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Covert Affairs - Lady Stardust - Recap/Review *UPDATED*

Lady Stardust by David Bowie

To start off, here's the video from last week with Christopher Gorham in support of Operation Proper Exit:

And on tonight’s finale of Covert Affairs, we start with the customary recap before leading in to Annie answering the phone (picked up from last week).

Not a big surprise but it’s Khalid on the phone and he sends her a photo of Eyal tied to a chair. He’ll trade Eyal for all the employees at his father’s company that are CIA assets. Annie says she doesn’t know if they have any informants and if they did, if she’d have clearance.

Annie goes to talk to a cute brunette informant and the young woman tells her about the closed internet connection in the Holland consulate. Annie calls Auggie, figuring he’s in Iraq, for his advice. She gets his voicemail, which she figured she would, and then continues her walk along the water. She’s soon quietly ambushed by a pair of men. She fights them off but when the fight gets loud someone comes over to help and she runs away to an American embassy where she gives her sister’s name and says she was attacked. The guard at the gate lets her in.

The nurse at the embassy asks her about blood type. Annie doesn’t respond but then an investigator comes in to ask about her fight and how she arrived in Amsterdam. She says she spent about a week in Greece and then came up to Amsterdam. He says that the Greek passport system is notoriously slow so they can talk about it later after it’s opened and she’s rested.

As Henry Wilcox is released from jail, Arthur goes to talk to him about the real cause of the drone strike which, Arthur has figured out was to take out a target Henry had said was killed six years ago. Arthur questions whether the collateral damage was worth it but Henry is disaffected.

Khalid, meanwhile, offers Eyal some water. Eyal refuses and then talks about their differences, or rather their similarities and how they’re the same including being prisoners. Eyal admits he betrayed Annie more times than she should forgive him for and wouldn’t be surprised if she wanted to kill him. I don’t think Annie would just leave him to die, mainly because it’s the established plot of the episode, but also because she’s a very loyal person. Good for sympathy; bad for spy. Annie breaks into the computer room in the consulate and pulls up a security bypass. Ah, and the attack is brought into light. She copies all the files they have on Khalid’s father and the assets that might be working for them.

When Annie gets back to her room, she finds an Auggie on the bed. He apologizes for sitting in the dark but notes that for him it’s pretty much just sitting. He tells her that she can catch him up later but first “let’s get you out of here.’

Walking along a street, Auggie still doesn’t quite get what Annie is doing. He’s told Annie that Joan sent him to help her but I’m not sure. Auggie is completely against Annie’s plan despite her not having another plan to rescue Eyal. Auggie asks her again is she has feelings for Eyal. She asks him why he keeps asking her that. Auggie changes the subject by telling her they can save Eyal by not breaking protocol.

Arthur walks into Joan’s office to tell her that Henry wants to declassify Jai’s name to put his star on the hall of honor. Jai deserves it but this is not the way he deserves it. Arthur has been put in charge of it and in turn, he appears to put Joan in charge.

Annie goes to talk to the cute brunette again and confirms that she was the one who set up the guys to beat up Annie. Auggie walks into a marijuana bar to meet up with a contact that is happy to help. He takes Auggie to a backroom where he has all the guns. The guys says he was surprised at Auggie’s specialized request but gives him the gun and the bullets. Khalid calls Annie to ask if she has the info. She tells her she does and also says that she is going to dictate the demands. Otherwise, he doesn’t get his info. Auggie and Annie walk over a beautiful bridge as Auggie tells her not to over think the situation by likening it to blowing out a birthday candle; a story his sergeant once told. He tells her to think about one positive thing or one thing she loves. Any guesses that she thinks about Auggie?

Annie walks into a crowd with the info and her cell phone rings. She answers and instructs Auggie to her the bad guy’s placement. He distracts them by asking about “pier 10”. They pass him rudely and Khalid goes to talk to Annie. Annie hands over the info. Khalid says that he chose her because she had something to lose. She tells him what’s in the folder is what Eyal is worth to her alive. He opens the blue folder and it’s empty. I gasped. Anybody else gasp? Anyways, they were surprised to and Khalid gives the kill order. Eyal is shot no less than three times in the torso.

