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The Big Bang Theory - Episode 6.04 - The Re-Entry Minimisation - Taping Report

This starts off with Howard returning from the Space Station and re-entering the atmosphere, a really funny moment when the parachute is deployed, brought a lot of laughter from the audience.

Three stories drive this episode, Howard arriving home, Stuart taking Howard's place in the Howard/Raj bromance. First up, Howard returning home, when he arrives at the airport he thinks he's being greeted by a crowd of people - who are actually there to see a celebrity, I think called Howie Mendel. It turns out that just Bernadette is there to see him, no mom (unsurprisingly) and none of his friends. Bernadette tells Howard she told his friends to stay away because she wanted him all to herself, however Bernadette has a bad cold, so the planned evening of passion doesn't quite go as planned, Bernadette passes out after taking a cold remedy. Howard then goes to see his mom and can't get into he house, the door is locked and it turns out Howard's mom is having an affair with his dentist (who tries to escape out of the side window). Howard then goes to see Raj who is now living with Stuart and sees he has more or less taken his place, he then leaves and goes to a diner. Feeling dejected his spirits are lifted when the waitress recognises him, but then shows little interest in listening to his problems, Howard then starts to sneeze (catching a cold from Bernadette).

The story between Sheldon, Penny, Amy and Leonard is a competition, boys vs girls. I should add that the actress who plays Amy was involved in a serious road accident which damaged her right hand, this was strapped up and kept out of sight during filming. the competition starts with Pictionary, Sheldon confuses polish with Polish and continues along that theme as he and Leonard lose game after game which also includes blind where's Waldo and dizzy light sabre maths. All this culminates in a pie eating contest which was done in one take - you'll see why when it airs!

Source: DigitalSpy