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Supernatural - 8.08 - Hunteri Heroici - Podcast

UPDATED: Hi guys. The Castiel supplementary podcast that should be posted with this one is having overlapping sound issues. I will post it in another thread when it is ready. Thanks for your patience.

Welcome back. I hope your Thanksgiving was great. After a week with no Supernatural, Lilith and I were ready to discuss the new episode Hunteri Heroici. Neither of us thought it was awesome like the overall fandom did but I liked it better than Lilith, especially after the rewatch. For Lilith the little things got in the way. For me, it was an average episode with nothing that really stuck out good or bad. I would like to say thanks to all the listeners who have been sending in feedback. It is a great help and we love hearing from you. Also this one is a little long. Sorry. I kept getting us off track when I got slaphappy.

Disclaimer - As always the opinions on this podcast are merely Lilith and/or Dahne's opinions. They do not reflect the fandom as a whole or SpoilerTV.

Podcast Break-Down (All times are estimated):

Intro & Small Talk
News (Ratings, Fan Reaction, Critic Reaction) - 10:35
Discussion Points - 20:30
Nitpicks - 23:00
WTH - 30:25
Favorite Things - 43:00
Least Favorite - 48:50
Grade and Review - 60:25
Listener Feedback, Around the Fandom, Contact Info - 64:00
Spoilers, Misc. Points, and Wrap-Up - 82:50

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