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The 2012 STV Favourite TV Series Competition - Day 33 - Semi Final 1 - Game Of Thrones vs. Once Upon A Time

Hey folks,

Yesterday saw our final finished show exit the competition. Credit is due for LOST at being the highest places finished show in the competition. It is always going to be tough for a show no longer on the air to generate enough buzz to beat the big and active fanbases, but LOST ground through to make the final eight.

Credit is also due to Castle, which is emerging as many peoples tip for the title following Supernatural's exit from the competition. Supernatural is now confirmed in 5th place overall, but the Winchester followers will feel that they are capable of more next year. Expect them to come back strong... Castle now will face NCIS in tomorrows Semi-Final, and will hope for as easy a victory as it had over LOST yesterday. A 62% win for the ABC procedural was the most comfortable of the Quarter Finals, highlighting its strong prospects moving forward.

And to today, we have an epic battle as the conquerors of Fringe and Supernatural go head to head for a place in the final. Both shows have over performed to reach this far, but for one show there is a real chance at becoming the biggest show of 2012 on SpoilerTV. It is Game of Thrones vs. Once Upon A Time. The final four is about to become one lighter.

Let the battle commence!

If you want to see the draw for the rest of the competition, and see which show will take on which other show then head HERE for a look.

Game of Thrones vs. Once Upon A Time

Channel: HBO
Series Run: 2011 - present
Emmy Awards: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series - 2011
Emmy Nominations: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series - 2012. Outstanding Drama Series - 2012, 2011. Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series - 2011. Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series - 2011.

Channel: ABC
Series Run: 2011 - present
Major Emmy Wins: N/A
Major Emmy Nominations: N/A

All posts for the competition will be under the label "2012 Series Competition" for easy finding, and can be found in the "features" tab on the main menu bar from the homepage.

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The poll will close at 13:05PM GMT on the 17th.

For now, get your vote in, spread the word on Twitter and Facebook, then comment below with who you want to see win! Remember to come back tomorrow as the Semi Finals conclude with NCIS vs. Castle. You don't want to miss that!

Competition Bracket

Most Voted in Polls of the Competition
1. Supernatural vs. Once Upon A Time
2. Castle vs. LOST
3. Game of Thrones vs. Fringe
4. The Mentalist vs. NCIS
5. Supernatural vs. Smallville

Good Luck,