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Fringe Friday - Episode 5.02 - In Absentia

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Once again, I scramble to write this after getting home from work!
Sorry folks, I'm not gifted with the ability to think to write these Thursday night like I should!

Anyway, who else was completely floored by 5.01 last week? I have to admit, I have to be in the mood to delve into each and every little thing about Fringe, so sometimes I watch an episode and go "ugh, gotta see it again because I was NOT paying enough attention" but this time, I was on it! I was so starved for some Fringe, that I was soaking it up as it went along. Unbelievable performances all around, and I continue to be astounded by the production values... There's just no one else out there hitting it out of the park in this way, and I am a bit upset again by thinking about it being the end...

However, I will look to the dandelion and remind myself that we still have tonight and the next 11 episodes afterwards to look forward to. And we'll have an ending that the writers and Wyman wanted... Instead of it ending last May...

Now, feel free to discuss anything and everything about FRINGE below, because I'm not going to venture to guess what will happen. I have found that if I keep away from STV's Fringe section all week, and not think about it until RIGHT THEN, I completely enjoy the episode 10x more... It's just nice to look at it untainted with spoilers and speculation and what could be, or should be, etc.

Who's ready to get this Fringe Friday underway! Time to break out the licorice and slush-os!

PLUS: check out the UPDATED "FRINGE FRIDAY" Playlist!

*I've added a new track to the FF playlist: "Supremacy" by Muse...I found it fitting seeing how the Observers think they can pull one over on us! If you have any suggestions for songs to add, let me know!

I've crafted a spotify playlist for all you FRINGE fans out there who will be pining away for the new episode all day! From selected tracks related to promoting FRINGE to the score of FRINGE itself, some hand-picked tracks that keep with the mood, these tracks have been loaded into this playlist for your entertainment! So, while you're at work, keep your excitement level at a peak with these tracks!

(Updated September 28, 2012)

(FEATURING:  Pearl Jam, Violet Sedan Chair, Rolling Stones, The xx, Journey, and many more!)