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Bones - Episode 8.03 - The Gunk in the Garage - Recap

Our victim walks to his car which seemingly randomly has a gas station cup on top. He clicks his fob and the car blows up, of course it does, this is Bones. Note the no smoking sign as it falls to the ground.

Bones wants to buy Christine an expensive stroller which Booth vetoes because it’s too expensive. Bones then gives him a look she apparently was unable to do before the baby was born. The phone rings and Bones is off to go look at our body but not Booth. Caroline wants to talk to him so Brennan goes by herself.

The body parts are spread over most of the third floor of the parking garage but a lack of repeat organs tells the team that there’s only one body. And the lack of cratoring telling Hodgins that the bomb had to have been on top of the car. The explosion took out the VIN and all the other identifying characteristics were destroyed in the explosion. Hodgins smells the distinct smell of stomach and internal organs – shortly before they fall onto his face.

Hodgins:“Could you maybe take the big pieces first?”
Cam: “Um.. there’s only a few small pieces left.”

Detailing the bodily injuries they discover he was in his mid 40s. Angela borrows skull and a part of the nose before they’re ready to start on the sketch. And they learn the bomb was in the random “Ultra Gulp” cup on the vic’s car.

Booth tells Caroline that if she needs anything else she can call his phone. Sweets is debating what to buy Daisy and Booth tells him he’s overcompensating. Caroline dragged herself to Booth’s office because it’s important and then orders Sweets and another random agent to go solve the case as Booth is hers until further notice.

New girl’s is just about as happy to be working with our resident shrink as the rest of the team was when they first met him. Caroline is talking about how Booth’s department spends more than everyone else’s. Booth says that’s because they have the highest closing rate. She tells him that there’s no one burlier or cuter than him and if he does his explaining of the costs well, he can get a promotion and a raise and fund his department how he chooses.

Cam discovers a piece of wire and gives it to Hodgins even though she should have given it to the FBI team because she doesn’t want him to blow things up in the lab.

The hotel staffer is very saddened of the explosion in the parking structure but there are procedures before he can give Sweets and new girl, Sparling, the tapes. She tries to intimidate him but it doesn’t work so she has to bring him in.

Booth tells Brennan that if he gets the promotion he would have to do less field work which Brennan notes he would hate. He counters that it would be worth it for the money. Sweets walks in and says that there is a ridiculous number of hours of tape that they need to potentially analyze before they get an answer. Angela calls Sweets with the ID: Robert Carlson who lives in Bethesda with his wife and kids. Sweets has to run and Booth feels left out already.

Sweets is telling new girl that he was impressed with her handling of the hotel clerk but the notification of death is far more delicate and she gives it to him without a fight. Sweets shows the woman the facial recognition photo of her husband and as she starts to hyperventilate, her husband walks up the drive so she starts kicking Sweets in the shins. Ah, who hasn’t wanted to do that at least once since his introduction way back in season 3.

Booth is on the phone trying to get a straight answers as to whether bullet proof vests are uniforms or equipment. He threatens to shoot the guy to find out and Sweets calls to brief Booth on the development of the not-dead dead guy. Sweets then complains that Sparling doesn’t trust the way he does his job. Booth tells him to shrink her and get over it before getting back to his yelling.

Angela tells them that she is positive of her identification. Brennan asks if it’s possible that he had a twin and Angela said that it should have shown up. Angela then blames Sweets and new girl for the bad ID. Even accounting for new injuries they still come up with twin brother. The man says that he was adopted and that he didn’t even know he had a brother. Sweets quotes the various studies that twins, even when separated, can help discern what the other did. Carl wants to check with his wife and sweets says that even that could be relevant.

Brennan discovers the fracturing could have been caused by a baseball bat which in combination with his knuckles being slammed points to a bookie or a mobster. Brennan notes that they could have ingested several dozen cockroach eggs today. Cam has them track down Hydroprene.

