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Supernatural - 8.09 - Citizen Fang - Quotes

The midseason finale is over and we head into hiatus until Jan. 16. Before brother wars and fandom fights get us too far down, let's look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of Citizen Fang's quotes. There is a lot of each. All in all I liked this episode better than many fans it seems. Plenty of action and high points. The right person got killed off. And hey, what's a Supernatural hiatus without contentious actions on both brothers' parts? The PTB couldn't leave us content for 5 whole weeks, now could they? What would we talk about?

Speaking of hiatus, we will begin our annual hiatus polls either next week or the week after. We will start with favorite songs and then go to favorite song to scene. We'll also be starting our ranking list articles in January. So if you haven't firmed up how you rank the first 150 episodes, get to it. The idea is to showcase 10 episodes each day in January up to the midseason premiere. So basically it will be a full hiatus - just the way I like it - and hopefully time will pass quickly. Until next week, enjoy your hiatus. Don't forget to nominate your favorite quotes from this episode first though.

Funny/Snarky quotes:

6. Desmond: "Benny never told me he was bringing a friend." Dean: "You're not going to talk a lot are ya? I have been dealing with crazy all day."
5. Dean: "You put Mostly Okay Martin on Benny. What is Mostly Okay doing hunting at all?"
4. Dean: "So what's the plan? I hang back while you guys do some trust falls and binge drinking." Benny: "Man if I didn't know you better, I'd say you have an extremely low opinion of us vamps." Dean: "Call it healthy skepticism."
3. Dean: "Son of a….It took you long enough." Benny: "You've lost a step friend. You need to lay off the junk food."
2. Benny: "I know it's hard to believe but I haven't always been this cute and cuddly."
1. Dean: "Martin, you sure you're running on a full charge?" Martin: "Huhh. Yeah, yeah. A…a little…..little shock therapy in the morning and I…I…I'm good to go."

Mytharc/Story-moving quotes:

10. Benny: " No amateur is going to kick me out of my hometown Dean. Not this time."
9. Benny: "It's okay Lizzie. He ain't gonna hurt you. Ain't that right? Come on now. I've got no beef with you. You've got no beef with me." Martin: "I've got plenty of beef with your kind." Benny: "Alright that may be so but not for anything that happened here. I did not kill those people." Martin: "I heard. You and Dean had a little Purgatory reunion. Touching."
8. Dean: "Look until we get the facts, we stow the bloodlust and we work this case right or we work it separately." Martin: "Well doing it right would be separating his head from his shoulders."
7. Dean: "I've got a body here in Carencrou with 2 holes in it and I just found out you went fishing. Do I need to tell you what this looks like?"
6. Sam: "Listen Dean, we came here on a dead body. You asked for some time and now there's another dead body. Sam: "Are we just going on trust here?" Dean: "Yes."
5. Benny: "Dean, this is my fight. Are you in or are you out?"
4. Benny: "No offense Dean but your little brother does not exactly put chills up my spine." Dean: "Benny listen to me. Do not underestimate my little brother okay. He can and will kill you given the chance."
3. Dean: "You know there's only one way to do that right? And that is for you to sit on the sideline while I convince Sam and Martin to go after Desmond. They see you out there, they don't care if you're going to be collecting for the March of Dimes. They are going to slice first and ask questions later. You know that." Benny: "You really think they'll go for that?"
2. Dean: "All I'm saying is that Benny is innocent." Sam: "No. You're too close to this." Dean: "You're not going to find him and if you do, I'm going to tell you this. You'll be lucky to get out alive and you….you go with him, you're a dead man. Period."
1. Dean: "Handle on things? Benny, you've got 2 stiffs on your hands and two hunters on your a**." Benny: "Oh please. Your halfwit found me at the café. I'll take my chances with him…." Dean: "That halfwit was sent by my brother and trust me, my brother is not someone you want to mess with."

Emotional quotes:

10. Benny: "My life here is over isn't it?"
9. Benny: "You got me here now. Why don’t you just let her go and walk away?" Martin: "I don't think so." Benny: "You realize I'm not asking."
8. Benny: "Born and bred. With Andrea gone and you hunting again, it seemed the right time for a homecoming. You two being the only ones who keep all my ducks in a row. Went back to my old job at the café. Even found myself someone to hold myself accountable to. Best kind of someone Dean. Family." Dean: "Elizabeth." Benny: "My great-granddaughter."
7. Don: "Sam, let me finish. I know part of her loves me and now part of her loves you, but the only one that knows what's best for Amelia is Amelia so when all of this is said and done and she's made her decision, I'll respect it. And if you truly love her, you'd do the same."
6. Dean: "Nobody's arguing but if this is Benny, and that's a big if…" Martin: "Oh it's him." Dean: "I've got history with the guy okay. I'm not signing up for a witch hunt. I owe him more than that."
5. Benny: "Please. I'm asking you. Do not do this. The bad guy is gone, okay?"
4. Martin: "And what if it turns out to be Benny?" Dean: "Then it's Benny and I'll deal with it."
3. Benny: " It's been tough walking the line here after all those years in Purgatory not having to deal with the hunger. But Elizabeth, she keeps me honest. I finally feel like I've got a handle on this thing."
2. Dean: "Time to go buddy." Benny: "Thanks for not giving up on me brother." Dean: "Don't give me a reason to."
1. Sam: "These are innocent lives we're talking about Dean and you're willing to risk that on Benny's word alone." Dean: "Damn right I am."

