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Covert Affairs - Operation Proper Exit (3.15)

So... Covert Affairs. Or Covert Affairs! Alright, tonight's episode is officially called Quicksand and as much as I love David Bowie and his 50th birthday party version of the song Quicksand, Operation Proper Exit would have fit better. Annie is going on and on about something before finally realizing that Auggie might want to talk about something. And he does; he’s got something on his mind but sorry shippers, not that. He’s telling her he’s leaving for Operation Proper Exit (a real program by the way). Auggie tells her it’s a quick trip and Annie insists on giving him a toast for his voyage. She looks sad.

Barber calls Annie at her desk the next day at the DPD to tell her that they found Megan Carr’s strangled body at a hotel out of the country. Annie thanks Eric and then asks if he knows how to make a fake ID. “I went to prep school.” So big yes then?

Annie takes a plane then a cab to the morgue and goes to see her “sister” Megan Carr’s body and to pick up the personal affects. The only problem is that that is not Megan Carr. And the morgue attendant that was down there has left. Annie wanders around like a baby spy but then gets shot at with a dart gun by a very German looking guy in Luxemburg. Not really out of the question but alright... She calls for an extraction team and her handler is less than Auggie. Of course the handler wouldn’t be as good as Auggie, she’s a temp. Annie slides into a car in a parking garage and calls Eyal. He gives her instructions to France, then Zurich and says he thinks she know where he is. If I had to guess, I’d say Zurich? Anyways, Annie starts the car, crashes into the bad guys on her way out and makes a speedy exit all before the credits.

Photo by Christopher Gorham
We resume with Auggie who is on the plan with his “battle buddy” who isn’t overly talkative. He says the smell hasn’t changed since he left. The commander tells them that they are responsible for the men “on their left and on the right.” Auggie asks if his buddy wants to get a bite to eat but he just wants to “crash.”

Arthur visits Henry Wilcox in jail to ask more questions including “What the hell did you do?” Wilcox tells him that time moves slowly in their and he’s started to think about his legacy. That maybe his son’s death was the start he needed and that the Khalid air strike was the exact right thing to do. Arthur arches his eyebrows as Wilcox leaves.

Annie now in Zurich keys the combination to get into a building. She knocks on the door of an apartment, 305, then enters calling for Eyal. He wasn’t certain she’d come because she wasn’t answering her phone which she tells him she dumped. Annie then reminds Eyal that he told her to use him as to benefit her.

In the middle of the broadcast, and hopefully on the DVD, Christopher Gorham did a PSA for Operation Proper Exit and Veteran’s Day (which was yesterday but I'm assuming it ran yesterday as well). If someone would post it online, I promise I will figure out how to embed it, because it is an important message that we try to help veterans of our country, especially if they came back different than how they left.

Back from the break Eyal tells Annie that he’s been surveil Khalid’s father and thinks he can help.

Auggie’s commanding officer is giving a moving speech about Operation Proper Exit and Auggie’s partner walks out. Auggie has the “I was there” talk with him. His partner does not believe him and walks out on Auggie as well.

With Eyal, he’s asking a man in a jewelry store to help them as he’s an asset to Mossad. Annie pulls Eyal off and asks if he’s on the outs with Rivka (his boss from a few episodes back) and Eyal tells Annie he quit. She asks where their supposed to get $100,000 Euros. Annie buys a new phone and the first person she calls is Joan to tell her she needs a favor and that she’s with Eyal. Joan takes a big sigh and then asks about the money Annie requests. Annie tell her all about the surveillance she needs it for and the scene cuts to Arthur. His secretary tells him that the congressional hearings on Wilcox have been cancelled as they know enough to exonerate him. Arthur asks for the DNA evidence he need to prove Wilcox’s guilt.

In Zurich, Eyal’s a little uneasy that the money hasn’t arrived yet. He notes Annie’s scar and then says he hopes the scar between them can heal. Eyal walks into the building where he’s observing Khalid’s father and he calls him over.

Auggie bonds with his partner by telling him about the therapy he has to go to because of hitting the guy in the bar with a beer bottle after Parker left the first time. He has the kid’s attention. Auggie then tells him about how he doesn’t think he would have made it if there hadn’t been a kid who told him about his new soccer ball until the medics came.

Khalid’s father tells Eyal that he’s used to his son letting him down before excusing himself to take a phone call. When he returns he tries to figure out how he knows Eyal. Eyal texts Annie under the table. Annie goes up to the real Megan and the both ask what the other is doing there.

Megan thinks Annie wants to arrest her and Annie tells her she doesn’t have the authority to do so. Megan tells Annie that she knows what she wants to hear but she doesn’t because it isn’t true. Annie hugs her tells Megan it’s her life and Megan walks away ... with a bug on her back that Annie placed there. Annie tells Eyal that Megan was the courier and as they leave, finds her dead on the sidewalk.

The commander tells the Army guys to stay within the zone they set aside and Auggie asks about an area just outside which is where the bomb went off. A soccer ball rolls up to them and Auggie asks who’s ball it was in the kids’ native language. One of the boy’s walk up to him and ask for it back. Auggie tells him to told out his hand and gives the child his purple heart. “You think that could have been the kid who spoke to you?” His guide asks. “I think they all could’ve.”

Back with Annie and Eyal, Annie is upset over Megan’s death even though she and everyone else, probably Megan included, saw it coming. A car pulls up outside. “They know we’re here.” Eyal intones.

They devise a plan to climb down to the next balcony and Eyal locks Annie outside the room. He charges at the men and obeys their order for him to stand down. They ask for the girl and Eyal doesn’t give her up.

In Afghanistan, Auggis is teasing his partner they they have to do. The partner has called his wife and the guy tells Auggie about his wife’s crab cakes and invites him over sometime. Auggie tells him to be careful because he can eat a lot of crab cakes. They walk down a flag covered entryway called Hero’s Hwy and get onto their plane.

In Amsterdam, Annie walks solemnly down a street to look over the edge of a bridge for something and then under a bench. She removes a cell phone and it starts to ring. Annie closes her eyes and decides to answer.

Next Tuesday: Auggie finally wants to talk.

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