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Castle - Episode 5.05 - Probable Cause - Review

Oh this episode, it broke my heart into a million pieces. And then put it back together, and then broke it again. A big bravo to the writers, they did an amazing job. It’s been 2 weeks since my last review so it’s possible that I’m a little off my game.
We start the episode with a woman finding her roommate, named Tessa, murdered in probably the creepiest way we’ve ever seen on this show. We switch to Castle’s loft where Castle is ready to defend himself with a fencing sword only to find out it’s Alexis, who’s there to do laundry and raid his fridge. Castle mentions he’s been writing all weekend and invites Alexis to play Guitar Hero, but she says she doesn’t have time because she has to go to a study group. Later at the crime scene, Castle complains to Kate that he wishes Alexis had come home for more than just laundry and supplies. She asks if he got any writing done and he says he managed to finish 2 chapters but that he’ll change the crime scene because it’s boring. Esposito says that this crime scene might inspire him. Castle asks “Who puts a body on a ceiling?”, but what I want to know is how do you even get a body on the ceiling? Does the killer have super strength or something? Anyway, we find out that Tessa Horton was strangled and the symbol on her forehead peaks Castle’s interest. Ryan tells them that there were no fingerprints in the apartment, meaning that the killer didn’t mind taking his time. There was also no sign of a struggle so that means that Tessa knew the killer.
Back at the precinct Castle and Beckett interview the roommate. She tells them that Tessa had begun seeing a guy, describing him as rich, handsome and generous. She says that’s all she knows because Tessa acted like it was a big secret, making her think that he might be married. Beckett tells Ryan to check Tessa’s phone records and email. Castle then tells Beckett that judging by the way the body was placed and the time it took, the killer probably liked it. In the morgue, Lanie tells them that cause of death was strangulation and that it was probably done with a rope or a scarf. Sound familiar to anyone? Lanie also tells them that the body was hung from the ceiling post mortem, that the victim was drugged and that the killer was wearing gloves. In other words whoever killed her knew exactly what they were doing.
Castle and Beckett go over the facts, while Castle gives her her coffee in the most adorable way, and Castle says that it has all the hallmarks of a serial killer. Ryan tells them that the FBI had no luck with the symbol and that the victim spent a lot of time on the phone to a blocked number. He also tells them that the victim’s hard drive had been erased. Beckett says that the killer may have left some fingerprints on the jewelry he had given to Tessa. Castle says he never would have thought about that. Kate says that means she’ll have to give him a reminder when her birthday’s coming up. Okay, now I  want an episode where they celebrate her birthday. Esposito interrupts the adorable convo and asks Beckett if he can speak to her in private. He tells her that they found fingerprints on the doorknob of Tessa’s apartment and that they matched Castle’s. She says he probably just touched it on his way into the crime scene, but Espo tells her that CSU collected the prints before Castle and Beckett arrived.
While Beckett calmly asks him if he touched the doorknob on his way in, Esposito starts to question him like he’s a suspect. Beckett says CSU probably just got the timeframe wrong. Ryan then calls to tell them that he couldn’t find any jewelry and by looking at the empty spaces in her jewelry box, the killer probably took back what he gave her. But the neighbor did see someone go to the apartment on Friday night. Just as Ryan hangs up, one of the police officers find a very expensive looking earring. Back at the precinct Esposito shows them the sketch of the man that the neighbor saw and tells them that the roommate identified him as Tessa’s boss, who just happens to be handsome, rich, married and has a juvie record. When they question him, he lies about when he last saw the victim. When they call him out on it, he goes with the o so popular “I’d like to speak to my lawyer now”. Sure, that doesn’t make you look guilty at all. While Castle is convinced that this guy did it, Beckett has doubts. She says that it’s hard to believe that someone who was so meticulous when he killed Tessa, would blush and stutter when being questioned and not have an alibi ready. Later, when Castle has already gone home, Beckett and Esposito discuss the fact that they don’t have enough on Kurtsman to build a case. Ryan shows up with the earring and says that it’s custom made and that if they check the security cameras of the store where is was made/purchased they’ll be able to find out who bought it. But when they check the footage they find out that the person who bought the earrings is Castle. (or someone who looks a lot like him) Beckett insist that there’s an explanation for this and that it’s someone who looks like Castle. But Espo says that it’s not a coincidence that they have the footage of him buying the earrings and that they found his fingerprints at the crime scene. Beckett accuses him of thinking that Castle a killer. And Ryan breaks the two up (before Beckett gets really mad) and says that if it were anyone else, they’d look into it. Kate finally agrees but says that they do it quietly and that Castle can’t find out about it. After Beckett leaves Ryan tells Esposito that Castle and Beckett are together. He’s shocked (o come on, it’s not that surprising) and asks why they didn’t tell them. Ryan says it’s probably so that Gates won’t find out and kick Castle out. They both agree that Castle didn’t do this, but then Ryan finds something in Castle’s financials. Something that we don’t get to see.
