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Covert Affairs - 3.12 Wishful Beginings - Review

Last night's episode starts after some ominous music and a short recap, we see Annie's plane touch down back on US soil. She gets into the back of a chauffered car and is drive to a farm which is an agency safe facility. Apprently they'll "build up" to Langely. The guy seems friendly enough offering juice and bringing her a few things from home. He tells her that they'll be doind polygraphs, timelines, and talking. The first thing he asks the combative Annie is whether she loved Simon. When she responds 'yes' he asks her if she can't keep her personal life separate from her professional one. She tells him that was her job to make her business her personal life. A woman walks up and hands him a sheet of paper which means Annie is sent back to Langely early and A-squared (Annie and Auggie) are reunited sooner than anticipated.

After waiting for her by the elevator, Auggie tells Annie the whole building is under review and that the polygraphs have been taking so long, they've taken meal breaks in the middle. Annie asks about the thing Auggie wanted to talk about (3.09 and 3.10 for those who need a reference) and he tells her she should settle in first. As much as I want to hear Auggie confess his new found love for Annie, I have to agree; she isn't ready for it yet. I had hoped by the end of the episode but no. They go into a code orange (for unauthorized visitors) but as it is Eyal that walks into the room, I'd venture they're not unwelcome visitors.

Joan pulls the blinds on her office with Annie, Eyal, Eyal's boss Tova, and herself inside. Mossad tells them that they want the CIA to help them find a missing asset in exchange for information after reminding Joan, Mossad helped the CIA first. Their main concern is getting back the watch the asset was wearing which can pull info out of any device. Joan agrees and outside the office, Annie asks why Eyal didn't tell her he was coming to Langely. He tells her that he thought she would have been out of commission for awhile on a debrief. He asks to meet Auggie. Yay!

The two cutest guys on the show meet in an exchange worthy of their cute complete with banter. But first Eyal pulls Auggie into a big hug."Two weeks of encrypted information drops, one begins to form a picture of who you're talking to." "You didn't picture me blind." "I didn't picture you so short." "And I didn't picture you so handsome." Despite the adorable conversation, Eyal seems way happier to meet Auggie than Auggie was to meet Eyal. Could it be because Auggie knows if any of the current players stand a chance at winning Annie permanently beside him, it would be Eyal?

Joan tells Annie that she wants Annie to handle Eyal -- get the watch but not share with Eyal. Annie finds their asset in an air duct. Carrina tells them that she thinks someone from the plane broke into her apartment and purse to steal the watch but didn't find it. She tells them she wants out and that the watch is her only leverage. Eyal offers her half a million for the watch and shortly after she doubles over and dies.

Joan tells them that they were able to remove Carrina's body before the FBI caught wind. Eyal's boss seems to think this was the CIA's fault, despite Carrina being poisoned 24 hours ago before the CIA was involved. Eyal's boss starts to yell at Annie and blame her before Eyal steps in.

Arthur presents Annie with another reward for her service. Arthur tells her he knows it's hard but the awards are to honor the heroes and tell them that they appreciate them. In a turn of events, Arthur twlls Annie that Joan was very distraught over her capture and his quite reveived she's back.

Annie walks into Auggie's office to hear about a former CIA member who they know killed Corrina with ricin. Annie walks into Joan's office quite willing to play ball and handle Eyal. Joan is concerned Eyal will handle her instead. Auggie tells Annie he wishes she could dig the who,e area up and call it a parks project and Annie quips wondering if Auggie gave her a magic metal detector. Eyal appears from behind a tree and she asks how he found her. He tells her that he had a tracking device in his pocket that must have fallen out when he was in her car. As he digs for the watch he tells her Mossad throws their assets a feast in the desert after a situation like hers and asks what the CIA does. Annie responds "Pay you off."

They stand in a blank area with a lot of pipes as Annie offers to go into the bank with the newly found safety deposit box key posing as the dead girl. Eyal is against the plan because of the risk to Annie. Annie shared with Joan what Eyal said about the intel and Tova tells him that he's lost sight of Annie's larger purpose and asks if he's slept with her. He tells her 'no' and she tells him it might help things along.

Auggie leans on Annie's desk as she goes over Carrina's intel and tells her "Welcome home." Later on Arthur catches Joan in a lie (because does a bad job covering it) but doesn't call her on it. Annie goes home and remembers the last time she was in her house. Instead of dealing with the memories, Annie checks into a hotel for "a while."

In the morning, Annie goes to the bank and Eyal listens in the car. Annie rattles off all the information they ask her to including signing the tablet. The signature does not match. She tries again and it does. The teller takes her to a bank version of a jail cell and locks her in. Annie takes the watch which the man from the plane tells her doesn't belong to her. He wants her to give him the thing she took. He reminds her that he trained at the farm too and Annie takes the watch box from her pocket. She tries to leave not remembering the bank manager locked her in. She starts to call and bang on the cell with the box. The manager lets her out and she gets the box back but as she tries to keep ahold of it, the man falls the short distance to the other roof. Annie tells an angry Eyal that she put the watch on which I had suspected since she handed over the box.

At the end of the episode, Arthur gives Annie her award which she gives back shortly after knowing she can't keep it. Joan tells Annie that the are intelligence reasons she didn't want Annie to share with Eyal but mostly tgat she wanted Annie to trust the people at the CIA. Auggie asks this one guy if he's seen Annie. He tell Aug that he thinks she went home. At her hotel, Eyal is waiting in the lobby and asks her to get her bag. The guy Joan has been skulking around with takes her to an addict's meeting and Eyal loans Annie his apartment in the States. Auggie goes to Annie's house looking adorable and gets no responce from her empty house. Eyal muses how long it'll be until the CIA realizes she shared with Mossad. Annie countered that she didn't share with Mossad, she shared it with him. Annie goes to the bed room and sits on the bed taking out the key necklace Simon's sister gave her. But Annie doesn't realize that Eyal has been playing Annie this whole time. Or so his bosses think. He lies when she asks where Annie is staying and tells her her own house as opposed to his.

This week hearts were broken. Here's hoping Auggie doesn't give up his pursuit of Annie.

(First two photos courtesy of tumblr.com)

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