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The critics' picks - This season's best and worst new series (UPDATED)

Best new dramas :

1/ Nashville (ABC) : 7 critics' pick.
2/ The Following (FOX - midseason) : 5 critics' pick.
3/ Last Resort (ABC) : 4 critics' pick.
4/ Vegas (CBS) : 2 critics' pick.
5/ Infamous (NBC - midseason) : 1 critic's pick.
5/ Arrow (CW) : 1 critic's pick.

Best new comedies :

1/ Ben & Kate (FOX) : 7 critics' pick.
1/ The Mindy Project (FOX) : 7 critics' pick.
3/ The New Normal (NBC) : 3 critics' pick.
4/ Go On (NBC) : 2 critics' pick.
5/ Partners (CBS) : 1 critic's pick.

Worst new shows :

1/ The Neighbors (ABC) : 6 critics' pick.
2/ Partners (CBS) : 3 critics' pick.
3/ Malibu Country (ABC) : 2 critics' pick.
3/ Cult (CW - midseason) : 2 critics' pick.
3/ Beauty and the Beast (CW) : 2 critics' pick.
6/ Emily Owens, MD (CW) : 1 critic's pick.
6/ How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life) (ABC - midseason) : 1 critic's pick.
6/ Guys with Kids (NBC) : 1 critic's pick.
6/ Chicago Fire (NBC) : 1 critic's pick.

Stars they're most excited to see on TV :

1/ Connie Britton (Nashville) : 5 critics' pick.
2/ Dennis Quaid (Vegas) : 2 critics' pick.
2/ Kevin Bacon (The Following - midseason) : 2 critics' pick.
2/ Matthew Perry (Go On) : 2 critics' pick.
2/ Jonny Lee Miller (Elementary) : 2 critics's pick.
6/ Andre Braugher (Last Resort) : 1 critic's pick.
6/ Scott Speedsman (Last Resort) : 1 critic's pick.
6/ Lucy Punch (Ben & Kate) : 1 critic's pick.
6/ Giancarlo Esposito (Revolution) : 1 critic's pick.
6/ Stephen Amell (Arrow) : 1 critic's pick.
6/ Andrew Rannells (The New Normal) : 1 critic's pick.
6/ NeNe Leakes (The New Normal) : 1 critic's pick.

Most anticipated returning shows * :

1/ Homeland season 2 : 3.66 critics' pick.
2/ Fringe season 5 : 3.5 critics' pick.
3/ Parks and Recreation season 5 : 3.33 critics' pick.
4/ The Good Wife season 4 : 2.66 critics' pick.
5/ Community season 4 : 1.88 critics' pick.
6/ Happy Endings season 3 : 1.33 critics' pick.
7/ The Vampire Diaries season 4 : 1 critic's pick.
7/ The Walking Dead season 3 : 1 critic's pick.
9/ Sons of Anarchy season 5 : 0.5 critic's pick.
9/ Boardwalk Empire season 3 : 0.5 critic's pick.
11/ Revenge season 2 : 0.33 critic's pick.
11/ New Girl season 2 : 0.33 critic's pick.

* Each critic = 1 point. Revenge was named once alongside The Good Wife and Homeland, that means it gets 0.33 point (just like TGW and Homeland got 0.33 each).

The 20 critics in the video and their favourites (best drama ; best comedy ; worst show ; TV star ; best returning show) :

Maggie Furlong - The Huffington Post : The Following, The Mindy Project, Cult, Kevin Bacon, Homeland.
Maureen Ryan - The Huffington Post : Last Resort, Go On, Partners, Giancarlo Esposito, Happy Endings.
Alan Sepinwall - HitFix : Last Resort, The Mindy Project, The Neighbors, Dennis Quaid, Community/Parks & Rec/Homeland.
Dan Fienberg - HitFix : Vegas, Ben & Kate, Beauty and the Beast, Jonny Lee Miller, Boardwalk Empire/TVD.
Todd Van Der Werff - The AV Club : Last Resort, Ben & Kate, Beauty and the Beast, Matthew Perry, Homeland.
Denise Martin - Vulture : Nashville, The Mindy Project, Partners, Andrew Rannells, Parks & Rec.
Alyssa Rosenberg - Slate : Last Resort, Ben & Kate, Guys with Kids, Andre Braugher, Parks & Rec.
Ken Tucker - Entertainment Weekly : Nashville, Ben & Kate, Chicago Fire, Dennis Quaid, Fringe.
Meg Masters - TVLine : The Following, The Mindy Project, no 'worst show', Scott Speedsman, Community/SoA.
Michael O'Connell - THR : The Following, Ben & Kate, Neighbors, Connie Britton, Happy Endings/New Girl/Good Wife.
Damian Holbrook - TV Guide Magazine : Infamous, The Mindy Project, Malibu Country, NeNe Leakes, Fringe.
Matt Roush - TV Guide Magazine : Nashville, The New Normal, Emily Owens, Jonny Lee Miller, Homeland.
Jace Lacob - The Daily Beast : Nashville, Ben & Kate, The Neighbors, Connie Britton, Good Wife/Homeland/Revenge.
Melanie McFarland - IMDb TV : Arrow, The Mindy Project, Partners, Lucy Punch, The Walking Dead.
Carina MacKenzie - Zap2it :The Following, Partners, The Neighbors, Stephen Amell, TVD/Fringe.
Jarett Wieselman - ET Online/The Insider : The Following, Ben & Kate, The Neighbors, Connie Britton, The Good Wife.
Gail Pennington - St. Louis Post-Dispatch : Nashville, New Normal, How to Live [...], Connie Britton, Parks & Rec.
Eric Deggans - Tampa Bay Times : Vegas, The New Normal, The Neighbors, Kevin Bacon, The Good Wife.
Sarah Rodman - Boston Globe : Nashvllle, The Mindy Project, Malibu Country, Matthew Perry, Community.
Ellen Gray - Philadelphia Daily News : Nashville, Go On, Cult, Connie Britton, Fringe.

What did they say last season ?

5 of the 20 critics above (Maggie Furlong, Maureen Ryan, Alan Sepinwall, Melanie McFarland and Damian Holbrook) had gathered to talk about the new shows of the 2011/2012 season :

Best new dramas of the 2011/2012 season : Homeland, Once Upon a Time, Smash, Awake, A Gifted Man, Terra Nova.
Best new comedies of the 2011/2012 season : New Girl, Up All Night and 2 Broke Girls.
Worst new shows of the 2011/2012 season : Whitney, Last Man Standing, Unforgettable, Grimm, Work It, HtBaG.
Best returning shows of the 11/12 season : Community, Parks & Rec, Happy Endings, Sons of Anarchy, Fringe, SPN.

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