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Covert Affairs - 3.14 Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) - Review/Recap

Walking to talk to the contact Megan from last episode, Annie receives a phone call from Auggie. He tells her the photo was definitely doctored and congratulates her on the find. As it caused her to launch a drone strike on a compound erroneously, I don’t think she sees it that way. Megan is a little less than happy that Annie tried to drop a missile on her boyfriend. She shows a little sign of forgiving Annie at the end but it won’t be a path easily tread. Back at the office, Annie can’t see why Israel would want to compromise relations with the US and Auggie questions whether she’s being biased because of Eyal. Annie wants to know what she can do to make it better and Joan tells her to “go home, pack up, and report back to Blue Bonnet by the end of the day.” And not to contact Eyal. Auggie tells Annie, she’ll get thru it which is a statement she doesn’t really appreciate.

Driving to Blue Bonnet, Annie checks her mirrors to make sure no is following her like a good spy and sees someone but she can’t tell whom. She swerves and Eyal calls her cell. As it turns out, he’s following her and wants to talk. She confronts him about the bad intel but he claims everything in that file was solid before telling Annie Khalid wants to kill the person who turned him over. Annie runs right to her. Not a solid move but as she’s missing anyways, it might not matter.

The guard insists that no one got onto that floor who wasn’t supposed to. A knock on the door and they have the security footage from outside. Annie finds the man she’s looking for and the license plate that might help her. Auggie correctly guesses that this is not for her debrief and that he’ll likely regret it. Eyal followed Annie to the hotel. Eyal makes a quip about the CIA protection not being very good and Annie shows him the photo of Khalid’s attack dog.

Arthur isn’t happy with the intel his group has gathered and Joan sensing a tenseness and apparently wanting to make it tenser sends all the minions out for coffee. Arthur says they need to talk but now is not the time. He’s certain that Mossad would not pull such a trick unless they knew it couldn’t fail. Joan then asks Auggie to be in charge of the visual evidence fundraiser. I think you see the flaw in that as well as I do. Luckily it doesn’t have to stand up in a court of law.

Eyal asks Annie how long she’s carried a gun. “Since I’ve felt that I needed one.” They find the car in a barn and knowing full well that she could be dead inside, Annie wants to go in anyways. I think she senses this whole mess is her fault and wants to make it better. Eyal notes what the background music is trying to tell us, “This doesn’t feel right does it?” Annie opens the door to the minivan and a timer starts ticking. Annie and Eyal barely make it out of there before she blows and then they walk away unscathed.

“I’m fine Auggie, surviving car bombs seems to be a special talent of mine.” Annie tells Auggie on the phone. Joan requests to be put on after Annie relays the small amount of intel she has. She tells Joan she’s with Eyal officially making that both simple orders she’s disobeyed today. Auggie doesn’t look happy with Joan after she tells Annie to do whatever she feels like and hanging up. Auggie is trying to explain to Joan that all Annie wants to do is prove herself to Joan. I had seen it more as trying to throw herself into her work but you know whatever. Auggie pulled a number and Annie now knows Cole, the enforcer, has a brother in the area. Back in Langley, they found the info that Mossad lied to them. Eyal and Annie quibble over whose going to do what when they approach the brother. As it turns out, appearing like law enforcement is high on Annie’s list. Luckily Daniel can’t run very fast otherwise they might have had a fight on their hands. Eyal questions the man knowing that Daniel gave Cole a car. Annie tries to implement torture but luckily Eyal is there to stop her before she does something she might regret. Not that torture is off the table mind you because as soon as Daniel insults Annie, which is like a second after she leaves, Eyal puts his gun to the guy’s cheek (not a euphemism). After Daniel spills his info, Eyal pistol whips him which Annie sees. “Let’s go.”

Eyal admits to sleeping with a woman they were trying to use to infiltrate Khalid’s organization and ultimately leading to her death by turning her into an asset. Because of this story, he can sympathize with Annie’s need to find Megan.

At a special conference, Arthur has to explain dropping bombs and asking questions later in terms of Khalid. “You want the facts; I need time to gather them.” The judge calls a two week recess and snottily suggests that Arthur might be ready in that time. You try doing his job then! Joan is talking with Eyal’s Mossad boss who offers up an apology on behalf of Mossad; they have new intel and it turns out the CIA were not the only ones who were duped. He hands Joan an incriminating folder for Eyal. Auggie calls Annie to tell her that Eyal doctored the photos because of a woman in Holland, the story Eyal told Annie. Annie pulls the car over and confronts Eyal about his potential rogue status. Eyal confirms he’s gone rouge. Really? The only Israeli character on this show and they’re going to have him take the fall? And after Jai, are there any people of minority on this show any longer? Not that I want Jai back but I don’t want Eyal to leave. He was a good recurring character. He tells her she trusts to easy but is oddly surprised when she leaves him.

Annie goes to an airfield and orders a pilot off his plane as he’s about to take off. That’s unusual... She walks aboard the plane and has a gun pressed to the back of her head as she makes the rounds. Cole tells Annie that all he gave Megan was a plane ticket so that she could go to him. Eyal walks aboard, saves the day and we get a scene cut. If it were anyone other than Auggie, I might have been upset.

Auggie is ambushed by a friend who wants him to be a part of Operation Proper Exit. The commanding officer who asks him says that he would be a great inspiration to other soldiers because of how well he’s handled readjusting. Annie is having trouble believing Eyal would give her doctored photos and gives him one last chance to save their friendship. Eyal has nothing to say and simply lets her walk away. I hope there’s more to this story because to set Eyal up for three seasons to have it end so anticlimactically would be lame. SO lame. And while at times, this show may be a little predictable, it is typically satisfying to its fans on all fronts except A-squared.

Back in DC, Joan tells Arthur that she’s having trouble getting Eyal’s boss to respond to her as Arthur works late. After a few hours, Arthur seems to have chilled out considerably. It’s almost scary how drastically he appears to have changed. He’s not even made about Joan’s seeing Seth. And when Joan tells him she’s taking a few days off, he fully supports it and hugs her. An uncharacteristically sweet moment for the Campbells is cut short when his secretary walks in to tell him

Eyal tells hi boss that he told Annie he worked alone. “We had no choice; it had to be done.” She tells him. Eyal is still upset over the girl and asks what now. She wants to send him home to work behind a desk and he quits after doing some “foolish, dangerous ... things for Mossad.” Annie saved his life five times even though she only counts three. Maybe Eyal is still a good guy but that’s a matter for another episode. Maybe next episode which Oded Fehr is in. Eyal asks his boss what she’s lost in this grandiose scheme. “You.”

Auggie gives Annie an Army blanket for if she was going back to Blue Bonnet which he tells her she doesn’t. Apparently, Joan decided to let Annie off the hook. “Maybe she discovered she likes you too.” “Too?” Something you want to share Aug? Apparently not because after some slightly awkward small talk about the blanket on Annie’s behalf, he leaves her by her desk. Huh. Khalid and Megan are reunited. He tells her that the CIA wanted to frame them and that the important thing is that they’re together again. He pumps her for information about the woman that approaches her. “Her name is Annie Walker.”

Next week, with two episodes left: Annie is in trouble. Okay and this is news??! I love this show but the promos this second half are very lacking.

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