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Glee - Episode 4.02 - Britney 2.0 - Review

It's Britney B**ch...again. Yup this week Glee goes there...again. Pop Princess Britney Spears gets another episode dedicated to her impressive? catalogue of songs. The episode is all about overcoming some unwanted change and embracing the new. I'll never understand Ryan and Co's love for Miss Spears and I'll even go as far to say that they should have and could've picked better songs - but this is Glee so...

Brittany, not Spears is not having the best year so far aside from not graduating, Santana is miles away and their conversations are always rushed, new Cheerio Kitty is trying to steal her place as top Cheerio and her impressively bad GPA is barely keeping her on the squad. When Coach Sylvester has no choice but to kick Brittany off the squad she falls into a downward spiral that practically mimics the real Britney's in 2007. It starts with beating McKinley creep Jacob Ben Israel with an Umbrella, threatens to shave her head and then performs a lip-synced version of Gimme More all while eating cheetoh's, it's bad and yet it's still better than B.Spears disaster of a performance many moon's ago.

It takes the brains (I know it's practically Ironic) of Sam to catch onto what Brittany is doing. She's completely hitting rock bottom so that she can make a triumph return. The first step, get back on the Cheerio's! With some impressive research and homework done in English Brittany is able to convince Sue to let her back on the squad but Sue has one condition, she has to bring her grades up and graduate. 

Before Brittany saw the light a huge potential problem might possibly rear it's ugly head. Will is furious when he finds out that his New Directions lip-synced at the assembly, more so if anyone on the National Show Choir board finds out, New Directions can be permanently dismissed from all competitions. So as a big hint for future episodes, expect that to come back and bite them in the butt. My money's on Kitty.

Over in New York Rachel and Kurt are enjoying the their first apartment way, way outside of New York City. Rachel is still struggling with not having spoken to Finn and Kurt is not much help either as he explains he hasn't spoken to his wayward brother either, "No, not since yesterday when you asked me." Rachel is also dealing with Cassandra her dance teacher how earlier told her she wasn't sexy, hesitant and uncomfortable in her body to perform the tango with the rest of the class. Good thing for her Kurt know's exactly who she is and what a totally disaster she is. Turns out Ms. July lasted not even one night on Broadway before never working again. A pesky ringing cellphone during a performance set her off and in the era of camera phones you can bet someone caught all that jazz. 

Rachel's plan, a super sexy performance of Britney's number 1 hit Oops...I Did It Again. But first she enlists the help of Brody who is seen doing crunches on a park bench (I don't get it either, there's grass all around). He is at first hesitant to help, clearly leaving out that he has a past with Cassandra, but when Rachel admits she's not sexy he's quick to step in a disagree. At this point everyone know's that Brody and Rachel are going to happen, whether its a rebound from Finn or because she wants to move on from Finn, these two will go there. And while Finchel fans are freaking out it would be advisable to pay attention to the clues we are giving. 

After her sexy performance that involved no dancing, Rachel who is upset that Cassandra is still shooting her down fights back with the awful truth that has Ms. July kicking Rachel out of her class. Eventually she comes back with her tail between her legs and Cassandra lets her back into the class. They've reached a sort of understanding, Rachel accusing Cassandra of being jealous of her is not far off, but I don't suspect it will get too much better any time soon.

Rachel paints a heart with Finn's name inside on the wall and while we don't think its too much Kurt offers up some comforting words, "he hasn't called you because he doesn't love you, he's just giving you space." Well Rachel words were enough for us to know we want Finn back and we want him back now! Did anyone else's heart break just a little when Rachel utters, "it's just too much freedom is starting to feel like severe loneliness." Everyone hold their  #FinchelFoever candles up.

Brody shows up with a flower and while he know's she still very much loves her boyfriend (his names on the wall!) still tries to kiss her. Rachel gently lets him down, for obvious reasons, and his early words of respecting her relationship with her boyfriend are shot right out the window when he says that every time they're together he thinks about kissing her. Rude much! That doesn't stop our hearts breaking when Rachel paint's over Finn's name. 

