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Bones - Episode 8.04 The Tiger in the Tale - Recap

This week’s episode starts with a car stuck in the mud and a bickering couple. When they finally gain some traction on the cart, the wife ends up spraying a face on her partner’s shirt.

Bones is making a pro and con list of running for president. So far it is all pro and no con. Obviously she can’t run this election cycle but she is certain that she could run next time despite having been on the run for three months.

The body male, Caucasian, in his twenties, this is what the crime scene immediately tells our team. Hodgins is a little over excited to use his vacuum to suck up some bugs and Cam says that the mud makes it hard to determine time of death. Bones then makes sure to cause the guy to throw back up the part of body he swallowed and her prize is a tooth.

Daisy is back as the intern as the squints find newspapers in the victim’s shoe which they use to determine he was killed six days ago. (The bugs said six to eight).

Later at the café, Sweets and Daisy are sitting together as he gives her the keys to his house but back at the lab, Hodgins and Angela are debating how to reconstruct a face with a big hole in it. “Do everything but the hole?” Hodgins’ definition of stuck is a little different to Angela’s as he has a lot of evidence just not what he wants. Now with Sweets, he’s trying to figure out sheets in the room with the bone light table. Apparently “you can’t feel the internet.”

Booth and Brennan are investigating the parking lot where Hodgins thinks their victim last was. They ask the man in charge of low wage work picking up the parking lot. He recognizes one of the sketches they show him and he looks surprised that he died.

The victim is confirmed to be Jared Drew. Booth and Sweets debate the merits of Bones as president. Sweets tells Booths that he and Daisy are moving in together and Booth asks him to focus on the case. They have a restraining order against the victim.

Daisy shows Brennan that she found asymmetrical arthritic wear to the vic’s wrists. Daisy is paranoid that Brennan would tap her phone if she was president which Brennan denies after basically saying she was going to lie about that fact. They also found evidence of two guns, likely two killers.

Sweets talks to the ex-wife with the restraining order and her new boyfriend who is a little over protective. The ex tells them how Jared was a good man and good provider until he lost his hardware store. He had an opportunity to leave for another job but he didn’t want to leave his kids. They find out that the last job Jared worked was a pet expo after Cam takes Hodgins excrement. Perhaps I should explain but where would the fun in that be?

The leader of the pet expo is not happy with Brenan’s interrogation which has more to do with the animals he has than the dead guy they’re supposed to be investigating.

Daisy has learned that the septic arthritis isn’t arthritis but instead beginning necrosis which is caused by blood poisoning. The way they think it was caused was by cutting down to the bone and infecting it that way. Angela is having crisis of work place identity and they need to call in Sweets to help with his relationship. Angie thinks he’s getting cold feet over moving in together.

Using the evidence Cam and Hodgins determine that there was one gun and one shooter that killed Jared. Booth and Sweets are trying to figure out why Jared wouldn’t have gone to the emergency room and as part of asking Sweets to do a work up, Booth reveals his real motive of having Sweets talk to the exotic animal trader. The man continues his claim to know nothing.

Brennan hates everything about the zoo and using a model plane equipped with a video camera, the group is able to get a warrant to search a man’s farm who owns an assortment of rare and exotic animals. While the man is trying to explain he has no tiger, Brennan sees carrion birds which are a sure indicator something has died. Following them, she fins the tiger and it takes everything Booth has to restrain her as the man claims he had to shoot the tiger because it kept trying to get out and attack the other animals.

Booth then rants that she wants to instate capital punishment for people who kill tigers. The tiger killer says that Jared Drew was alive when the tiger was delivered and that he was able to be driven away by the “other guy”. Now we’re back to the fair ground where Juan, the guy in charge of the low wages workers, tells them that he gave the money to the man in charge of the fair who then has the same blood poisoning as Jared Drew because of spray back when he shot him.

To wrap up the personal arch of Daisy and Sweets, Sweets has to tell Daisy that he doesn’t want to move in with her or marry her. He gives her the keys to the new apartment with two months to figure out what she wants to do and then breaks up with her.

Booth tells Brennan that the exotic animal trainer is facing life in jail unless he flips on his cohorts and says that while he wouldn’t vote for Brennan as president, he would urge others to do so before jumping under the covers covered in his Brennan for president buttons.

Before going on break until November 5th.

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