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Castle - Episode 5.02 - Cloudy With A Chance Of Murder - Review

Hi there, I wanted to thank you all for the lovely reviews, they totally did not make me jump up and down like a 5-year old …. Anyway, here is my second Castle review.
We begin the episode in Kate’s bedroom, which if you ask me looks a lot like Castle’s (color wise at least), with Kate asking Castle what he thinks of her outfit. He tells her it’s sexy and which causes Kate to change shirts because she wants to look normal. With that hair, not possible. She thinks that one of the detectives at the precinct will figure out they’re together by how she’s dressed, honestly I’d be more worried about Lanie than Ryan & Esposito (just check back to 3x01 around the 21min – 22min mark). Castle clearly can’t keep his eyes off of her when she changes into a white shirt and when she asks him what he thinks of this one he says he doesn’t like it. But Kate figures out that he just wants to see her take her shirt off again, don’t we all, and tells him that NYPD has a strict non-dating policy for co-workers. Castle points out that because he doesn’t get paid, technically he’s not a co-worker but Kate reminds him that that won’t matter to Gates (since she still does not like Castle). We find out that Martha & Alexis are in Europe (somehow I think this trip was Martha’s idea, not Alexis’) so we clearly won’t be seeing them this episode, which I don’t mind that much because that means that at least Castle& Beckett won’t be interrupted by them. As if on cue, just as Castle’s tells her that just to be safe she should probably change out of those pants, Kate’s phone rings/buzzes (I’m assuming that was a text message but let me just say that that’s a pretty weird ringtone for a text, just saying). It’s time to go back to work or as Castle puts it “the pants stay on”. Before she leaves Kate reminds him that at in public they’re both single and once again tells him to act normal. She kisses him, and so gives us the first official kiss of season 5, and says “wow” which I heard is an ad-lib from Stana.

At the crime scene they both arrive separately but Kate notices that Castle forgot her coffee, which once again makes Kate worried that people will suspect something. Right on cue once again (gotta love the timing of this show, almost seems like they do this on purpose) Esposito shows up asking where Beckett’s coffee is. Castle says he forgot, while really he figured she didn’t need one since she already had a cup at her place, and a pissed of Kate says she’s already forgiven him. Boy this day did not get off to a good start. Now as for the case, the victim is a weather girl named Mandy Michaels and it turns out that Castle watches her every night for her … forecasts. He tells Kate that as a‘single man’ he enjoyed her assets. We see Kate clearly jealous, telling us that she’s not going to be able keep her jealousness hidden from everyone for very long if Castle keeps talking about other women. Speaking of other women, Lanie congratulates Kate on her first day back and asks her if she’s doing something different. As Kate’s best friend she obviously realizes something has changed. Kate quickly changes the subject to the case. Esposito and Lanie fill Castle and Beckett in on the facts of the case and when Ryan joins them, Esposito ‘goes to check on something’ making it clear that these two have not made up yet. They manage to track her phone and Kate sends Ryan and Esposito to find the mugger while she and Castle talk to next of kin. The boys clearly don’t want to go together but Kate makes them go anyway, making me think that the next ‘mom and dad’ comment is not far away (I love those). While Ryan and Esposito continue to bickering, and breaking my heart, they find the victim’s purse along with a lipstick-holding guy claiming it’s all his.

Back at the precinct Esposito questions Jonathan (apparently he doesn’t like to be called Johnny) who claims he found the purse in a dumpster. After Kate finishes her phone call to Mandy’s parents, Castle brings her coffee and asks her if she’s ok. She says she’s fine and Ryan joins them to show them a note that they found in the victim’s purse saying “If any of this gets out I will kill you”. Well that’s not a very nice thing to write. Back at the morgue Lanie tells them it wasn’t a mugging. She also says she figured out what’s different about Kate. She says ”You’re having sex” and either my eyes are deceiving me or she was pointing at Kate AND Castle. Kate tries to deny it but Lanie says she has a glow (told you they’d have to be worried about Lanie) and asks who the guy is (ok so apparently she wasn’t pointing at Castle). Castle, not wanting to look suspicious, also questions Kate about the guy but she brushes it off as “Nobody that you would know” (anyone else wish she had said “His name is Alexander”? Or was that just me?). Castle says he knows a lot of guys and Kate gives him a look that says “you’ll pay for this”. She quickly changes the topic back to the case and Lanie tells her that there was someone else’s make-up on the victim’s clothes suggesting that she got into a (cat)fight before she died. Apparently it’s special make-up used for people in front of a camera so it’s someone who worked with the victim.
At the TV studio they wait as the hosts finish up their news segment about the colleague they lost, and getting ready for the next segment “Is your morning coffee killing you?”. Castle and Beckett better pay attention to this one. The station manager tells them that the victim had some conflicts with the other weather girl Rebecca Fog, and of course Castle wants to know if that’s her real name. As they go to the editing room to watch the footage of Mandy’s fight with Rebecca, another employee at the station, let’s call him Creepy McCreeperson, starts hitting on Kate, giving her a terrible pick up line (nothing worth repeating). A very protective/jealous Castle assures him that she’s definitely a cop and when Creepy tells her that she can arrest him anytime she says maybe she will (for sexual harassment). I’m hoping this guy did it, and by the look Castle gives him, he does too. When they watch the footage they see Rebecca clearly upset with Mandy and pushing her before the camera man turned off his camera to break up the fight.

