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Supernatural - Southern Comfort Review/Recap (8.06)

Right so ya’ll remember Garth, Sam’s girlfriend, and Dean’s .. vampire right? Good. On to Kearny, Missouri which is pronounced Car-knee not Kern-y as it would appear from the spelling. A man in under his truck fixing something when his wife comes out pissed and he’s drug under the car when she gets into the front set and propels the vehicle forward in a fatal way.

Sam is upset that Dean hasn’t spoken a word to him since the boat. But, duh! You haven’t been on since then! They have a minor tiff about purgatory and why Benny is still breathing, which as a vampire, he technically isn’t. Dean brings up the werewolf they let go (found footage) and Sam says that was because she was different. “Do you think Benny’s different?” Apparently so. They decide to set the whole thing aside to solve the case of the woman who put her husband’s head under the truck and put pedal to the metal. Besides Sam’s sulking like a unic in a whorehouse.

“FBI? First a Texas Ranger now you guys?”

Garth greets them both with big hugs when he sees them saying he missed them but ‘Texas Ranger Garth? Really? We’re in Missouri.” Garth’s phone goes off, he answers it, and afterwards Sam quips that he’s the new Bobby which Dean says “shut your mouth” to until Garth confirms it. “You shut your mouth. Wait. What?” And then Garth tells them what to do. Huh, I'm kinda liking this new take charge Garth. Sam asks if there’s a medical reason why the one witness/suspect’s mother would go off the rails and of course there isn’t. There also isn’t Kinda liking this new take charge Garth. Sam asks if there’s a medical reason why the one witness/suspect’s mother would go off the rails and of course there isn’t. There also isn’t sulfur or EMF. Garth points out that the trail could have gone cold since last night or the sheriff’s department could have contaminated the scene. Garth finds ectoplasm stuck to the bottom of his shoe. Garth gets another phone call, this time from the coroner and finds out their dead guy had the word Alcott carved in his chest. The best bet as to how it got there? The wife’s finger nails.

At the hospital, the wife tells them that she blacked out and can’t remember more than bits and pieces. Such as his screams, the smell of burnt rubber, and feeling so angry; such uncontrollable rage that she didn’t recognize and after it was over, it was gone. “Ma’am does the word Alcott mean anything to you?” “What does she have to do with this?” Apparently Sarah Alcott was the woman Chester took to the prom back in high school and to the best of the woman’s knowledge is still alive. They make the plan to talk to Alcott and Dean asks if they’ve eaten yet.

Garth asks what Dean was up to over summer vacation. Dean tells him and Garth asks how he got out. Dean then asks about all the “hillbilly handkerchiefs” (Deanspeak for Confederate Flags) and Garth tells him how Missouri was a border state in the Civil War. Garth then, reveals he went to college, was a dentist, and his first case was the tooth fairy and he still feels bad about having to gank that one.

The victim’s son sits outside a store in his car, takes a call, takes a drag from his inhaler, and goes into the convenience store where a guy offers his condolences then Scott throws hot coffee in the guy’s face. So, this was over money? I think not. He looks into the mirror above the aisle and sees a zombie looking guy in the mirror.

“So first the mother goes natural born killers and then the son? What does this ghost have an Oedipus complex? I don’t know what that means.” -- Dean.

He very nearly came close to getting it right only in a not really sort of a way. Dean then takes Garth’s hat (it was Bobby’s and he was wearing it wrong) and Sam goes to talk to Sarah Alcott who now goes under another name. She notes the FBI asking about her former relationship status is unusual to which Sam replies that she “wouldn’t believe” the sort of questions he had to ask over the years. Sarah tells a very different story than the loving husband we had previously thought. Apparently she was less than a good girl on prom night and slept with Chester but a week later he eloped with Mary and she kept him on a short leash. Who to believe.... Sam hears a dog barking so we get another flashback. I’m not against the flashbacks, there just needs to be a better, less cheesy way to introduce them. Amy tells Sam that she hasn’t let herself go like that (the implication is sexually) since her husband died in Iraq. Back in the present, Sammy pulls sad face and we cut to Dean and Garth. Garth calls Dean an idjit which Dean notes should be said angrily. I have to agree, Bobby-isms should be left to the pros. Dean tells Garth he’s not Bobby and is never going to be. Garth damn near breaks down as he tells the other man that Bobby belonged to all of them and he’s just trying to do something with what Bobby taught him.

