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Teen Wolf - Season 3 - Interview with Jeff Davis

Thanks to WolfTvAddict for the heads up.

With TEEN WOLF concluding its summer season tonight, we caught up with Davis to talk about the Season 2 finale and teases where our titular teen wolf Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) and his makeshift Scooby Pack will be heading in Season 3.

ASSIGNMENT X: BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER had the issue of its title turning some people off, but later discovering how great it was. I feel the same thing has happened with TEEN WOLF. No matter how much I tell people how great the series is, they get hung up on the title and that it’s on MTV. Do you see people reacting the same way?

JEFF DAVIS: The feedback I get is pretty tremendous. I’m always surprised how into the show people get. They seem to love it. We depend on a lot of word of mouth, because MTV doesn’t quite have the resources as NBC to promote a show. We get a lot of people watching it on different platforms, so it’s frustrating when you see the ratings the next day. Why can’t we crest 2 million viewers, yet so many people really enjoy it. I’m happy people love it and come back dying to see what happens. I get a lot of tweets about it.

AX: I was a bit hesitant about the Kanima coming into the werewolf mythology, but grew to like it. Were you hesitant to introduce another creature into the mix?

DAVIS: The idea I had when I was doing the pilot was as long as we stay within the world of shape shifters, making the natural supernatural, we’re okay. There is a rule that you can’t mix two kinds of a magic in a TV show or movie. You can have vampires, but to have time traveling vampires seems to break the rule.

AX: Is a Kanima a real mythological creature?

DAVIS: It’s an actual South American myth. They are supposed to be a were-jaguar. The influence for this creature comes from my own childhood when I went to a drive-in movie and saw CONAN THE BARBARIAN. And one indelible image that was left in my mind was the scene where James Earl Jones starts to transform into a gigantic snake. That look stuck with me and that’s what we went for with Jackson [Coloton Haynes], a snake on the inside and making him a snake on the outside. When I saw the first image of the Lizard from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, I was shocked. It looked at ours. It doesn’t look like the Lizard from the comic books. I emailed my make-up effects team and said, “take all the green out of the suits.” And I think ours looks better.

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