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Castle - 6 Ways to Pass the Time While Waiting for the Premiere

Castle fans out there, if you're anything like me, it's been a looooong summer of waiting to see what will  happen to our favorite crime-fighting duo, now that Castle and Beckett have finally given way to their feelings for each other in the epic and amazing Season 4 finale episode.  We're almost there, with just over a week to go before Castle's September 24th premiere.  And yet . . . is it just me or is the time dragging even more, now that we have all the sneak peeksearly reviews, and promotional photos, all hinting at what sounds like an amazing season to come?

Without further ado, here is my list of six ways to make the seemingly endless waiting for the Castle premiere pass more quickly:

1.  Re-watch the whole series, from the season 1 pilot, Flowers for Your Grave, to the season 4 finale, Always.    It's amazing and just great fun to watch the whole cast of the shows characters grow and develop--and of course to see the Castle/Beckett relationship grow from that first "It would have been great/ You have no idea" exchange to "I just want you."

2.  Watch some of the really fun Season 4 DVD extras that are now being released.  From deleted scenes to bloopers to a great featurette about the anatomy of filming a complicated stunt sequence, these videos will give you at least a small dose of your daily required Castle fix!

3.  Watch some of the amazing fan videos out there on YouTube.  There are some truly great homages to the show out there--way too many for me to list here--but my current favorite is here:

4.  Watch (or re-watch) anything and everything Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic have acted in besides Castle.  Firefly and For Lover's Only are currently available for instant play on Netflix.

5.  Read the great cast interviews that are starting to pop up around the web.  Great ones with Tamala Jones and Susan Sullivan are linked to here and here.

6.  Obsessively watch the Season 5 promo (you can even find it in slow motion) trying to pick up more clues about what's to come.  

So there are my coping techniques.  What about you?  How are you passing the time until the Castle premiere?  And what are your hopes/thoughts about the upcoming season 5?

When not shipping her favorite TV couples, Anna Elliott is an author of historical fantasy and historical fiction.  You can find her on the web at