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Switched at Birth - Episode - 1.26 - Tree of Forgiveness - Review

Switched at Birth / High School Drama / Hot girls with daddy issues / full of unnecessary sign language this week was about introducing two hot blonds and everyone dealing with their secret loves and lives with each other. It looks like this episode has our characters moving on from their old problems last season and are moving onto new beginnings. Toby is moving on from his girlfriend, Wilke, Emmett has a new babe drooling over him he doesn't seem to notice, and Daphne may yet have the capability to forgive her "father" for ruining a childhood he was never really a part of until about a year ago...

Daphne has been giving Angelo the middle finger ever since he came back into her life. Last season they both agreed that their issues came from her going deaf as a baby... because apparently communicating by other means than talking is the hardest thing to do in life next to advanced calculus. Angelo attempts to get into Daphne's god giving hands by giving her a tree with decorations that would have probably worked better if she were eight and she didn't have a car or a job... After another uncomfortable request to get to know her with baked goods, Daphne lets him have it that she doesn't want to be his friend. At first, Angelo seems to be okay with it, but when Daphne develops this "I'm hot and you're not" attitude, he lets her have it. Truth is, Daphne doesn't know Angelo enough on a personal level to judge him so harshly and only knows what her psychopathic mother told her. Angelo says that he knows what he did to her was wrong but that he's here now trying to make up for it. Can she ever move on? God damn you, Angelo, I love you. And yeah Daphne moves on too by giving him a pair of gloves, though they probably weren't a good gift either considering he shot a bloody nail through his hand.

I don't why but when Regina arranged a fake marriage with Angelo, I never thought of the two ever actually getting together. The two characters are either horribly underdeveloped, boring, or just evil, I don't understand why I hate them so much. Regina goes on and on about Angelo being this big stud and all the girls going after him... uh, did anybody else get this vibe from him? He always this pathetic dad who's trying to get his daughter's respect for him and fails most of the time. The dude's a loser, clearly. Regina though always gives these hints that she's not over him: she's fights with him, she talks to him, and she lets him move in with her. What happened to that hot dude she was dating that I don't even have enough respect for to remember his name? He was good for her. Angelo and Regina don't even know what they want from each other and all they can think of for a reason is that they keep coming back together? Really? Really?

Simone is hot. I like her and I want her to be inside the show and me for all the episodes to come. Sadly though I think her time has come to an end. Behind the scenes I guess she has developed a relationship with the devil's wife that I wasn't even aware existed until this episode... not counting that ONE alcohol's anonymous group scene... It apparently exists strongly enough to warrant it's own emotional monologue speeches where two characters tell one another how they really feel. That's Kate and Sawyer level right there and those two do not have that kind of bond. That's why I think Simone is over. For a character that was hooking up with Bay to Daphne to Toby to Emmett and to now Regina, the character has cycled through pretty much everyone and has left no lasting mark on any of them. It's sad but it's time to face the facts Shortguy, Simone was a one note character.

Is anyone really thinking about what Toby is going to do next week? I mean come on, he is completely overshadowed by his two gorgeous sisters. He plays a one man band now that his only friend Wilke has ditched him without so much as a goodbye. Even I forgot that Simone was seeing him when she slept with Emmett the day the bomb dropped. Why is Toby here? Thanks to his sneaky mommy though, everything is looking up for him. The writers got a new babe from a church group for him and lo and behold!! She likes music too! Oh this show is so predictable... anyway I'm liking the new boobs and the hair so I'm willing to give it all a shot. When she invites him to go to an event with her, he's not too into it at first. Though he seems to get excited when he sees that she left him a note in his guitar case. Okay I'll admit it, that one was adorable!

EMMETT!!! God I love Emmett! To his weed-filled one liners to his I don't care what anybody thinks attitude. I wish all that is good comes his way. And it is. So he doesn't have Bay. So what? She was overemotional and she wasn't putting out. Emmett deserves better than that. And he got it. He got to sleep with Simone and he's still close with Daphne which is totally his wildcard that he's going to flip the moves on when they both finally see how perfect they are to together. The only problem is that Emmett is kind of stupid... He should have seen that Bay had a problem with him dropping out of school the moment he told her and that she was going to tell SOMEONE about it eventually. Sleeping with Simone probably wasn't a good idea either because at that time Simone was in everyone's lives. Cheating on your girlfriend because she told on you? That's like so below anything I ever heard of before I don't know how the writers managed to put that on paper. How's Emmett doing in the present? Not too good. Another pair of hot knockers with a streak of blue hair is coming his way and the only person his penis can go up for is the girl he hurt most. Which is not surprising because most of what he's probably thinking is his own guilt and that's going to pass. The writers are shifting Bay out of his life and setting him up to go under the covers with a pudgy hot blonde... and that's exactly where we all want to be.

Bay... Bay... Bay... I'm trying to think of a storyline of hers that I liked that didn't involve Emmett in someway... It's just not there. I thought her going back to her roots this season and getting back into graffiti would be interesting but the new character that came with it is kind of lame. Bay is a fantastic supporting character, she's just such a boring main character. She just doesn't want anything that requires actual creativity from the writers. So her dad bad mouths her art and she goes home crying for it; it's not that a big of a deal. She says that this is the only way that some people can communicate and that he's destroying it. She has to understand where this guy is coming from. It would be like buying an Evangeline Lilly poster and Bay drawing all over it. "Yes, Bay it's a very nice painting and I understand why you did it but I also like the one under it." I mean who does that? Five year olds do that! God Bay grow up. No wonder the dad doesn't know anything about her. He's raised a moron that is lacking a brain cell in the category "DON'T TOUCH MY GOD DAMN CRAYONS!"

Oh those two. They're so cute together... Here's to hoping that Bay gets frisky this season and widens her doors to lesbianism and opens her mouth wide because that is only way this story can get better. Well that's a wrap folks. I hope you have as much fun watching the episode as I did. Let me know what you think of the show because I know that there are not enough of us out there. It kind of feels like watching the local weather channel and realizing your city is not important enough to be a dot on the map...