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Supernatural - 8.04 Bitten - Recap/Review

Warning: I did not like this week's episode. Usually I subscribe to a strict if I have don't have anything nice to write, I don't write anything about a series. Hence why this season of The Big Bang Theory while watched has been silent on the review/recap front. The difference tonight is that I happen to love Supernatural. It's been a firm favorite of mine since I started watching way back at the season two opener In My Time of Dying but this week something has to be done. maybe it will convince the writers to stop with the"Ghostchaser"s and "Season Seven, Time for a Wedding"s.Maybe it won't but tonight I declare this post a haven for all those who were less than awed by tonight's episode and for all those severly tired of the "found footage" movement.Without further ado...

Supernatural this week opens to a room covered in blood. Sam and Dean walk in the front door to investigate. Dean takes the rubbish music off the iPod dock, “Well whatever happened, looks like we missed it.” Then he finds a laptop with a red sticky note on it; “Play Me.”

“This never should have ended this way...” The footage is shown and it’s a found footage video taken by a couple of college guys. One of the girls they were spying on comes over with her own camera and guy 1 apologizes for his “dick move”. Luckily for him she has a thing for guys with cool cameras. They hook up and the next guy the girl talks to guy 2. After some more of that, they cut to a lecture on Lord of the Flies. Found footage and Lord of the Flies? Who raided my least favorite collection for tonight’s episode? The dicks with the camera make fun of Sam and Dean as they pull up in the Impala calling them Starsky and Hutch and then Rizzoli and Isles. Later after more found footage-y things they spy on Dean and Sam some more with guy 1 saying he’s feeling a workplace romance between the duo.

Running in the forest later with night vision settings Guy 1 is attacked by what sounds like a werewolf. The bite on Guy 1 has completely disappeared later that night. Being dumb college kids, the first thing Guy 1 does with his new found strength is lift his girlfriend above his head and then again but with only one hand. Guy 2 is determined to get Guy 1’s origin story on camera. Guy 2 correctly realizes that he’s Piggy from Lord of the Flies and also realizes that he doesn’t want to be Piggy. I wonder why... Sam and Dean come by with the usual interrogation questions and Guy 2 pretends to be a dumbass kid. Outside but still filmed, Sam thinks that it might be another Mayan god. Which of course since the Terrible Trio overheard this now think Guy 1 is going to be a “Golden God”. Guy 1 repeats this to himself and then the transformation begins. Yep, called it teenage werewolf. He creepily stroke the face of his girlfriend before going to the kitchen for some beer and junk food. He soon turns stir crazy and we’re introduced to more kids who think they’re going to be monster hunters not realizing what they’re up against.

The Trio go over the footage and... get nowhere. Guy 1 ate one of the dude’s hearts from last night. He cries over not knowing who he is anymore and the Girl tells him he’s hers. Our Dynamic Duo find a previous set of killings and mention this is not a werewolf. Wrong time of the month apparently. The Guys are starting to creep each other out and why are Brian’s always go with computers? Sam and Dean think it is a werewolf but one four generations removed from the Alpha. Guy 2 goes to confront Lord of the Flies Professor about being a werewolf. How is this only half way in?!? I take it back, I’d rather listen to Sam threatening to quit.

The Professor plays that he doesn’t know what Guy 2 is talking about by after he attacks the Prof he says that once you taste a human heart you never go back and last week he fell off the wagon. So Guy 2 gets his wish and Guy 1 asks what’s wrong with him for doing it. Guy 2 turns into a stereotypical meek-guy-gone-bad as Guy 1 tells him someone saw the camera and will trace it back to him. He doesn’t care. Guy 1 is tragically killed in a case of betrayal with the Girl yelling his name. (His real name not just Guy 1)

Forty-three minutes and I figured out how to add a photo to Disqus. Alright I probably could have committed a little more to the recap but this episode is the equivalent of last season’s Becky episode (Season Seven, Time For a Wedding. Fun title; dull episode). Now Guy 2 wants to turn the girl and she’s whimpering and screaming louder than everyone in the Scream films. Yikes. The Girl tells the camera that she didn’t finish Guy 2’s movie to Justify either’s actions (sorry capitalization is a force of habit) but to explain it. She says she doesn’t really understand what happened. She tells the camera that she intends to never hurt anyone and that she didn’t chose it. Finally the film ends. Sam and Dean take a moment to process it before the ever present commercials break it.

And now fifty-four minutes into the broadcast, they run the credits. Sam wants to go after the Girl (Kate) but Dean wants to give her the benefit of the doubt. Sam plugs the iPod back in and we see Kate getting off of a truck somewhere and walking along the railroad tracks into her new life.

Next week: We get a plot worthy of the show with Sam and Dean coming to a disagreement over vampire Benny. (Still not capitalized.)