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Castle - Episode 5.06 - The Final Frontier - Review

First of all, I’m sorry that I’m late but I’ve had a really busy week, so I couldn’t start writing this until Monday night. Also I know that this episode is filled with Firefly references, but since I’ve never seen it, I’m not able to point them out.
The first 2 minutes of the episode had me wondering if I was watching the right show, but when we hear that there’s a dead body on the ship, we know it’s Castle. Did anyone else notice that Stana was the voice of the oracle. Next we see Caste signing autographs for a guy wearing an I heart (literally a heart) Richard Castle t-shirt. I wonder if Kate has one of those. Castle asks the next person in line where he/she wants it and we here Kate say “Could you sign my chest?”. Of course Castle looks up immediately. Castle offers her a private signing but Kate tells him to get his mind out of the gutter and that the reason that she’s there is because there’s been a murder at Super Nova Con. As they’re walking to the crime scene, Castle tells her about the times he and Alexis went there, as princess Leia en Darth Vader (not surprised at all). Kate tells him the murder was on a space ship, and Castle starts to guess, naming shows I’ve never even heard of, and is disappointed when it turns out to be Nebula 9. Castle starts to diss the show and Kate is disappointed that he’s not a fan, since she clearly is. But even Castle has to admit that it’s a cool ship, while Kate is making the same face that I would make if I were ever allowed on the Castle set. Esposito joins them and tells them that the victim is Anabelle Collins, the person who organized the whole Nebula 9 Fan Experience Re-enactment thing. Esposito quickly agrees with Castle on the TV-show thing and when Espo asks Beckett what she thinks she gives him a mean look and he drops it. Poor Kate, nobody likes her show. I can relate. No Lanie this episode, instead we get Perlmutter who still does not like Castle. Gotta say that I love sassy Perlmutter. While Perlmutter and Castle argue about the wound, Perlmutter tells Beckett that he has no clue what the murder weapon is. Ryan joins them and says that he hasn’t been able to find any witnesses. Beckett says that they can leave a message on the Nebula 9 fansite, but before Beckett can give an explanation as to how she knows about the fansite, Gabriel Winters aka Captain Max walks onto the crime scene but Ryan says he’s not ready to give his statement yet because he needs a minute to muse upon the fragile nature of human life. But a very eager Beckett says that his minute is up. Captain Max says he’s devastated (something I do not believe at all) and that the last time he saw Anabelle was at the end of the fan experience. He tells them that Anabelle’s friends Audrey and Davis run the Nebula 9 booth.
When they go to talk to them Audrey tells them that Anabelle had looked upset and that she had said that someone she trusted had betrayed her. Davis then tells them about the death threats that Anabelle had gotten from some fans. While Castle is reading the emails, Kate asks if he really believes it was some crazy fan. Castle then says that if you’re a fan of Nebula 9 you’re already pretty crazy, which once again pisses off Kate. Just when they’re about to leave for the morgue, someone yells out Kate’s name and then K-Becks (love Castle’s face). Apparently Henry knows Kate from Stanford. He tells Castle, much to Kate’s dismay, that she was a Nebula 9 mega-fan and even has the picture with him to prove it. Kate then uses her badge to get the picture from him (probably so that she can burn it). At the morgue Castle says he’ll forgive her terrible taste if she tries on her old Nebula 9 costume for him. She says “In your dreams.” causing Castle to say “Look at my life, my dreams come true.” The man has a point. Perlmutter is once again not happy to see Castle, calling him non-detective Castle. He tells them that the cause of death was a burn caused by a high intensity laser beam, which Perlmutter has a hard time admitting since that means that Castle is right.
While Castle and Beckett discuss how she could have been killed by a laser, Castle says that someone probably made a portable hand gun version. Castle says they should go back to the emails of the crazy fans, assuring Kate that he’s not talking about her, and Kate reveals that he has a life sized Boba Fett in his bathroom.  Castle suggests that maybe one of the crazy fans killed her with the same weapon used on Nebula 9. But Kate tells him that all of them have alibis.
