and he now has someone to hold himself accountable to; Elizabeth, his great-grand daughter. But as far as she’s concerned, he’s just another drifter. He admits he’s been having a bad time of it because in Purgatory he didn’t feel the hunger. Benny knew about Martin but not that Sam sent him. He announces that he’s going to put Desmond in the ground like he should have done two days ago. Dean tells him the only way to do it is to convince the other hunters otherwise they’ll kill him on sight.

Martin has trouble believing that Dean would take Benny’s side on this. Even Sam is dubious. Sam and Martin still want to kill Benny but Dean won’t let them so Martin knocks Dean out. Despite Sam going with him, he does not approve.

Now we’ve got Sammy in a bar in the past. He's addressed by Amelia’s husband, Don, but Don’s not there to fight. Sam tells him he thinks he’s had a rough deal and the guy comments on their situation, he says he can’t blame them because he knows part of her loves him but part of him loves Sam so he tells Sam that when this is all over, he’ll respect Amelia’s decision and asks Sam to do the same. He buys Sam another drink and then leaves.

Dean works his way out of another set of handcuffs and calls Benny to warn him. Benny picks up and says he won’t run from Dean’s little brother. Dean says he’s going after Desmond and Benny says that he won’t tell Dean where Desmond is unless he can come with. Dean reluctantly agrees to let him.

That night, Sam gets a text from whom he thinks is Amy but as I couldn't see the screen, thought was Dean, and leaves.

Dean questions the plan before they go into Desmond’s hideout. They’re scanning around the area before Desmond comes up behind Dean. Dean nearly sticks him with the dead man’s blood but Desmond breaks the vial. He licks his fingers then goes to bite Dean. Benny pulls him off and decapitates him quickly. But the sight of Dean’s blood causes him to nearly lose his cool. Benny maligns that his life there is over.

Back in the past, Sam is packing up his stuff to leave when Amelia walks in. She asks if Don scared him off but in fact it was the opposite, by his not trying to scare Sam off, Sam realizes that Don deserves Amelia.

“Amelia, you saved me.”

Dean walks up to Benny and tells him it’s time to go. Benny gets into his old beater truck and drives off. Wow, that was a short episode. Wait a minute…

Dean calls Martin to tell him that Benny wasn’t lying and is long gone. He asks Martin not to follow Benny who gives an ominous “I’m long gone too” before Dean instructs him to find a new line of work.

Benny takes a call from who he thinks is Elizabeth but is in fact Martin. Elizabeth had loaned him her phone. His reaction to her trying to take his pie plate is worrying and he asks how far away Benny is before telling him he has forty-five minutes.

Benny drives back and sees Elizabeth ties to a chair with a knife to her throat held there by Martin. Benny asks him to let the girl go and Martin refuses. Martin slightly slices her throat unprovoked trying to get a vamp-reaction from Benny calling her his own flesh and blood. Martin demands that he tell her everything and Benny turns around and asks what he wants.

“Isn’t it obvious? I want your head on a stake.”

Benny places his head on the counter to save the girl and Elizabeth implores him not to. Martin swings the blade down and Liz screams 'no'.

Sam walks around Amelia’s house and sees that she’s perfectly safe; the text just a rouse. He gets into his car and nearly cries but instead starts it and drives off.

Dean in the Impala starts singing to the radio before his phone rings. He answers it and Elizabeth reminds him that Dean wanted him to call if she saw Benny/Roy. He asks what’s going on and she asks him to just come. He finds her outside the diner covered in blood. Dean takes a bit of cloth and lightly presses it to her neck. She takes over the pressure as Dean follows the blood back inside where he finds Martin dead on the floor.

In another bar, Sam contemplates calling Amelia before instead, calling Dean. He wasn’t amused with Dean’s text. He asks when Dean swapped out Amy’s phone and Dean responds that it was a while ago. Sam asks if it was done and who the casualties are. He’s less than pleased to hear that Benny killed Martin. Dean asks if he wants to know what happened or not. Sammy hangs up so I’m guessing that answer was ‘no’.

Sam turns around and nearly smacks into Amelia.

“I knew that was you.”

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