Since Rebecca is their prime suspect start questioning her (took me a couple re-watches to figure out that that the same actress who played Lindsay on The O.C., didn’t like her then either) but Rebecca claims that she didn’t need to kill Mandy to get her spot. According to her all she had to do was wait since Mandy was getting too old and was running out of buttons to unbutton. She also says that the fight was about the fact that Mandy stole equipment from her and that someone in a silver car picked her up from the children’s hospital after the fight. While Beckett calls Esposito to confirm Rebecca’s alibi, Castle does what any regular person would do when seeing a green screen (if you say you’ve never done that, you’re lying) and Kate looks at him with the most loving look she’s ever given him (aaah to be in love). Castle’s moves are interrupted by Kristina Coterra who invites him to be a guest on her show that night. Of course Kate sees this conversation and her look goes from loving to jealous. Castle accepts explaining to Kate that it is to promote Frozen Heat and Kate asks him if that was the reporter who shows up to cover stories in her bikini (seriously who does that). Castle says he hasn’t noticed that but Kate doesn’t believe him. The subject switches back to the case and they go talk to the make-up people about the phone calls the victim had been receiving. According to them Mandy was in a relationship and was keeping it on the down low. They say that even though she tried to be discreet people always notice, which causes a worried look from both Castle and Beckett. They find out that the guy is Regi Blake, who is a famous basketball player and also married with a very strict no cheating clause in his pre-nup. Ryan and Esposito very obviously do not like the fact that they have to bring him in together. But when they go and pick him up they get into a fight with his security detail. In the meantime Castle and Beckett wonder why they boys aren’t back yet and Castle wonders if maybe they got into a fight with each other. They find out that Regi had gotten into a fight with the victim. Right after that Esposito and Ryan, who are both sporting black eyes, bring in Regi and his entourage. While interviewing Regi they find out that he was not in a relationship with Rebecca but that they were just friends. While sitting close together on her desk sipping coffee, Castle and Beckett discuss whether or not it’s possible for a man and a woman to be just friends. Castle says that they were just friends for 4 years but Kate points out that he was trying to sleep with her that whole time. But Castle denies that saying it was Kate who was trying to sleep with him and that she didn’t dress like that for Esposito. Enter Esposito who asks “What’s for me?”.They both say “nothing” and “don’t worry about it” at the same time (which is just adorable). Regi’s wife confirms the just friends thing and Ryan walks up to them suddenly without a black eye. Esposito calls him out on it asking him if he’s wearing make-up but Ryan claims it’s just moisturizer. They find out that the victim had been fighting with one of the TV reporters named Miles Haxton. They go and question him about Mandy but the conversation quickly becomes personal when Miles says that office romances may be fun at first, but after a while you’re just drowning in lies. After the interview Kate is clearly worried saying she doesn’t want to drown in a sea of lies but Castle points out that he knows mouth-to-mouth. Esposito calls to tell them that Mandy arrived at the ER in the News chopper, while we see Ryan putting something on his face that’s clearly not moisturizer. When they want to go talk to the pilot, Castle gets whisked away for his interview with Kristina so Kate goes to talk to the pilot alone. The pilot tells her that Mandy had gotten an asma-attack while in the air and that she had said that the reason to leave New York was that it was a matter of life and death.

