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Pretty Little Liars - Pretty Dirty Secrets Recap!

With only 6 days left until Pretty Little Liars returns for its Halloween special episode, the last of 8 webisodes to air during the hiatus from 3.12 to 3.13 aired last night. So taking a look at all eight episodes, let's try and see if we can piece together some clues, make some observations and hopefully find ourselves one step closer to understanding what lies ahead for us and the Liars themselves!

Episode 1 - A ReservAtion: We get a look inside the Rosewood Halloween Spooktacular Store which is filled with masks, one in particular which stands out happens to be the baby face mask which was prominent in last season's Halloween special. Lucas and Noel were seen with the masks and so were several other people (All part of the 'A' team?). It looks like the mask makes an appearance again as we have seen in the promo's, the person wearing this is the one attacking Spencer. The phone rings until it goes to voicemail and we hear the distorted voice of 'A' who is calling to check on the costume which is under the name... beep! The number of voice-mails changes from 0 to 1. We don't get to hear the name obviously but we're pretty certain that 'A' is going to be there on the Ghost Train. It could be anyone on the list of 'A' suspects, a girl using a voice scrambler to make it sound like a man talking even. (The title refers to the reservation of A's costume).

Episode 2 - A Reunion: This episode was much better than the first one as we get to see a few familiar faces and a new one as well! It opens up in the Halloween Store with Jason talking on the phone arguing with somebody, most likely about the cheque of $50,000 he gave to this same person about information regarding Alison's body. We see that Jason is then interrupted by CeCe hidden behind a mask; the two of them talk and we learn that CeCe broke up with Jason the day after Ali went missing but she's keeping the reasons to herself which is a bit suspicious. Jason claims that until Ali met CeCe she was just a kid who played childish games but things changed after that and he believes CeCe was the reason Ali's games went to the next level. Retaliating to his claims, CeCe tells Jason she knew what he and his friends were up to, a reference to the N.A.T club perhaps? As Jason is leaving the store, CeCe brings up his alcoholic past as a taunt and we see that Shana, the girl who works there, has overheard the conversation! (The title refers to Jason and CeCe's reunion)

Episode 3 - A VoicemAil: We see the inside of the Reynolds' house as someone walks in and drops the keys on the table and then plays the messages left on the answering machine. The first is from a pharmacy calling for Mrs. Reynolds about her prescription but the message is deleted before we can hear what the prescription is for, the second is from Garrett who tells his mother that their tickets have been booked and that she should be packed by the 1st (of November), the third message is from the Rosewood dry cleaners and when that message is deleted we see a woman's hand so most likely it is Garrett's mom in the house, or someone else. The last message is of someone breathing hard into the phone... 'A'? (The title refers to the fourth voicemail left behind)

Episode 4 - I'm A Free MAn: We're back to the Halloween Store again and the first thing that catches our attention is the Marilyn Monroe costume on a mannequin which is Hanna's choice for her Halloween outfit. Behind the mannequin, we see Noel looking at costumes before noticing Shana. He goes up to her and they start flirting until Noel glances at the fitting room and Shana follows his gaze, asking if he's here with someone but he vaguely answers 'Maybe, maybe not.' As they continue talking, Noel mentions that he usually hosts the Halloween parties, but this year he's going for something bigger and that's when Shana realizes that he's the infamous Noel Kahn, a friend of Shana's has told her about him. (Shana moved from New York to Rosewood, which friend is she referring to? Melissa?). 

We see that Garrett has arrived and comes over to talk to Noel. He asks about Jenna and tells Noel about prank calls his mother has been receiving and wants it to stop. Just then someone dressed in a Queen of Hearts costume and a full face mask steps out of the fitting room and appears to be listening to Noel and Garrett talk about Jenna. As Garrett leaves the store, without noticing this mysterious person, Shana calls someone on her phone and says, "You'll never guess what just went down in here." Could the Queen of Hearts be Jenna herself? We know that this person is going to be on the Ghost Train too. If Shana didn't call Melissa then maybe she called Jenna and the Queen of Hearts is someone else. (Title refers to Garrett who is now free from police custody)

