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It’s Christmas Eve everyone, so I’m thinking it’s a good time to not only wish you all Merry Christmas but also write a thing or two about our Favorite Christmas Episodes that I recommend you all to watch in this time.

1. Doctor Who, “Christmas Invasion” written by Russell T Davies, directed by James Hawes, original airdate: December 25, 2005 on BBC

Plot: It’s time for Earth’s first, everyone-knows-about-it, encounter with aliens and but it looks like they’ve only come to our planet to enslave the mankind and, as ever, only The Doctor can stop them. The problem is, the newly-regenerated Time Lord is currently lying in a coma and is being taken care of by Rose, her mom and Mickey at his side…

It’s hard to imagine a better way to introduce the Tenth Doctor. His monologue, after finally waking up from his coma, still remains one of my favorite scene with Ten. Also, it ends with one of these rare moments of peace and joy The Doctor can’t usually enjoy. He gets to spend this special time with his family, the only one he has. Bonus, we get to hear “Song for Ten” in a very lovely scene where the new Doctor changes his wardrobe and joins Tylers and Mickey for a Christmas celebration.
By Justyna Kubica

2. Doctor Who, “The Runaway Bride” written by Russell T Davies, directed by Euros Lyn, original airdate: December 25, 2006 on BBC
Plot: The Doctor, hurt after farewell with Rose, suddenly finds himself with a new sharp-tongued and temperamental companion, Donna Noble. Trying to help her get to her wedding on time, he has to face Robot Santas and ancient race of The Racnoss who re-emerged after billions of years to threaten Earth and are using Donna as a key to their plan.

After heartbreaking season 2 finale, this was a very nice change and I immediately fell in love with the dynamic between The Doctor and Donna. In a very hard time for our hero, his sudden companion manages to bring out some light to help him move forward after his loss. Also, there is a lot of really funny dialogues and situations to look forward. Plus, another great song: “Love don’t roam” there, a beautiful tribute for Ten&Rose fans.
By Justyna Kubica

3. Supernatural, “A Very Supernatural Christmas” written by Jeremy Carver, directed by J. Miller Tobin, original airdate: December 13, 2007 on CW
Because it combines everything that makes the show great: Humor, scary monsters, and family. It was also written by Jeremy Carver who came on board this year as showrunner and who has revitalized the show.
By Lisa Macklem

4. The Office (UK TV Series), Christmas Specials, written and directed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, original airdate: December 26-27, 2003 on BBC
These final episodes really left you feeling satisfied where the characters were going. They had all moved on in some way and you know Tim and Pam will be together. Plus, how can you forget Dave Brent's pop song.
By CJ Allan

5. Only Fools and Horses, “Heroes and Villains” written by John Sullivan and directed by Tony Dow, original airdate: December 25, 1996 on BBC
I grew up watching Only fools and horses and it was always a family event when we would sit and watch the Christmas specials. This episode was also something special knowing it was one of the final episodes. It has a scene that will always be remembered as one of the greatest scenes in BBC history, the main stars dressed as Batman and Robin.
By CJ Allan

6. Chuck, “Chuck Versus Santa Claus” written by Scott Rosenbaum and directed by Robert Duncan McNeill, original airdate: December 15, 2008 on NBC
It got all of the characters together in the Buy More. Characters that don't always get to interact. It also showed us how much the main characters truly cared for one another. The scenes that truly made me love Chuck. The moment you knew that both the main characters really did care for one another and it was something more. Chuck giving Sarah the bracelet and Sarah willing to kill for Chuck to protect him over the music of Silent night.
By CJ Allan

In what remains by far Chuck's greatest season, it was inevitable that, come Christmas, they would pay homage to Die Hard, and they did it in the best possible way. It wasn't completely disconnected from the on-going themes of the season, it showed how far Sarah was ready to go to protect Chuck (killing a disarmed Fulcrum agent (Michael Rooker!) in cold blood), and they even got Die Hard's own Al Powell to appear.
By Thomas Breton