Dean finds out that Sussex is not a who but a business. Scott had a beef with Jeff because he caused the business to fail. Garth finds out that green goo equals specter which is a ghost of vengeance that possesses people after a grave desecration. The last grave that was vandalized was the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Despite the fact the Unknown Soldier is in Arlington, the Confederacy buried an Unknown of their own to commemorate all their people who died in the war.(Knowledge from Civil War re-enactments). They decide to do what they always do only after the decorative solider outside goes home for the evening. “Burn the bones in a town full of red necks, sure!” Sam says a little less than enthusiastically. Really, Sam? I live less than an hour from Lawrence, their home town, and Kearny shows up on my weather map.

That night as they burn the bones, Garth asks if they should say something. “Sure,” Dean says. “We won.” In lockup, Scott asks for his inhaler. When the deputy gets it, he gets possessed and kills the sheriff. “Why don’t you write your own reports sheriff!”

“Maybe we torched the wrong redneck.”

Or maybe an object was taken from the tomb. So who has the object and where did it go? Sam asks what happened after he shot the sheriff (link to I Shot the Sheriff). He heard the specter say he was going to the hospital which Dean calls. A flash into the mirror shows that it wasn’t a zombie shown earlier but era inappropriate camo. Amy kicks Sam out after their one night stand. She asks him to forget everything she told him last night. While Sam is at the library researching the soldier, the deputy aims a gun at a Chris Evans look-a-like. Sam is surprised that in the war that pitted brother against brother, a brother would kill his brother. Hmmm. I thought you went to Stanford. It’s one theory as to who the Unknown Soldier is because he swore vengeance on his brother with his dying breath. And with that, he finds the artifact, an old penny. Unfortunately, Dean is already infected at this point so when Sam walks in the door to the hotel room, Dean levels a gun at him. “You should have looked for me in Purgatory.” Great. Why do I get the feeling the spirit won’t let Dean go easy. On the plus side this week’s episode is really good.

Three Days Ago...

Some kids were dickin’ around in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and took the penny. The penny got spent and then handed to the widow in the opening sequence. The son found the penny in his mother’s purse looking for his inhaler. The deputy found it with his stuff getting the inhaler. The other deputy found it on the floor and then placed it into Dean’s hands. Dean rants at Sam about all the things Sam did over the years because Dean may have lied but he never betrayed Sam. Besides “You left me to die for a girl?” I bet the Winsesters will go nuts over that line.

Garth steps into the line of fire pointing out that Dean is all about protecting Sam. Apparently Benny has been more of a brother to Dean than Sam has been this past year. “Good bye Sam.” Garth somehow gets Dean to drop the penny and then he picks it up himself. Of course he’s unaffected because who would Garth feel the need to take vengeance on? It’d be a little like first season Willow meeting Anya on Buffy.

Garth melted the penny and was able to apparently because he let go every time he thought he was screwed over. “Stop being an idgit.” Agree. Then he persuades Dean into one of the few non-Sam hugs on this show. Dean puts Bobby’s hat on Garth’s head as Garth takes a phone call about a wendigo, attempts to start his car, yells ‘Balls!’ like a proper Bobby, and takes off.

Sam then shows up in the past on Amy’s doorstep telling her he doesn’t pity her even though most people would. He tells her he ran when his brother died a few years ago. “Was that supposed to be a pep talk? Cause now I pity you.” She asks if he wants to talk about his brother to which he asks if she wants to talk about Don. They decide to share their pain. Dean knocks Sam into the present. Alright he knocks on the door and that draws Sam into the present.

Outside, Sam tells Dean to move on or he will. He also says Amelia’s last name and unlike last season, Amy is not a Pond.

Next week: Dean sees Cas on the side of the road and Cas has his angel blade back.

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