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Leverage - Episode 5.15 - The Long Goodbye - Poll

This episode would have always been one to remember but unfortunately The Long Goodbye Job is memorable for another reason in that it's the last Leverage we'll see on TNT. In case you hadn't seen the news, I'm sorry to break it to you and if you had known, then you watched the many twists and turns wondering if perhaps the show hadn't been cancelled as all the characters killed anyways and the network was trying to save face by announcing it ahead of time. Luckily everyone lived and for some fans, there's always DVD marathons and fond memories to keep it alive for decades. And as we wish the best of luck to the cast and crew in the upcoming year, it's time to vote for the best scenes of the episode and as it was the series finale, there's more options than in a typical poll.

But I think we can all agree that the worst part of the episode was knowing it was the last.

Unless some network comes out of the woodwork to save it.

And in lieu of this being the last episode, there will not be a recap posted.