Next thing we see is everyone at Castle’s loft with a search warrant. Kate pulls him aside and tells him about the security footage they found and the fact that the same amount of money as the price of the earrings was withdrawn from Castle’s bank account. Castle says that the guy in the picture isn’t him and that he has nothing to do with this. She tells him that she needs an explanation for all of this, when Ryan calls her over to the study. Castle is not allowed to go with her and is forced to watch as Kate and the boys find something in his study. Esposito then comes over to arrest Castle. At this point my heart has been shattered into a million pieces. Back at the precinct the boys show Gates that they find a bag with wires and hooks at Castle’s place. But luckily even Gates has trouble believing that Castle would do something like this. But she still tells them to do their job and that they will go wherever the evidence leads them. Beckett is about to tell Ryan and Esposito about her and Castle when Espo tells her that they already know. When she asks how they know, Esposito says “It’s us”, conveniently forgetting to mention that he didn’t find out until Ryan told him. When Ryan asks if she was with him the night of the murder, she says that she was supposed to be because Martha was out of town, but that Castle had said that he needed time to write. Later Beckett is forced to watch from the observation room as Gates questions Castle. He keeps saying that he didn’t have anything to do with this. Beckett is then called away when Martha and Alexis arrive. When Castle asks about Kurtsman, Gates says he alibied out and that he was lured there by a text message. Castle then asks why he lied about it and Gates says it’s because he spend the rest of the night with a “paid companion”. When Gates then asks Castle about his alibi, he says he was home alone, writing. He then says he’d like to talk to his lawyer. When Beckett asks Martha and Alexis if anyone else had access to the loft, Alexis says that even with a key the alarm would still go off.
Kate then goes to see Castle, who is now in lock-up. She promises that she’ll find whoever is behind this. (someone call an ambulance, I’m dying over here) She then says that he has some visitors. Kate leaves as Martha and Alexis come in and Esposito is waiting outside. He and Ryan tell her that parts of Castle’s computer had also been erased, just like with Tessa’s. But they managed to find a file that had been deleted, that described the perfect murder which is identical to the murder they’re investigating. They also found dozens of emails between Castle and the victim. They then tell her that Castle and the victim were having an affair. Next we see Kate and Lanie talking. Am I the only one who wishes we’d seen how Lanie found out. Did Kate tell her? Did Espo tell her? Did she already know? Anyway, a tearful Kate tells Lanie about the emails which give Castle motive. She says that when she confronted Castle he said that the emails were faked and that he’s being framed. She says she believes him. Back at the precinct Castle is visited by Jerry Tyson, aka 3XK. (I knew it) He says that no one can see or hear Castle, since he probably disabled the cameras, and says that he’s doing this for revenge. Whey Tyson says that no one will believe Castle, Castle says that Beckett will, but Tyson says that even if she does, she’ll never be able to save him in time. Because when the DA files charges, they’ll send him to central booking and he has people there waiting to kill Castle.
When Castle tells Beckett what happened the next day, she says that there was no evidence of Tyson ever being there. He says he knows it sounds like a crazy story from a desperate man. Beckett agrees but says that it’s the first time that this story has made sense. She also says that she never stopped believing him. They then hold hands (or fingers) through the bars. Beckett later tells Gates the whole story and, even though she still has some doubts, Gates helps them to try and delay Castle’s transfer to central booking. Unfortunately the DA is being a ..... pain in the ass and refuses to cooperate. Esposito and Ryan say that even with protective custody, Castle won’t be safe in “the tombs” (whatever that means). Beckett tells them to look for any kind of bugs or cameras in Castle’s loft and any proof of a boyfriend in Tessa’s office. Later Esposito comes to tell her that they didn’t find anything in Castle’s loft. Kate realizes that they probably won’t be able to save him in time, so she asks Espo how secure holding is. This reminds me of when back in 3x05 Martha said that breaking the person you love out of prison is true love, and then later Kate said she’d get Castle out if he was ever in prison. Espo says she’s crazy for even thinking that he loves him too but there’s nothing they can do. Uh, not the same thing, Epso. That’s when the transfer guys arrive. Back in holding, Kate has to cuff Castle. He says that this is so much less fun than the other night at her place (I smell a fanfic coming) and reminds her of the first time she handcuffed him, back in 1x01 when she still hated his guts. He says “What I wouldn’t give to be there now.” (Stop it, you’re killing me.) She once again promises that she’ll get him out, but he says that whatever happens is ok. After handing him over to the police-transfer guys, Espo says he’s sorry, but she says she doesn’t need sorry, what she needs is to find Tyson and put him in the ground. Then two other police-transfer guys show up making Beckett realize that they handed Castle over to fake police-transfer guys.
