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Californication - Episode 6.02 - Quitters - Press Release


Written by: Tom Kapinos
Directed by: John Dahl

Guest Stars: Maggie Grace, Stephen Tobolowsky, Patrick Fischler, Angela Trimbur, Sarah Wynter, Johann Urb, Dustin Ybarra, Lee Arenberg, Joey Lawrence

Co-Stars: Camden Gray, Marcus Folmar

Hank (DAVID DUCHOVNY) reluctantly heeds the advice from his family and friends, but muse to many-a-rock-star, Faith (MAGGIE GRACE) may be his light at the end of the tunnel. Charlie (EVAN HANDLER) runs into out-and-proud movie star Robbie Mac (JOHANN URB) and finds himself taking drastic action in order to land the Oscar® winner at UTK. Marcy (PAMELA ADLON) loses her resolve with Stu (STEPHEN TOBOLOWSKY), while Karen (NATASCHA MCELHONE) lands a new job.

Source: Showtime