When Kate goes to look for Castle, she sees he’s still being interview so she starts watching from a screen in the hallway when she hears the question “So is there anyone special in your life right now?”. Castle of course says no because they were supposed to be single in public. But when Kristina asks him out for dinner (on live television) Kate clearly wants him to say no. But for some reason Castle says “Actually I would love to”. Kate is not amused.
Castle explains to her that it’s for their cover so that no one will suspect that they’re together. Kate agrees but her face says “ I so do not like this”. Back to the case, Kate tells him that they found the equipment that Mandy had stolen from Rebecca in Mandy’s apartment. They asks Rebecca for what she might have used in the chopper and she says the direct-tox monitor. Castle acts like he knows what she’s talking about but Kate calls him out on it. They find out that Mandy had been in direct contact with high level chemicals which can cause asma. They talk to one of the kids from the hospital and he tells them that Mandy thought the place where he played baseball had something to do with his asma. According to Ryan Mandy also questioned other kids from the hospital about where they played baseball and they all played at Conoway Field. They figure out that the high tox levels at the field come from a factory called Cazooly Carpeting and their logo is identical to the one on the threatening note that they found in Mandy’s purse. When they bring in Mr. Cazooly (I’m assuming this is how it’s spelled) he refuses to talk to them without his lawyer. So Castle and Beckett just start discussing that case right in front of him mentioning all their suspicions. Of course Cazooly walks right into their trap when he can’t keep his mouth shut and unintentionally admits to threatening Mandy and gives them a motif. Unfortunately they have no hard evidence against him. Thanks to a picture they figure out that Mandy had a partner. Esposito remind Castle of his date, who then runs out telling Kate he’ll call her and adorably runs back to make it clear that he meant about the case.

At Castle’s place he gets ambushed by a very pushy Kristina who insists that they have dinner at his place instead of the restaurant. There goes the article on page six. Back at the precinct Kate, whose hair is now up (I like it), gets a little worried when the boys say that any man with a pulse would sleep with Kristina. In the meantime Castle accidently butt dials Kate when he gets attacked by Kristina (yes attacked, what else would you call it). All Kate hears on the phone is glass breaking and Castle yelling no so she immediately goes into cop mode. She tries to call him back but fails (when you look at her call list you can see that Castle has been calling her in at 2am … I wonder what that was about). She grabs her gun and her jacket and runs off to his place to rescue him. Kristina says that only one man has ever said no to her (and she let him live?) and strips down to her bikini (come on, really?), throws him onto the couch and once again attacks him. In the meantime Kate arrives at Castle’s place, gun drawn, and she kicks down the door only to find Castle, who has lipstick on his collar, and Kristina on the couch. Castle says he knows who the killer is (how could he figure that out with miss bikini on top of him). Kate once again is NOT amused.
At the TV station, Castle keeps apologizing to Kate saying he tried everything to get rid of her but that Kristina is like the terminator. When he pulls her aside she says that she has 12 missed phone calls by Creepy McCreeperson but that she has not responded to any of them, and all Castle says is “You didn’t tell me he called.” which is of course followed by “Really, you’re going to play the jealously card now?”. Castle promises to make it up to her saying he’ll do whatever she wants but all she wants is to get the image of the 2 of them out of her head. I’d like that too actually. The camera pans over all of the suspects (including Creepy McCreeperson who was waving at Kate) making us wonder who the killer is just a little longer. That is until they get to Miles Haxton, who apparently killed Mandy. He explains that it was an accident, since he was only trying to scare her to get the files back so he could break the story. Back at the precinct they wrap up the case and Castle and Beckett leave separately. Ryan, who has given up the make-up, and Esposito find out that someone had filmed the fight between them and Regi’s entourage (a video in which they not only are referred to as desperate fans but also get their asses kicked) but Esposito notices that Ryan took a punch for him. He thanks him and asks if he wants to go get a drink, taking the first step to repairing their bromance.

Back at Kate’s place we see her answering a knock on her door while either wearing one of Castle’s shirts or one of the weirdest night gowns I’ve ever seen. He says he’s sorry, which is a nice parallel to when she opened the door in the previous episode with “Are you here to apologize”, but she doesn’t want to let him in. He comes in anyway continuing to apologize. They both say that they’re not good at pretending to be single (so true) and Kate admits that she doesn’t want to have to worry about him with other women. She remind him that Miles said that this is destined to implode but Castle points out that Miles turned out to be the killer and was lying about the whole relationship to begin with. Castle also says that there’s a chance that they won’t last but there’s also a chance that they’ll continue to be amazing (I’m gonna go with the latter here) and that they just have to find their way. They agree to talk about dating other people in public but to not actually go out with other people. Also Kate points out that she has a gun and that he doesn’t really have a choice. She gives him the most adorable smile and leans in to kiss him but changes her mind (once again teasing us with an almost-kiss) saying that it’s too soon because she still has the image of Kristina’s boobs in Castle’s face in her head. Castle seems disappointed but then gives a smirk (that I still don’t fully understand) and the screen fades to the credits.
Wow this was a long review, I didn’t think I’d write this much. Since I turn 18 on Sunday my next review will feature a more mature perspective … or it could just be the same Castle-Beckett love fest. Good morning, good afternoon or goodnight to you all, depends on when you’re reading this.

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