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Revolution: Fun in the Dark

The cast of NBC's Revolution

What is it with the post-apocalyptic world that fascinates us so much? We have been presented with a series of TV shows and movies of the genre and they just keep on coming. Each one of them, though, try and give us an idea of how a post-apocalyptic life would be from different angles: suddenly everyone is dead and we have to battle zombies to survive; or we have to work our heads off to get something resembling dog food so we can keep our stomachs full, and others, show us what the world would be like without electricity.

NBC’s new bet, Revolution, created by Eric Kripke (Supernatural), shows us within 5 minutes of the pilot what a mess – putting it mildly – the Earth as we know it would become.

Fifteen years later, living on a mix of jungle and big cities, the heroes of our story have perfectly adapted to this new lifestyle and have been living comfortably in a village. However, having to create their own rules, militias and rebels live among them, threatening the fragile peaceful environment they managed to live in. Do you know why? Because there’s a secret. There is ALWAYS a secret when it comes to the end of the world! And this secret was downloaded and stored in a flash drive when electricity was about to end. Apparently, whatever information is safe-guarded in that flash drive can bring everything back to normal and all the bad guys want it bad!

Even with all this going on, drama is known to dwell on teenage girls’ hearts and since one of our heroes is a teenage girl, there is room for that, as well. And room for forbidden teenage love.

The cast of Revolution has been well picked: Billy Burke – always a charmer – as one of the keys to our electric mystery, plays Miles who seems to have learned one trick or two during those fifteen years in the dark and single-handedly kills a bunch of militia soldiers with a sword.

So we have the fighter, the teenagers, the ex-nerd-millionaire who is afraid of bees, the Brittish lady doctor and the bad guys and a world without electricity. What else do we need?

In case you haven't seen the pilot yet, here's the trailer:

Revolution officially premieres on September 17th.