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Lost Girl - Exclusive interview with showrunner Emily Andras on Season 3

SpoilerTV recently had the opportunity to interview Emily Andras, the new showrunner of Lost Girl, which returns to Showcase on January 6th and will also premiere on January 14th in the US on SyFy.

Tariq: How much do fan comments you read online affect your writing? any examples of decisions you took as a reaction to fan response?

Emily: I can't speak for the other writers, but I personally don't read much fan commentary when we're actually writing and producing the season. When we're between seasons -- like now, for instance -- I like to catch up on what the fans are feeling, anticipating....what they felt worked in past episodes and what they felt didn't. It's also really fun to read what they think might happen in the upcoming season based on the promos etc. I feel totally chuffed by their enthusiasm and energy. We truly have the greatest, most dedicated fans in the world.

But when we're mid-season...too many voices in your head...too many doubts about the story you're trying to tell can mess with your mojo and you can end up with a show that refuses to commit, or takes chances, or have a vision -- which generally equals a show that simply doesn't work as good television.

Our number one job as writers is to continue to spin a story that keeps the audience engaged. Even if the audience is outraged or sad or shocked, if we've done our job properly and made them fall in love with the characters, they will keep coming back to see what happens next. So we take fan comments with a big grain of salt -- after all, on Lost Girl we have a variety of very dedicated shippers who all want different things! If we try to please everyone at the same time, we will dilute the delicious twists and turns that keeps Lost Girl compelling.

That being said, we are definitely in tune with the overall wants, likes and dislikes of the fanbase AS A WHOLE. I know the Dyson shippers like to see Kris without his shirt on, that Kenzi fans want the quips to keep on-a-coming -- and that the Lauren fans just want more Lauren being Lauren, (preferably close to Bo and possibly in a labcoat). Our Zoie Palmer fans are particularly passionate -- which is nice because Zoie Palmer is an incredible actress and a wonderful person. So I can work with that :)

Tariq: What can you tell us about the new character Tamsin? what kind of fae is she?

Emily: First of all, let me say that Rachel Skarsten is the find of the century. Second of all, in no way am I telling you what kind of Fae Tamsin is (and who says she's Fae at all?) What I can tell you is that the character of Tamsin brings an incredible new energy to the show and to our Lost Girl gang. She is complicated and mysterious. And she is blonde. There...I've already said too much.

Tariq: Lauren had a pretty big arc last season with both her freedom and history with the Fae addressed, what is coming up for Lauren in season 3?

Emily: Lauren fought the Garuda alongside the rest of our gang at the end of season two, and I think she continues to earn their respect throughout season three -- which is a complicated way of saying Lauren is more integrated into our group -- to a point. After all, Lauren is human, and that comes with certain limitations. We will continue to see many sides of Lauren and learn more about who she is this year. She is a great character and Zoie has incredible range, so we can really play with that.

Tariq: Will we see ramifications of Kenzi's promise to The Morrigan in season 3?

Emily: Well, we will definitely see the Morrigan!

Tariq: Anything you can share on the new recurring character, Massimo

Emily: He is played by Tim Rozon and he makes a very interesting proposition to one of our regulars.

Tariq: Any plans to have an Incubus on Lost Girl

Emily: If we ever did, we'd have to do it 'right'.

Tariq: Will the fact that Lauren triggered the super succubus last season be addressed? Does Lauren have a unique effect on Bo?

Emily: It may very well be. I think we all know that at the very least, Lauren has a very unique effect on Bo's heart :)

Tariq: How dark will Bo go this season? the promos look intense

Emily: Intense is good! But we're still bringing the capital 'F' fun, I promise.

Tariq: Anna Silk once said she expected Lost Girl to end after 3 or 4 seasons, assuming continued amazing ratings and commercial success, creatively how many seasons creatively do you see Lost Girl going on for?

Emily:So much of that is up to you guys, our fans! If you keep watching and supporting us and our ratings are good, who knows how long we can go?