7. The O.C. “The Chrismukk-huh?” written by J. J. Philbin & John Stephens and directed by Ian Toynton, original airdate: December 14, 2006 on FOX
Not only are The OC's Christmas specials some of the best ever, they're also some of the best ever Hanukkah specials! Who couldn't enjoy watching a holiday created by the ever-so-lovable Seth Cohen? Especially one that comprises "eight days of presents, followed by one day of many presents". 'The Chrismukk-huh?' is perhaps a controversial choice from the OC's excellent selection of Chrismukkah offerings but it's easily my favourite. The episode is a funny, heart-warming take on the much-remade A Christmas Carol story in which Ryan and Taylor (another plus point, my favourite character Taylor features heavily in this ep) fall while putting up Christmas decorations and experience an alternate universe where they don't exist. It's a really brave, genre-bending story but most importantly it's bursting with Christmas spirit and that is what puts it at the top of my festive re-watch list!
By Genevieve Taylor

8. Doctor Who, “The Next Doctor” written by Russell T Davies and directed by Andy Goddard, original airdate: December 2005, 2008 on BBC
It may not be the most popular episode but my favourite Christmas episode of Doctor Who is The Next Doctor. It was the first special I saw close to Christmas (it still wasn't synced in the US yet) and getting to spend the episode with the Davids, Tennant and Morrissey, was a fantastic way to spend it. Typically I'm not a fan of holiday episodes but Doctor Who is the one show that I actually look forward to them.
By Robin Smyth

9. The O.C. “The Best Chrismukkah Ever” written by Stephanie Savage and directed by Sanford Bookstaver, original airdate: December 3, 2003 on FOX I'd have to say the OC chrismas episode in the first season, just hearing Seth say “chrismukkah” is enough to put a smile on my face.
By Jamie Coudeville

10. Buffy The Vampire Slayer, “Amends” written and directed by Joss Whedon, original airdate: December 15, 1998 on The WB
When Joss Whedon is credited as director, you know the episode is going to be special, and Amends sure was. For me, remembering the content of Christmas episodes is very hard as I have the memory of a pigeon, but I still remember The First Evil haunting Angel in the form of the poor Jenny Calendar, and these final moments when Angel wants to kill himself by waiting for the sunrise (yeah, back then vampires couldn't walk in daylight because it's easier) but he can't because of the snow starting to fall, causing for the sun to remain hidden on Christmas day, and giving this ending where Angel and Buffy walk in the middle of the snowy road. Anyone who thinks Buffy is just another teen show, please do yourself a favor, ask Santa for the DVD box set, press 'play' and be patient (=don't be too harsh on the short first season). You're welcome.
By Thomas Breton

11. Community, “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” written by Dino Stamatopoulos & Dan Harmon and directed by Duke Johnson, original airdate: December 9, 2012 on NBC
Another proof that this comedy is creatively incomparable, these 22 minutes of claymation goodness remained true to the characters, delved into pretty serious territory (exploring Abed's psyche is never only filled with laughter) while remaining funny in its own smart, self-aware way. And there's even some singing, which was only a premise of the Glee-filled episode of the next season which I could have easily mentioned as well Only Community could pull it off.
By Thomas Breton

12. Arrested Development, “Afternoon Delight” written by Abraham Higginbotham & Chuck Martin and directed by Jason Bateman, original airdate: December 19, 2004 on FOX
It may not be the most Christmasy episode you can find, but it was just so funny that I couldn't leave it out. Michael dirty dancing with Maeby over an apparently innocent song, Bender playing with a crane and Gob's remarks about the high price of his suits is just comedy at its best.
By Thomas Breton

13. Seinfeld, “The Strike” written by Alec Berg & Jeff Schaffer & Dan O’Keefe and directed by Andy Ackerman, original airdate: December 18, 1997 on NBC
A Festivus for the rest of us!
By Thomas Breton

And do you have YOUR favorite Christmas episode? Share with us in the comments. And from everyone here:
Enjoy watching and Merry Christmas!

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