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Alphas - Interview with Erin Way

No one can deny that the second season of Syfy’s Alphas is filled with adrenaline! Alphas fighting, blowing up trains, going out of control with their enhanced abilities and mysteries from the past only make us crave for more! 

Erin Way, who plays the free-spirited Kat and whose Alpha power is to learn everything and anything at a glance - with a high price to pay, though - took some time to talk to us and share some of her thoughts on the course of her character on the show. 

Spoiler TV: Were you a fan of the show before joining the cast? What interested you in the part/show?

Erin Way: I had actually auditioned previously for the role of Anna (from Season One) and watched the show while preparing for that audition and was very impressed. So, yes I guess I was a fan before joining the show. :) 

What interested me in the character of Kat was her ability (both the upside and the downside of it are fascinating) and also I was very interested in playing such a strong female character. You come across those often, and I jumped at the opportunity to play one.

Spoiler TV: We all felt Kat’s instant connection with Bill. Do you think this connection is somehow related to Kat’s past? 

Erin Way: I guess that is always a possibility although I don't think that she has ever met Bill before. I think she saw an opportunity to help someone and she took it - and then they developed this really great bond together. 

Spoiler TV: Will Kat ever find out about her past? I know you can’t tell us who the lady in the blue dress is, but is she the main element in Kat’s past? 

Erin Way: You'll find out who the lady in the blue dress is soon enough! Yes, I think the writers are going to have a lot of fun with slowly revealing more and more about Kat's past. Who knows if her past connections are good or bad. I think that is one of Kat's greatest fears - that she might be forgetting that she has done some really bad things in the past, or been affiliated with bad people and just can't remember.

Spoiler TV: Which of the other Alphas would you like to see Kat interact more? 

Erin Way: I'm excited to see more Gary and Kat interaction - I think they have a funny little relationship that would be cool to see more of. Also, the Hicks and Kat duo was really fun - lots of cool chemistry there. So who knows! Maybe she'll even interact with Stanton Parish at some point! I have no idea! 

Spoiler TV: Where would you like to see the direction of Kat’s story go? 

Erin Way: I would love to see her continue to bond with the team and continue to run into people from her past. Also I would love to really see her role in the team expand - see her given more responsibility. Also....I think a love interest could be really interesting :) 

Spoiler TV: What power would you like to have in real life? 

Erin Way: In real life I would LOVE to have the power to pause time - like this girl in this show that I used to watch called "Out of This World". It was awesome. She also had the ability to transport any outfit from a magazine onto her body. BOTH of these abilities would be amazing!

Alphas airs on Mondays 8/7c on Syfy. Stay tunned!

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