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Hawaii Five-0 Episode 3.16 - Episode Details & Title Revealed Including Possible Episode Dates up to 3.16

Larry Teng has confirmed that he will be directing this episode in the first week of filming of January 2013 with the title confirmed as 'Kekoa' (pronouced Ka-koa) meaning 'Brave One or Soldier' according to Google. He has also said that the 2nd half of S3 will possibly be returning January 14th with episode 12 Production #3.13 Kapu (Forbidden) followed by 3.13 production #3.10 on the 21st.

Episode dates: (according to my research)
3.13 (3.11) - 'Kapu' (Forbidden) - Haven't heard anything about this episode. To be aired 14th January 2013.
3.12 (3.10) - 'Hana 'i wa ia' (Scandal) - Possible election episode with Wo Fat returning includes scenes in the jungle judging from BTS filming pics. Directed by Larry Teng & Written by Mike Schaub. To be aired 21st January 2013 (confirmed by Larry). Trivia Lion was born the same week of filming.
3.14 - No title. No date
3.15 - No title. No date
3.16 - Kekoa (Brave One/The Soldier). 18th February, 2013 (confirmed by Larry)

Will keep you guys updated when we hear anymore :)

Credit: Larry Teng on Twitter