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Fringe Friday - Episode 5.03 - The Recordist

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So, let's start things off with something that slightly upset me.
I was having dinner with the family on Taco Tuesday, and someone mentioned that they had caught up to and watched 5.01 of Fringe. I asked them what they thought (remembering the torture scenes, the final scene with the mix CD in the car...and Olivia's reunion with Henrietta, and was excited to hear someone's thoughts) and they flat out just said "It was cheesy...It's always been cheesy, but this was cheesy..."

I legitimately gaped at them for a moment and then immediately changed the subject. There have always been funny, odd and yes even cheesy things here and there, but I always thought the acting, the writing, and even the production values were outstanding...

So, Fringe Fans, today's impromptu "topic" is what do other people that you know think about Fringe? Do they find it silly? Are they just confused by it or turned off by the serialized nature of the show? Do people enjoy it quite a lot? How do you feel about sharing your love of Fringe "IRL" (in real life)?


Alright, onto the small recap of 5.02 - "In Absentia"... This was essentially the episode where we finally shine the light on Etta and see what she is like in the wake of the Observer takeover. And much to the dismay of both Peter and Olivia, what was saw was a hardened and steely Etta who literally tortured the life away from a poor man who was rather gifted at crafting sob stories. (Apparently, according to Etta, that's something they are instructed to do...bleak times people!)

This loyalist was a very important part of the episode, and through him we saw what effect Olivia Dunham has on people...In the end all it took was a look into her pensive gaze for this beaten, worn, tortured, and grief-stricken loyalist to flip sides... Her gaze also affected Etta as well... It seems people that have a shred of humanity in them that are able to see the pain in anyone, even an "enemy" are just not very common these days... It's also a good time to point out that I've always found Anna Torv's Olivia to be completely entrancing when they have those mournful looks she's tossed about the entire series... Such a profound thing to anchor a plot device on! "The beguiling Olivia Dunham beguiles" as usual...

And then we have the reveal...It looks as though we're not going to be seeing much of Simon Foster this season, folks. That scene was just revolting in such a sudden way, Etta's response was understandable to say the least... We continue to get peeks behind the curtain at Observers HQ and it's becoming quite apparent that these grisly acts are just the tip of the iceberg...


They continue to set up this season fairly well, in my opinion. The character moments are my favorite parts, but I think it's firing on all cylinders at this point! What do you think?

Who's ready to get this Fringe Friday underway? Time to break out the licorice and slush-os!

PLUS: check out the UPDATED "FRINGE FRIDAY" Playlist!

*5 new tracks added to the playlist: "Hooray for Love" - Sarah Jaffe, "Sail" - AWOLNATION, ""New World" - Devotchka, "Home is a Fire" - Deathcab for Cutie, "We Are the People" - Empire of The World

I've crafted a spotify playlist for all you FRINGE fans out there who will be pining away for the new episode all day! From selected tracks related to promoting FRINGE to the score of FRINGE itself, some hand-picked tracks that keep with the mood, these tracks have been loaded into this playlist for your entertainment! So, while you're at work, keep your excitement level at a peak with these tracks!

(Updated October 11-12, 2012)

(FEATURING:  Devotchka, Violet Sedan Chair, Rolling Stones, Sarah Jaffe, Pearl Jam, and many more!)

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