What does this mean for Brody you ask? At this point nothing. While Brody is doing his job at interjecting himself into her life, it doesn't change where he actually stands. For one did anyone else catch Ms. July's comment about Brody loving 'young ingénues? Expect that to come up again. There are other subtle clues that have us Finchel fans not worried about this new beau. For one we've all seen the pictures we know Finn is back in episode 4 (expect a surprise end of episode appearance in episode 3), and while its implied that won't end well it means two things for Brody, either Rachel dates him as a rebound or she dates him because Finn is no longer around. The actual potential of these two is not high, it will happen but not for the right reasons. 

Mr. Schue being the devoted teacher that he is has made it his mission to help lonely boy Jake Puckerman who is skipping class and hooking up with every available girl in school. Glee grad Puck is back for some words of wisdom for his step-bro. They have a crappy father who is never going to care about them so its up to them to become better men and Puck makes it simple for him. If it weren't for Glee and Mr. Schue he wouldn't be the man he is today. Its enough to get Jake on the right path, which also leads him too new glee clubber Marley.

Marley is clearly attracted to Jake, but knows that he is a player, fortunately for us it doesn't stop her from trying to catch his attention. These two together are spectacular and are defiantly keeping me glued to the screen just to watch them interact. After an amazing performance full of loving glances and an exchange of clothing, it gets completely ripped away because it turns out Jake is now dating Cheerio Kitty (we curse you!)

The Music from last nights episode. In general a 3.5/5. They could've picked better songs and older ones when Britney didn't rely as heavily on auto-tune.

Hold It Against Me - Brittany: Glee makes it increasingly difficult for me to like anything Heather sings when they insist on giving her songs from artists that not only aren't great singers, but rely on auto-tune. This song is as least important as it is to the episode. The dancing was cool because Heather can actually dance, but she really can't sing. PASS. If you want an exact replica of Britney's also disappointing song then by all mean's download but it's not very good. 

Boys/Boyfriend - Artie and Blaine: Glee truly is the masters of mash-ups and this one is proof of that. Both Kevin and Darren posses a scary amount of comfort doing songs that are borderline boy-band and I for one am glad. This number was fun, vocally they sounded great. DOWNLOAD its a great mash-up.

Womanizer - New Direction girls:  I'd much rather not talk about this because what was I even listening to? Auto-tune. That's all. PASS

3- Tina, Joe and Sam: Amazing. THIS is what I want when I hear a cover. A different approach to a song that makes it your own. While the song is incredibly inappropriate (its about a 3-some - sorry Mom!) and I don't know why they picked it I am glad because its so good. DOWNLOAD! 2nd favourite song of the night.

Oops...I Did It Again- Rachel: This song was much more about the performance opposed to the actual singing. Nonetheless Lea sounds good but not great. Why the producers are making her sound like Britney I don't know and I don't care for it. I like that they slowed down the tempo and at least give Lea a high note to hit. DOWNLOAD if only because its Lea singing and its a decent cover but after two weeks or so it'll get old.

Gimme More- Brittany and New Directions: I get the point of the number but PASS. It was funny but also really sad. 

Crazy/Drive Me Crazy - Jake and Marley: The highlight of the episode! Another amazing mash-up, stripped down version of both songs. Beside the fact that these two are amazing together and my heart is all for JARLEY, the cover was beyond exceptional. DOWNLOAD.

Everytime - Marley: Sure Artie crowned Blaine as the New Rachel but its obvious that it belongs to Marley. Melissa is fantastic in this song and in her performance of the episode. The one exception to my rule about covers having to be unique is made here, because if you can do the original justice as is then go for it, and she does! DOWNLOAD.

SO what did you guys think, was Britney 2.0 better than season 2? 

What about Brody, should we be worried?

Let me know.

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