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American Horror Story - Episode 2.04 - I Am Anne Frank Part 1 - Ryan Murphy interview

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: American Horror Story: Asylum ratings for season 2 are way up compared to season 1. What do you think the reason is for that? The period aspect? The Emmys? DVDs?

RYAN MURPHY: I think it’s all those things. I think it was a strange show when it started last year. Nobody really knew what to do with it. I think once people figured out the trick that every year it’s a different story, I think that has helped. And if you look at the numbers, it’s a really interesting phenomenon in that it has a very high female number. It’s almost like a horror show for women in many regards.

This two-part episode (the second half airs on Nov. 14) really feels like everything really came together in terms of this season and plot and tone. Do you agree?

Yes I do agree, and we designed it that way. American Horror Story is always about a slow rollout of the season of reveals. The pace of these two is a little slower. The scenes are longer and I think more thoughtful than the pace of the first three. These are two of my favorite episodes in the history of the show.

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