Sweets then is sewing stats on the identical twin studies. Angela asks if parenting even matters and he tells her not to discount it. Angela then explains how she imputed the information to find their vic. Year of birth to month to race to inputting the specific data such as drivers of four door sedans excelled at track and field filed insurance claim for asthma meds and came down to 48 from then she compared faces to find the true vic. “Well done Sweets.”

Sweets and Starling are back in the car where she accuses him of trying to analyze him because she feels apologetic. Sweets says he didn’t cause that feeling and she says that his whiling down the suspect pool was “impressive.”

They pull up outside the real vic’s wife’s house where the wife looks exactly the same. Sparling then tells her that Jerry Langela was murdered. Sweets asked if somebody would want her husband dead and she says it was just her but that she was serving court mandated community service. She cops to the beatings her husband took at the hands of his bookie and Sweets uses his big “shrinky brain” on her by telling her not to leave town.

Hodgins is a little too enthused to test his shock tube theory on the victims fake bones using something he “borrowed” from the hall of patents. Cam isn’t pleased but allows the test. Hodgins use of Fire in the hole while apt makes me wish Justified was back on already.

Sweets calls Booth to tell him the alibi checks out and that she wasn’t seen on the tapes. Booth notes that whatever brought the vic could have brought the brother as well then hangs up after telling them to recheck the tapes.

Angela slides into Hodgin’s office to tell him she found propaprex and where the site they came from. There was a break in of course and four “sausages” were taken. The amount of explosive used only matched three sausages.

Angels was able to track the men’s movements and prove that both men were there at the same time but they might not have seen each other or the living brother could be out murder. The living bro was wearing a name tag for a self actuation seminar and they find a matching one the vic. Sweets then has to justify his being with Daisy as the reason why he couldn’t be into Sparling. Sweets answers the phone with a discernible blush and arranged to pick up coffee for them along the way.

Sparling comes back with telling Robert they know about his lie. He says he did it because his wife hates it when he goes to those seminars. Sparling asks if that’s because their making him broke and then agrees with the wife that they’re a waste of money. He says that you can’t put a price of living a full actualized life when they find out he was about to give everything away to the man who started the seminars. Sparling then flirts with Sweets but oddly, he doesn’t tell her he’s attached despite his obvious discomfort.

Cam tells Brennan that there was somebody else there and because they haven’t come forward she thinks they may have caused it. Booth calls Cam while Brennan goes to check out the junction box where the hair that proved another person’s presence was found. Hodgins pulls the tape measure to find the midpoint indicating a man of average height.

Booth tells Cam she has to help because he can’t figure out the budget report. After much begging, Cam agrees to help since booth says he needs it right then and there because the men who need the presentation are right there.

On Robert’s wife’s machine, they find thousands of hits for a search fro a contract killer and they tries to appeal to her sensibilities by telling her that she killed an innocent man which she doesn’t see as her fault. Really? She gave the man half the money up front and is going to give him half when he finishes the job. Oops, didn’t she mention, the contact killer is killing here husband today. Booth then runs out of his budget meeting to help with catching the killer.

Brennan review with Booth that they are looking for an average heighted white man with brown hair and an inner ear problem; he should appear shaky and off balance. They figure that it’s the man from the garage which would explain how the explosion was near perfect. And then we see the man is a few people behind their next potential vic. Sweets saves the day by grabbing the bomb by pretending to be just an average day. The downside? Sweets was shot. He’ll be fine but Sparling needs to be reprimanded by her bosses and Sweets finally tells her about his serious relationship with Daisy. She kisses him anyways. Yeah.... she’ll be back.

“Dumbass hitman taken out with only minor casualties on our side so we’ll call it a win.” Booth says shortly before Caroline informs him his budget's been increased but he won’t be getting his promotion. I wonder why....

Our episode closes at Booth and Brennan’s abode where Booth thanks for her being all sweet and lying to him. She confides that she wants him in the field with her anyways and they toast to the sentiment. Brennan asks if she can start buying him thing and he says he can buy things for Christine like a grill.

Next episode: Brennan decides to run for president! Who’ll be joining me for that one?

For those of you you want a possibly even more in-depth recap, you could always check out the official one on Fox's website.

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