Gates says Castle never arrived at central booking and that the DA is calling it a prisoner-escape. Espo gets mad and starts to rant while Kate gets an idea. When Esposito turns back around, she’s gone. Next we see Kate in some old looking building which turns out to be the New York public library. There she finds Castle who thinks he’s so incognito with his hat. We then get a heartwarming hug. Castle says “thank god you understood my message.” Gotta say, smart thinking Kate. I hadn’t figured it out, I thought Tyson had him. When she asks him how he escaped he says that someone owed him a favor. (Castle really does know some shady people) Castle shows her a casting note in Broadway Casting where someone was looking for look-a-likes of famous authors including Richard Castle. At the casting bureau Kate and a very not-subtle Castle get the address of the Castle-look-a-like and they find him working in a restaurant. I have to agree with Castle, except when seen from the back, I do not see the resemblance. Fake-Castle confirms that it’s him on the security footage and says it was for a reality show. He also recognizes Tyson as the “producer” of the fake reality show. Castle asks if he still has the contact info. I’m guessing he said yes because the next thing we see is Castle and Beckett contacting Espo to check the address and the phone number they got from fake-Castle. Esposito, who was clearly not okay with Castle being with Beckett, says that both the address and the phone number are a dead end. They manage to link the check that fake-Castle got back to the insurance company that Tessa worked for. While Ryan is checking Tessa’s calendar, an old lady gives Castle a weird look. Doesn’t mean anything, could just be because he’s wearing a hat inside. Ryan finds an address in Tessa’s planner, and Castle says they have to go because someone saw the new. I still think it’s because of the hat. At the address they are joined by Ryan and Esposito and they find all the stuff that Tyson used to set Castle up, including very creepy surveillance photos.
Later they are joined by a whole lot of cops and Gates. They explain everything, including the fact that Tyson made a latex model of Castle’s hand. (how the hell did he do that) Gates tells Castle that he’s off the hook and that the DA has dropped all the charges. Espo says that there’s no sign of Tyson and Gates says that they’ll put the building back under surveillance in case he comes back. Castle asks what they do if he doesn’t come back and Gates says that every cop in the city is looking for him so he won’t get far. So the last time that he escaped for over a year, not every cop was looking for him?? When Castle and Beckett are on their way home or back to the precinct, who knows, they have to stop because the bridge is being lifted for a boat. Don’t you just hate it when that happens. Kate asks if he’s ok and he says that finding all of Tyson’s stuff seems lucky, like it was too easy. Their conversation is cut short when they are hit by another car, someone who clearly didn’t want to wait for the boat to cross. No matter how many times I re-watch that scene I still jump every time. O look it’s Tyson, with a gun, and he’s shooting at them. But Kate fires back, and walks over to him with a blank stare, and keeps shooting until she thinks he’s dead. But he’s not and he hits her with the car door, kicks her gun away, and points his gun at her. He calls for Castle, saying he wants him to see it when he kills her. Is Kate that hurt that she can’t fight back? But when he walks over to their car, Castle is no longer there. He hears Castle say “Over here” and when he turns around Castle starts firing until Tyson falls back into the river.
The next morning divers are looking for Tyson’s body, but so far no luck. Castle is convinced that Tyson is still alive. I agree, I mean Kate shot him like 5 times and he wasn’t dead then so he must have been wearing a vest or something. So then the vest would have also caught Castle’s bullets. Castle says this was all a set-up so he could disappear and start killing somewhere else. But Kate doesn’t believe it and says “It’s over” which makes Castle say “For now”. I guess we’ll be seeing Jerry again, maybe next season since he keeps popping up once per season. Wow this review turned out way longer than I thought it would. Yet everytime I say to myself “this one will be shorter”. I guess not. Next week is the convention episode and judging by the sneak peeks, it will be fun. YAY, can’t wait. See you guys then, or read you guys then. You get what I mean.

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