Episode 5 - TrAde Off: Shana is reading a comic book when Lucas enters the store and walks over to her after noticing what she's reading; the two of them talk about comics and Comic Con. In the background we notice another mannequin with the Great Gatsby costume Aria chooses as her Halloween outfit. Walking around the store, Lucas suddenly gets a call from someone and waits for a moment before answering and saying that he has his ticket, presumably for the Ghost Train and we see a person wearing the baby face zombie mask standing behind and listening before walking up to Lucas and whispering something in his ear. The zombie person goes inside the fitting room and Lucas follows behind. He asks for something and gets a piece of paper which he looks at before handing over an envelope to the masked person with the warning to use an envelope the next time. As he leaves, Lucas notices Shana was nearby and she mutters, "Never a dull moment" under her breath suggesting that she either heard or saw part of the exchange between Lucas and the masked person. (Title refers to the trade between Lucas and the baby face zombie masked person)

Episode 6 - AssociAtion: Shana is at the counter of the Halloween Store texting someone for a few moments before leaving her phone and walking away. We then get a look at the messages on her phone, some from her family and friends, one from a blocked ID. Next we see her call list which shows 4 Blocked ID's, one from New York, NY and one from Paige (McCullers?). 2 of the Blocked ID's, Paige and Katie's names are in red, missed calls, while the others are in black. The next picture is of her gallery which consist of 10 photo's, most of them looking like Aria's and Hanna's costumes, we even get a close up of the green necklace that is part of Aria's outfit (She is seen wearing the necklace in the sneak peeks) and then a look at the Halloween invitation to the Ghost Train followed by a picture of the gold mirror in which we see the reflections of some masks, the baby face zombie mask being visible in the center and some more close ups of the girls' costumes until we finally see a playlist of songs which I believe will be featured in the episode. Just then Shana's phone rings, an incoming call from the Blocked ID. (Title refers to associating the pictures and other info from Shana's phone to episode 3.13)

Episode 7 - CAll Security: We see Shana packing her bag and grabbing her jacket, ready to leave the store when she gets a phone call from someone. She tells the caller that 'they' will come to the store before Halloween and once she meets them... Shana is interrupted mid-sentence and then replies saying that she was 'her' friend too. Let's assume that when she mentions 'they' Shana is talking about Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily which would mean that the 'her' she refers to as a friend was Alison maybe?

When Shana has left the store and the lights are switched off, someone in a hood - 'A'(?) walks out of the costume racks where he/she was hiding and picks up one of the police badges lying on the counter and admires a blonde wig just as the security guard enters with his flashlight. 'A' is forced to hide once again. As the guard walks around, 'A' removes a knife but the guard gets a message and immediately leaves. (Did the message tell him to leave the store asap?) 'A' comes out and goes behind the counter to the computer where logging in doesn't seem to be a problem at all. Highlighting several video's at once, he/she starts playing them and the first one is the security camera footage of Jason and CeCe's meeting, 'A' pauses and touches the screen suggesting that he/she has a liking for blondes. Fast-forward to the next video of Shana and Noel talking followed by Noel and Garrett's conversation, when the Queen of Hearts person walks out of the fitting room, we see that 'A' zooms in and then nods, suggesting that he/she knew the Queen of Hearts was going to be there? 

The last video is of Lucas and the baby faced zombie person talking. After rewinding and zooming in on the video, 'A' sees a figure wearing black boots and a red trenchcoat passing behind Lucas. This is probably the same person who meets Mona at the end of season 2. We then see 'A' take out a pen drive and plug it in, copying the videos first and then selecting the whole folder, deletes them off the computer and walks away. (Title refers to the message which calls the security guard away)

Episode 8 - The 'A' Train: The final episode shows 'A' in his/her new lair looking at different blueprints for the Halloween Ghost Train of Providence Railways pausing to look at the plans for the baggage car. We get a glimpse of the route the Ghost Train is going to take, starting in Philly followed by Dark Woods, Hills or Horror, Bottomless Lake, Tunnel of Torment and Deadman's Bend. There is a sign under Harrisburg, PA which says 'Survivors Exit' - Clearly suggesting that someone isn't going to make it at the end of the train ride! (Title refers to the Ghost Train)

Who will it be? To find out, tune into the Pretty Little Liars' Halloween Special Episode on Tuesday, 23rd October! Until then, let's speculate away! 

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