Back at Super Nova Con Ryan and Esposito are looking for witnesses (or at least trying to) and, after interviewing a lot of weirdly dressed people, they find out that Anabelle took Stephanie Fry, who played Lt. Chloe (Kate’s hero) in Nebula 9, into the fan experience. When Castle and Beckett go talk to her Stephanie tells them that Anabelle had asked her to be a part of the fan experience. She says that she doesn’t want Nebula 9 to harm her image. Kate is clearly not okay with that statement. Stephanie also tells them that Anabelle was having problems with captain Max. Ryan and Espo then tell them about the problems between them and that Anabelle wanted to fire him. Just as they hang up Castle lets out a way to high shriek when he sees Alexis there, dressed in … well not a lot. Kate manages to drag him away before he makes an even bigger scene than he already has. They then go to interrupt the latest fan experience, something captain Max isn’t happy with. When they asks him, again, for his alibi he refuses to say where he was. They then asks him to hand over his weapon, which he again refuses, prompting Castle to just grab it from him and fire it at a computer (not really sure why he had to fire it though). Back at the precinct Espo tells them that the laser blaster that Gabriel had on him was the murder weapon. Castle then goes back to the topic of Alexis and her costume. Kate points out that the costume Alexis was wearing is not so different from the one he wants her to wear, which just confuses Castle.
When they question Gabriel, he finally tells them that he was at the doctor at the time of the murder for reasons I really don’t want to discuss. He also tells them that Anabelle had a boyfriend. Ryan and Esposito pay a visit to what Ryan calls “the Halloween from hell” and find out that Anabelle’s date was wearing a Kriever costume (I’m just assuming this is how it’s spelled) and that he was wearing a VIP pass. At the same time Castle and Beckett are looking for the guy who made the laser blaster and after being fake-threatened by fake-lasers (and Castle almost pees himself) they find Benjamin Donnely who tells them that he only sold one and that when you fire it, you should wear the proper protection, which Castle was not wearing. Back at the precinct Castle starts to freak out wondering what the side effects of firing the laser blaster are. When he brings up that this might have made him infertile, Kate asks if he wants more kids and Castle says that he’d like the option. I’m I the only one who would have liked to see Kate freak out more about this? Back at his loft, Castle find Alexis. They both decide to not talk about what happened at Super Nova Con. Probably for the best. The next morning Beckett and Esposito question Simon, the guy in the Kriever mask. He tells them that he bought that laser gun for Anabelle as a gift. He says that Anabelle wasn’t crying because of something that he did, but because some guy tried to kiss her. That guy turns out to be Davis. When Beckett and Espo are about to leave to pick up Davis, they run into Castle who thinks he’s going bald. He asks her if she would still be attracted to him if he woke up bald the next morning. Kate doesn’t answer him, making Castle believe that she would in fact no longer be attracted to him.
Later they’re questioning Davis who tells them that he’s always been in love with Anabelle and that it killed him to see her with Simon. After kissing him she told him that he’d ruined everything and that that would be their last Con. He also tells them that Anabelle was going to sell her rights to Nebula 9 and that now that she’s dead, those rights go to Audrey. They find out that Audrey sold the rights the day after Anabelle died for more than 2 million dollars and when they asks her where she was the night that Anabelle was killed, Audrey refuses to answer them. When Castle and Beckett discuss the case on the space ship Castle offers to make her sexy fantasies about the space ship come true but he quickly changes his mind when she points out that it’s still a crime scene. She then explains why she loved the show, saying that it was about leaving home for the first time and finding your own identity. Castle then accidently hurts himself and sees that there are strange marks on his hands when he holds it over one of the lights. He asks what that means and Kate says that he just solved the case. They then round up all the suspects at the ship and make them put their hands over the light to see which one fired the laser blaster. Stephanie is also there for a re-enactment in which Stephanie perfectly shows us what over-acting means. Simon, Audrey and Davis all come out clean but when it’s Gabriel’s turn, his hands show marks. But he explains that it’s because he recently purchased his own laser blaster, he is after all captain Max. Stephanie then tries to sneak away but Kate notices  and as an escape plan Stephanie holds the laser blaster to Gabriel’s head. Stephanie confesses and Gabriel does some kind of stunt move to get the gun from her. Kate then goes into fan mode and Gabriel tells her that he had the gun on stun, so it couldn’t really hurt him. I knew he was too calm.
Back at the precinct Castle says his hands will be fine in a few days. He then asks if she’s okay since she had to arrest her idol, but Kate tells him that Stephanie was never her idol, Lt. Chloe was. Kate then finally agrees to wear the costume for him but only if he watches a Nebula 9 marathon with her and promises not to make fun of it. He agrees and she says she’ll see him at his place, making Castle run home as fast as he can. Back at his place, Castle is anxiously waiting on the bed. She then slowly comes out, and we see Castle get the biggest smile on his face. That is until he sees the Kriever mask, falls off the bed and hides in the closet. Pretty sure that’s going to give him nightmares for at least a week.
I promise I’ll start the next one as soon as I can. Should be up by the end of the weekend.

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