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Warehouse 13 - Brent Spiner & Jack Kenny Interview Snippets

     Earlier today I was fortunate enough to participate in a conference call with both the executive producer of Warehouse 13, Jack Kenny, and Brent Spiner of Star Trek fame. The two were very nice and fun to talk with. Funnily enough, when first introduced as SpoilerTV, Jack and Brent both commented that they will have to be careful what they say to me. Regardless, I think I was able to elicit some interesting items. I was able to ask two questions during the call so I'll go over those.
    My first question to Jack Kenny was, "Without spoiling too much, what can we expect to see in terms of artifacts this year?" Jack was not at all hesitant to reveal quite a few of the artifacts that will show up this season. To list a few Jack said we will see an artifact that belonged to H.P. Lovecraft, Maelzel's metronome, an artifact that creates tornadoes, Bobby Fisher's marbles, Scott Joplin's cigarette case, Lewis Carol's mirror, and an artifact that is inside a person. He also mentioned that the artifacts that were in the airplane hangar will get loose in the town. In addition to the actual artifacts, he commented that we learn how artifacts are born and see into the back story of Mrs. Frederic.
    My second question to Brent Spiner was, "If you could have anyone from Star Trek star on Warehouse 13 with you, who would it be and why?" Jokingly, Brent said that he actually didn't care for any of them. Interestingly enough, he missed seeing Jeri Ryan on the show by only about 12 hours. He went on to say that he would love to see anyone from Star Trek because they are "a great bunch of people."
     Unfortunately, those were the only questions I was able to ask during the call. Brent and Jack were really nice to everyone and truly seemed to enjoy interacting with fans.  We should have a full transcript of the call up in around 48 hours.

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