Oh Kill Me Now quotes (Worst Lines of the Night):

5. Sam: "He's your husband Amelia. But I…I don't…I don't want to do the right thing. I mean this is the right thing, you and me. And maybe I'm going to hell for saying this but I'm not ready to give this up."
4. Sam: "So? Is it done?" Dean: "Yeah it's done." Sam: "Any casualties?" Dean: "Martin." Sam: "Was it Benny?" Dean: "He had it coming Sam. I'll tell you what happened?" Sam: "I…I know what happened Dean." Dean: "Okay you want to listen to me or not?" (Sam hangs up.) Dean: "Damn it."
3. Sam: "I know that you and Don deserve a chance okay and I think you know that too. Just give him a chance like you gave me. I mean Amelia you saved me."
2. Dean: "Guys like us, we don't get a home. You know we don't get family."
1. Sam: "Okay because we've killed for a lot less and you know how these things turn out for us." Dean: "Yes I do. Too well. In fact every relationship I've ever had has gone to cr** at some point, but the one thing I can say about Benny, he has never let me down." Sam: "Well good on you Dean. It must feel great finally finding someone you can trust after all these years."

Special Quote Awards:

Eye-Rollingly Bad dialogue:

Martin: "Lay down your arms you unholy thing."
Martin: "Isn't it obvious? I want your head on a stake."
-Is this a bad black and white Dracula movie? The only person who could have pulled off this dialogue was Shapeshifter Dracula from Monster Movie. Then I would have laughed as I rolled my eyes.

Say What? quotes:

1. Sam: "Oh really Dean, you don't believe that because Benny's a vampire and any hunter worth his salt isn't going to let one just walk around freely. So I had Martin keep tabs on him and right now it's looking like I made the right call."
-Since when? You guys have let a lot of "monsters" go in the past without keeping tabs on them. Lenore and Eli (who looks a lot like Benny) were only the first ones.

2. Benny: "Victim #2. If you're concerned about the missed calls, I didn't want to get you involved. Now, want to safety that thing….talk a little bit or what?"
-Seriously Benny, do you even know Dean? It's not like he would leave because you were avoiding him.

Finally the Mature Brothers Jeremy Carver Spoke of (for about 5 minutes):

1. Dean: "So Martin's saying Benny did this." Sam: "Yeah." Dean: "Okay." Sam: "Okay?" Dean: "If Benny's in Louisiana draining folks, we should look into it."
2. Dean: "I just need some time Sammy." Martin: "Oh yeah, let the fang take another life? I don't think so." Sam: "How much time do you need?" Martin: "You're not actually considering this?" Dean: "A couple hours tops."
-I shouted Hallelujah the first time I saw the opening brother scene. Both of them were logical. Dean listened to what Sam said. They went to check it out together instead of behind the other's back. Woo hoo! Then Sam listened to Dean and gave him time to get the facts instead of just reacting. Again, woo hoo! Too bad they reverted back to form not 10 minutes later.

Worst Excuse for a Cliffhanger:

Amelia: "I knew that was you."

The Crazy Man Sums Up Season 8:
Martin: "Winchesters! Man!"
-I hear you Martin. I've been saying this every time the writers make another asinine character choice.


Currently Citizen Fang ranks as the second best episode of season 8 for me, but given how this season is going that is not saying much. After such promising opening brother scenes, the characterizations became a complete mess with each brother coming off as stupid or douchey several times in the episode. After that ending, I almost wish Cas would NOT bring the brothers back together next episode. Thanks Loflin. Until further notice, I am concluding that you are the one who hates Dean and Sam while Dabb is the anvil dropper. Still, if I separate the bad brother writing out there is a lot to like about this episode. Good action tops the list and the directing really worked for me. The new director tried a variety of unique shots which gave the episode a distinctive feel. I also enjoyed the pacing. The tension remained throughout which kept me laser-focused on the plot, something that used to be a given and now is not. In short, the episode was entertaining if not awesome.

Normally I carp about secondary characters taking attention away from Dean and Sam but in this case they saved the episode for me. Martin was so repugnant to me that I was rooting for his death from almost the opening scene. Benny was the sympathetic heart and I have to say I've felt more for him this season than anyone else, including Dean and Sam. That in itself is a heartbreaker. Pretty sad when a vampire's travails is the family-centered storyline instead of the brothers. I thought the actress who played Elizabeth was as excellent here as she was as Katie the Changeling's mom in The Kids are Alright. The scene with Benny, Martin, and Elizabeth was terrific. In fact, most scenes where the brothers were separated were pretty good. I even found myself liking Don, who out of everyone we've met in the Amelia subplot is the most sympathetic. Now if only I could say the same thing about Dean and Sam.

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