Annie runs from meeting place and the others give chase. One goes to check on Eyal and Eyal take him out with his feet. Standing, he pulls out the bullets and continues down the street. Auggie give Eyal the key to his handcuffs as Eyal reaches the boat. Eyal wonders where Annie is and Auggie replies that she must be en route. Annie hides in a lot of bikes and runs out the other end while they’re distracted. Auggie says that they shove off in two minutes then says he would never leave her. Eyal says he would never leave her either. They hear her yell and start the boat to move away from the pier. She jumps on no problem and the guy following her falls into the drink. Auggie asks if there are tulips (there aren’t) and he says that the best thing about being blind is that he can imagine anything. Annie asks if that includes people and he tells her that he should describe her to herself sometime.

Annie says he didn’t follow his sergeant’s advice and Auggie says he couldn’t because the person he was worried about and the positive thing he was thinking about were the same. A few seconds later, a phone call comes thru on Auggie’s phone for Annie during which Arthur informs her she missed her chance because Khalid is being sent home. Eyal notes that oil trumps everything including justice. Annie has read into the conversation that the CIA wants her to kill Khalid. Auggie is firmly against it and Annie asks why they would have told her where is he or when he leaves. Auggie continues to try to talk her out of it while Eyal is immediately on board. Annie takes a gun from below deck. When Auggie called for her, she doesn’t respond. Eyal goes bleow deck to check on her and notices the gun is missing. Eyal informs her that the gun is missing and Auggie asks aloud what she’s doing. As the barge passes below a bridge, the camera pans back to show Annie standing on it looking as determidly lost as her first day.

Annie stalks thru a forest, the climbs over a fence and land on a guard. She takes him out and then takes his gun. She glides thru the house to Khalid’s room. She stands on his fingers as he reaches for a gun and tells him to release his digits. He tells her she’ll never get away with it. She tells him he has no idea what she wants and that he will do what she tells him to because she is there on behalf on Megan. He tells her that she killed Megan and then Annie tells Khalid that the man in the photo she has killed her. Khalid confirms it to be his father’s body guard and Khalid is in a state of disbelief as Annie tells him that he had his girlfriend killed. Annie tells him that she wants him to think about the day in Paris when he told Megan he loved her on the plane ride home and walks out. Auggie and Eyal pull up outside of Khalid’s house as she exits and shortly after a helicopter departs from the building.

Eyal tells Annie that he’s going to Athens to sit on his boat. Annie doesn’t think he’ll be happy doing that but he tells her that they only get one life and he wants to make the best of it. He asks her to run away with him and she notes the last time that happened, it didn’t end well. Eyal tells her that one day they’ll be sitting somewhere and thinking of nothing but the sunset and that will be a lovely evening. Eyal thanks Annie before they part ways. As they say, when one gorgeous man walks away, another walks up. Annie of course, sits next to Auggie on the plane who asks her if she want to catch a drink when they get back. She agrees and he asks her on a very date sounding date at a nicer place than Allen’s.

At the CIA, Arthur is giving a beautiful ceremony on declassifying Jai’s star. Annie clutches Auggie’s hand and Henry thanks Arthur for the acknowledgement of his son. Arthur says he’s sorry for Henry’s loss and Henry counters that he isn’t. For my money, it sounds like he is though.

Annie returns to her desk and finds a note that unsettles her. As she pulls up to the diner where Jai died, it becomes evident why. Henry Wilcox is waiting for her. He acknowledges that it’s macabre and asks her to take a seat. Annie tells him that everything is the same as it was before and Henry asks why she didn’t kill Khalid. Annie tells him that she gave Khalid the information so that either Khalid kills his father or his father kills him. In return for her good spy work, he gives her a folder which she initially refuses to look at because it would be going against Joan and Arthur. A brief glance and she’s in. Oh Annie, don’t you see you’re being played?

At home, Auggie calls for Annie while rain pours outside. Annie notes that it’s not Friday and Auggie launches into “the talk”.

“There’s a conversation I’ve been hoping to have with you for a while now but the timing was right.”

He puts his hand on Annie’s waist and glides his hand up her side to touch her face and leans in to kiss her so sweetly. Annie pulls back after a few wonderful seconds.

“I’m glad we’re having this talk.”

And then Annie resumes the kiss. YES!!!!! Finally! I’ve only been watching this show since June but it feels like I’ve been waiting forever for this.
After a brief teaser trailer for season four this summer, the Covert Affair’s season is over. Let the season of fan fiction being.

Leave your thoughts below :)

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